: And I understand that but ultimately that’s not gonna happen all the time, and you can’t call people cowardly for it
Youre taking it a bit out of context, i clearly said idk the word to describe it, and said "cowardly?" as a way of saying that im not sure if this is the right word. Please dont twist my words, ty :)
MinchSko (EUW)
: I feel you dude. I have the same opinion about Tencent. At the moment they took over the game changed to full damage mode. the reason that the one shot meta excist is because of the chinese. They love it and would never change it. koreans hate it because they like playing in a team and play macro(winning without fighting is a example). NA is NA what can i say about them XD and EU is the region of strange pick and crazy strats... why do you think the last 2 years worlds are won by the chinese because the game is balanced around the chinese. and srry to say this Swampert guy is a pr*ck. he wants that green mod acount because he always downvote complaints and never really have a good excuse even now he dodge the subject about the downvoting isntead of what u really want to discus. Ya Swampert pls f of XD
I dont think its mostly because of the chinese and stuff, the one shot meta is just a lazy excuse to show the community that they are "trying". Riot games doesnt seem to understand their own game because most of the people that balance the game are extremely low elo with less than a hundred games played each year. They think that the community wants everything to do a lot of damage and stuff, when in my opinion its just boring af. I would much rather go back to the days where things like, team comps and champions were discussed in champion select, and strats were in play before minions spawn, instead of everyone just simply playing for themselves now.
: Hardly... it’s just a way to gauge community opinion without forcing them to write comments if they don’t wanna get involved or if they don’t have time. It’s not cowardly, just using a feature as intended... comments are for discussions not for validating downvotes
Im not saying that they shouldnt downvote or whatever, if thats what they wanna do then let them, all im saying is that i would love to hear the opinions of those who disagree and why.
: That’s the point of downvoting, it’s litterally so you can show your opinion without having to type... it’s litterally there to downvote without commenting
I understand that part completely, but i just feel like its a bit... cowardly? idk the word for it. But I would love to see why some people disagree and what they disagree with.
: They just don't want to work. They just hire skin artists and tweak damages here and there. Correcting the big flaws is just too much bother.
I dont think its that they dont want to work, I think its because they dont know what to fix, most of the balance team dont even play the game
: why there is downvotes on this? the truth hurt you?
Its funny how people downvote and say nothing, feels like they disagree but they dont know why they disagree.
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: How can I report flamers if I disable chats {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Just report everyone on the team and if they flamed during the game theyll get banned XD
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: When full build, yes. Mages can deal lots of damage to even tanks. Adcs can only rely on {{item:3156}} or {{item:3139}} if they want damage too. It takes some skill to be one step ahead of a mage when a mage is hardfocusing the adc in a teamfight. If a mage misses a skillshot, which is mostly a cc ability to begin with, then the mage is deemed useless for like 5 seconds.
First of all, mages do a lot of damage throughout every phase of the game, hence the huge amount of request to nerf damage as a whole by the community, all they need is a {{item:3285}} and they chunk half a persons health with one ability. And both {{item:3156}} and {{item:3139}} are garbage items in terms of magic resist, {{item:3139}} is only build for the passive and life steal, and not even for the stats that it gives, cause its practically non existent, and mages missing skill shots and being deemed useless is bs as well since by the time mages have 2-3 items they already have 40% cdr, while also doing a lot of damage, most Mages at this point dont even need to hit a lot of their abilities to one shot a squishy.
Kashiro (EUNE)
: They have weak AA :) You don't seek the answer sadly, because some of the things you pointed out could be discussed and maybe taken into a consideration if someone would take time to look at them.
Funny because champions like Ekko, Diana, Akali, Sylas and so on dont have strong AA's
: Im just saying mages aren't overpowered because I know how to build against them properly. Sure, champs like Heimer, Cassio, Lux, should get a slight nerf, like nerfing the cd of their abilities with cc. I am not a balancing pro, but I do agree they deserve a slight nerf. They aren't that overpowered as you suggest though.
It depends on how you look at it, the way i see it is that in terms of other categories of champions, they are the strongest by far. Its a common problem that Mages have to much sustain and power where as squishier roles have no good MR items to deal with their power.
Kashiro (EUNE)
: A lot of mages haven't been reworked, because they decided so. And it's not sarcastic. After we get new Voli and Fiddle we wont get another rework for a year if i remember ocrrectly, so they just pick those favorites and focus on pumping new champions. They already have few queued up for this year. To be outdated you need to compare things. How did Voli get rework before Mundo? Well he got more votes, not because he needed it most. It's all subjective. I'm not against talking about changes, i just think generalising about whole groups, when every champion is vastly different doesn't lead to anything.
Either way, there are simply no plans in the upcoming future to rework any mages, where as the other roles with outdated kits have been and already in the plans for a rework. And my point isnt even the champions themselves, its the itemization, runes, versatility, impact and scaling that they have access to. In terms of everything except their kit, they are too overloaded as a catergory of champions. Tell me one weak point that mages have. Ill wait.
Kashiro (EUNE)
: Adding enough restricitons like that you can make anything undisputable. You generalise and then disagree with it. Outdated is mostly subjective. There isn't a single rework that won't have a backlash, because people loved old kit.
Do you know why a lot of mages havent been reworked? its because most of them dont have outdated kits. The only ones i can think of, from the top of my head are Anivia and Annie, and both of them are terrible atm.
: Well I remember a game like 2 months ago in aram when we were against 5 mages and from mid-game on, we stomped them easily since we had a normal team comp. Mages aren't that overpowered. The thing that makes them overpowered is the duration of their stuns/roots and how easy it is for them to get to 40/45% cdr
You saying mages arent over powered cause you stomped on them in an aram is an invalid point. Its like all those people who say they deserve to be in Masters because they beat a Master player one time.
Kashiro (EUNE)
: I don't think you can put literally all mages in here and say they are all too good. Mages that are mobile and bursty, sure. Many mages have little to say because they get oneshot like adcs do right now. They have a lot of ways to build. I would add items for other classes rather than reducing mage items.
Name me one mage that doesnt have an outdated kit thats bad right now.
Rrstonius (EUW)
: Mages
Oh and also, back in season 6 the only counter to mages were adcs, which were making all the mage players cry about it, so they nerfed adcs, and now theres noone that can actually do anything against them
Rrstonius (EUW)
: A few suggestions.
Oh and one more suggestion! The ability to buy a ranked reset for about as much as a name change would cost or more.
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Rrstonius (EUW)
: Rokk the Drone-Junkie
https://www.wikihow.com/images/3/3d/Be-a-Nerd-Step-01.jpg What he would look like i think, or maybe a bit more badass
Rrstonius (EUW)
: Arthy the Infected
This is what he would look like in my mind xd https://s2.narvii.com/image/mgo5yuioihu2ff3rdd5beot7qs3yomjh_hq.jpg
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Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: All in for a new Void champion 👏 https://images.app.goo.gl/F1YCw1R94VY8Kb2T6
That pic looks amazing, but i imagine him without the weapons
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