: Em you already have a lot of games that's why (your mmr is most likely = your division ) . In diamond you climb slower than you do in plat i think unless you have high win ratio (which is only possible when you start after your placements with many wins) . This is also the reason why low diamond has so many players while d4+ are having way less.The system tries to keep players in the same division as long as they don't have good win ratio . They might change this in season 9 (if they add more tiers ) to be more smooth .
thats the thing i have a 52% winrate after like 700 games, so i would say my win rate is 100% better than most people.
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MZyh00 (EUNE)
: Is it easier to become pro gamer in Dota 2 or LoL?
Putting aside how hard it is to play the games and so on, just based off of which platform would give you a better chance to get to the pro scene, league would be easier, there are many sponsored tournament which give you access to things like semi-pro and pro tournaments. So in my opinion based off of that it would be easier to become a pro on LoL.
Satrap (EUNE)
: IWD, Trick2g, Tarzaned, etc. Just check their replay and see who hits lvl 6 first and who farms most etc. Last time I checked, DOPA (APDO) explained it like this: Mid, Supp, Jg, Adc and Top GL HF
And how long ago was that? Before the the many buffs jungle got or after? Cause im pretty sure that Jungle is the biggest game changer right now. And if youre gonna follow what APDO says then you still shouldnt complain and change the title because its still not the weakest role in the game. If its "balanced" then why are you complaining?
Satrap (EUNE)
: Dude are you playing the same game? Do you play jungle or even notice your jungler? When your mid and top hit 6, your jungler is lvl 4! just watch for it next time. Plus, you do realize that if a jungler has the most farm, he would get like no gold for killing lane minions which was done to counter funneling (btw, jg wont get gold from lane minions before getting his jg item as well = all done to keep the jg in check). Moreover, many times a laner would take the jungler's farm. Additionally, junglers are not as active as they used to be cause they have to fight each other instead of ganking. And, without lane advantage, a jungler almost never can contest drakes or herald with enemy! and many more reasons... Just cause you get annoyed by enemy junglers it doesn't mean jungle is the strongest role. Just watch for post game stats for example; you will see that your adc or mid probably has the most damage dealt or farm. Supports with AOE spells will have most assists. Jungle is not what you think dude
Thats bs unless youre playing in like a low elo game where noone knows what optimised pathing is. Usually the jungler is either the same level as the solo laners or higher depending on wether they have ganked or not. Sometimes they would be 1 level behind but only a few creeps away. And Its not my opinion that jungle is the strongest, its fact, almost every pro says that jungle is strongest because of how much power it has to be a game changer. But at the end of the day it also comes down to the type of jungler.
Satrap (EUNE)
: I agree to disagree
No not really, jungle is currently the strongest role to play right now. With all the gold income and ability to scale in levels its very strong in comparison to other roles. Mid would come 2nd to jungle, then either top or adc then support.
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Satrap (EUNE)
: I'm not sure we are on the same page body...
My point is, jungle is currently the strongest role in the game. Simple.
Kirika (EUW)
: Not that beeing a full tank helps against those AD-Lethality Assassins. Leona with 2.3k health and 220 armor gets two Shuriken from Zed 600dmg, E 180 Dmg one auto for 300 and electrocute for another 210. That makes a full tank halflife in 1.1 secs. Any ADC evenw ith Tabi would have been dead without fail.
: lethality is fine. Duskblade tho, it's busted. too much stats and free stuff in one item
Yup, but if you think about it every lethality item costs way less than what theyre worth, they all have too many stats in the items.
Satrap (EUNE)
: Riot Hates Junglers?!!!
This is a joke, jungle has been getting nothing but buffs for the past few patches and now you complain that people take your jungle which makes you think riot hates junglers. K. Maybe if you junglers knew what covering lanes meant then maybe you would learn that it can work both ways. If anything because junglers have the freedom of covering lanes and such they can take more cs than any other laner can take your jungle :)
SparkLit (EUNE)
: Or you could buy 800 gold item named chainvest or 1200 item named seekers armguard.And when i see a post about nerfing lethality I always guess that this person is an adc main and after looking your match history you're an adc main.Lethality is fine.You are an adc main who is like : why buy armor when i can get MORE DAMAGE.Learn to buy deathsdance , tabis or ga/zhonyas.
