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iKaze (EUW)
: i have same issue but at 60 fps. i change compatibility and run as win 7 and disabled full screen optimization it worked but some times league crash
I found the issue after a while. Overnight the PC had a system update and there was some incompatability issues with GPU drivers and whatever update I got. Got new drivers and it worked well. But to be fair, it might also just have been the reboot that did it.
: Set power options to maximum performance. If you are on W10 make sure to disable the xboxDVR feature. Those 2 alone can make a huge impact.
Hello thanks for the quick response, and sadly. I don't have either of those options. I'm running a bare minimum version of windows 10, and I'm on a desktop. From what I can tell, I have no XBOX features at all, outside of connecting a wireless controller. Also to note, when I played a game last night (and before this) I was at my usual fps of 270-300.
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