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Klodrik (EUW)
: [Patch 8.12] - Cull showing absurd numbers
Just tested it in the practice tool and it´s only a visual bug. After I had completed, sold, and undone the selling it was at first showing no stacks (just like the finished cull would), but after about 20 seconds it flipped to 255. After killing another wave of minions it reverted back to a clear image and wouldn´t change anymore no matter if I kept killing minions or sold/ undid it. No extra gold on any of the minion kills beyond 100
kxs (EUW)
: Diana Q bugged
The Q curves around Camille. Look at it closely and you´ll see that the spell animation doesn´t pass through her, but behind her.
: Minor Manaflow band Bug
My guess is that manaflow only checks if you hit anything with the keg when you plant it (which it obviously doesn´t) and when exploding it acts as an AA up until the part where anything influencing AAs would come into play (botrk, wits end, Jax e, ...), since it is triggered by either an AA or Q, both of which function as AA.
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: >This bug exists for ages now and still isn´t fixed nor even adressed. Why ? Maybe because it isn't a bug? I don't really see the inconsistency. All your examples are single target spells while yasuo has an AoE spell.
> [{quoted}](name=A Ryze From Dead,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=yaNEVhsb,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-16T20:42:29.208+0000) > > Maybe because it isn't a bug? > > I don't really see the inconsistency. All your examples are single target spells while yasuo has an AoE spell. Yasuo q applies on-hit effects to the first target struck like for exampel Trinity Force, Hydra, Stattiks, etc etc. Jax E is supposed to block those since they are applied via autoattacks. In that case it´s not an AOE like for exampel GP Barrels or Shyvana Q in her dragon form, but a single target-AA-effects applying spell just like all the others that are blocked by Jax E.
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BadCubby (EUW)
: Bug with the league client
The link doesn´t work for me.
: Honestly, anything death Recap related isn't going to be fixed until they completely overhaul the system.
> [{quoted}](name=Player3Th0mas,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=AkuYEOG7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-22T12:20:40.819+0000) > > Honestly, anything death Recap related isn't going to be fixed until they completely overhaul the system. I know, but I´m posting this on the offchance that it is not just a visual bug, but that the Q did actually deal 100% true damage. If a bunch of posts like this come in then either Ornn or conqueror will have to be examined for any specific bugs.
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Hydnoras (EUW)
: The one in your video is not a bug. It wasn't a basic attack that did the damage but the keystone rune electrocute. He jumped on jax, used w and then e. That's 3 attacks which procs the rune.
> [{quoted}](name=Hydnoras,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=tjOpzVAr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-25T06:29:33.035+0000) > > The one in your video is not a bug. It wasn't a basic attack that did the damage but the keystone rune electrocute. He jumped on jax, used w and then e. That's 3 attacks which procs the rune. As I said in the original post. You can see electrocute procing when he turns around. Before he does so he autoattacks me and deals damage. There are actually 4 instances of damage before electrocute procs because it´s a bit delayed. Otherwise it would have activated as he landed since he used w and tiamat in mid air and e as he landed.
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Syntrix33 (EUW)
: How do you deal with tanks?
Either punish them early so you are so far ahead they can`t keep up ( you have tri force finished on GP before they finish their first item) or you simply farm. Both GP and Jayce perform really well later on in the game and can keep their lane pushed out far enough to not loose towers. Later on you`ll have a Black Cleaver, Mortal Reminder or even Botrk ( if needed against mutiple tanks. Don`t buy this on GP tho ...). Paired with some lifesteal no tank wil be able to 1v1 you, given you both have around the same amount of gold/ experience. Of course there are always some exceptions, A full build Cho Gath might just one hit you with his ultimate if you go full damage and a Nasus could go toe to toe with you if he has enough stacks. Or there`s always the option to play a tank buster. Fiora works for the most part, so does Gnar. Or play something that can protect your adc. Adcs are the main tool to deal with tanks so as long as your teams adc is safe you should generally be winning teamfights in the new tank meta.
: [Champion Creation/Reborn] - Dezkor, the alchemist merchant
I like the whole idea. I think its nice and unique, but I think that he could need some significant buffs to make him viable ( althought i f read some people here suggesting nerfing him instead ). Lets look at his strenghts and weaknesses ok? So, he got that -10% on items for himself , and later on also at times for his allies, but it doesnt let him take that offer for gold generating items. But guess what supports ( aka THIS CHAMPION ) will build early into that game ? RIGHT , some gold generation item ? why you ask ? Because Riot made all of the support items *drum rolling* GOLD GENERATING ITEMS*. So , aside from boots and majbe a sightstone he doesnt even use this passive until he builds a second item. "But isnt it op for the rest of the team to have -10%?" yes , if all 4 other players go shopping with their 6k gold in the inventory they will get a 370g discount on ever Bt , a 380g discount on every triforce / rabadons , 350 fopr zhonya , etc . But guess how much gold they will have when you ult ? Probably between 1 and2k if they havent bought for some time. And even then they wont spend all the gold because they want the item that are building towards and not just some random items because they got the gold for that. Meaning they probably have a 130 g discount on a bf or a 125 g discount on a needlessly rod. But wait, theres more: His q is rather .. shit . lets face it. Every other healing support has a better heal. he heals for 50+0.1 ap at lvl 1. So lets do the math. how much ap does a normal support have level 1 ? around 0-20 right ? So he ll heal for arbout 50-52. Well thats almost 1 AA from a n ad bruiser , because those start with their 80+ ad at times and wont care about that tiny heal whatsoever. Thats about the same amount of heal Alistar offers earlygame, except alistar can spam his like carzy when minions die. Oh , also alistar has that crazy cc combo and later on is the tankiest champ for a peroid of time when he ults. WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT POINT : cc He has none. Not even a slow. As simple as that and just as bad as it sounds. That makes him not only one of the very VERY few champs to not have any cc . This also makes him the first support without one ( exclusing nidalee , but when did you see a nida support the last time ? ). But wait , theres more : His only "poke" is his q, and you want to use it on your allies for heal, as well as on enemys for the poke , just like that nami ability , right ? Well gues what: as long as you have a potion in your inventory you dont even damage your enemys. How ? well , lets do the maths : you damage for 50-150 +0.1 ap when you hit an enemy. But you also apply a potion heal on him. that means even at max rank your base damage is negated by the potion heal and early game YOU EVEN HEAL YOUR ENEMIES. the 0.1 ap will even later on be absolutely irrelevant. Building as a support he wont have more than 100-200 ap , so 10-20 additional dmg. wow , their base health regen will have that healed up. Heck , even caster minions will probaly deal more dmg by then. Oh and did I mention armor and magic resist yet ? Right , the enemys WONT even take all the dmg you would deal with your ability , meaning that unless you somehow reach 100% magic pen you will always heal your enemies. now let that sink through. But wait, theres more : He cant even build 6 items, because you always want to have those potions right? I mean your e even makes one so you definately cant build that 6th item right ? So that kinda means his passive is even worse right ? But wait, thers more: His e is the strongest self cc ability in the game. You thought a morg bind would last so damn long ? Well , thats a root, your e STUNS you and is NOT INTERRUPTABLE and it has the same duration as a maxed out morg bind. Looks like you are pretty dead whenever you get cought casting that e. Heck, the enemy team just needs to wait for you to be casting that and then engage on your team for the guaranteed 4v5. But wait, theres more: even lategame with maxed ( 5 ) items you are not actually all that helpfull in teamfights. You heal for shit. 150 + 0.1 ap + the potion ? thats some percentage of a single adc AA on your tank... and its a skillshot ... . But wait, theres more: His w gives nice shield with evne 0.4 ap ratio ! thats about 40-80 bonus shield ! So whats the base stats ? oh , 100 on lvl 5 ? so 180 with maxed build ? Oh , its an Aoe ? Sweet! What ? its around him ? SO he has to stay with the frontline ? So he kinda cant use his e if he doesnt want to die / give the enemys a free 4v5 fight ? hmm kinda sucks doesnt it ? just compare that do any other support sheild in the game. So I`m done ranting, TL;DR buff his stats, the heal needs more ap ratio, also bigger aoe , no healing the enemys. W shield needs some serius buffing on the base stats as well as majbe proccing it with the q so someone else gives the aoe ? E should be interruptable, also majbe give him a unique item that gives him some tank stats and lets him store potions inside that ( you got that mobile laboratory , maybe an upgraded version of that ? ). Ult seems fine, but should majbe be scaling on the discount or it would be too op for ranked teams ( i know i explained its not that great but teams could really abuse that ). And majbe give him some slow at least ? He is a sustain Support after all and a litle bit of cc would really help him.
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