Ok let me test your knowledge. Do you understand why Marksman have been weak past few patches? Its because their CORE items cost too much to build, now you say buy a chainvest, which can only be built into a ga which is a terrible early/mid game item for an adc, and seekers armguards, which builds into absolutely nothing which is good for an adc unless youre playing Kai sa which can build Zhonyas. I mean yeah there are many things that you can do to play around lethality but it doesnt mean that it will make adcs any stronger or more useful in fights. Think about the stuff you say before you say it. What you said is basically saying "why not just build full tank"
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: I´ve seen people do worse to get good teammates. Risking permabans over boosting as example.
Dont forget that its only the very small minority that does that. Maybe 1% of the community.
Jaxlayer (EUNE)
: hacking the game is not a discussion in this post. You may agree to what the system is right now or disagree. I just believe the punishment is too much in level 1. if a player destroys this game by intentionally feeding and repeats it every month for example. well he should be punished to the permanent ban level. but a player from season 2 who never did this before? its better to ban him for a couple of days and it would be enough in my opinion
No my point is that there are different types of punishments for different types of rules broken. If you hack you get a perma ban, if youre extremely toxic you get scaling chat bans, then scaling temp bans then a perma ban, every rule that has been broken has a different punishment, not every rule that is broken is just an insta temp ban. Either youve been warned before or the rule you broke was a rule which earned the ban that you got. Simple as that.
Rstonius (EUW)
: yeah but those things happen in non promo games anyway so what difference will it make if its in promos.
for me a loss or win should only be applied to a promo game only when you have either lost or won a game. It makes no sense that you can receive losses for the fact that you got a troll in champ select and you dodged to playing with that person. only less than 1% of the community will risk perma bans for dodging.
: I´ve seen people do worse to get good teammates. Risking permabans over boosting as example.
yeah but those things happen in non promo games anyway so what difference will it make if its in promos.
Jaxlayer (EUNE)
: Read this if you don't want a 14-day ban suspension on your account
This is some of the dumbest shit ive ever read. So you want someone who hacks the game to get banned for 2days? then 4 then 6? Are you insane? every rule broken has its own punishment, being toxic has scaling chat ban which leads into temp account bans which leads into perma bans. Depending on what rule you broke will lead to a certain punishment its that simple. So what you got was deserved.
: People would just dodge until they have a good teamcomb/winrate team. The starting lp after getting promoted is negligible.
Well dont forget that dodging too much leads to like 1 hour queue bans and low priority queue while losing lp as well and if people dont wanna dodge for -3lp and a 5min wait people will 100% not dodge when they have the chance of waiting 1hour just to queue up.
Rioter Comments
: Currently on the PBE: > Wukong > Nimbus Strike (E) damage lowered from 65/110/155/200/245 to 65/100/135/170/205
cause literally half a bar of health is gonna do a lot xD it shouldnt be his base damage that needs nerfing its his ad scaling.
Rioter Comments
: How am i suposed to climb if i have teammate like that ?
dude, its better to lose 3lp and wait 5mins than lose 20lp and waste 15-20mins a stress inducing game. Just dodge next time.
: If Riot was to make a movie about LoL, what should the plot be about?
If season 8 were the ending then it would be a movie about a great start and a dissapointing ending.
Napoleon3 (EUNE)
: ***
well thats my point, not only does it provide insane early game damage but also helps assassins snowball and scale into late game. Imagine this right. There are currently many things which are wrong with lethality items: 1. The build path for it is dirt cheap - You can have a full inventory of longswords (350x6 = 2100g) and it will still be a viable build path, and all those longswords build into YGB, DB, BC and so on, all lethality items are dirt cheap as well. 2. They provide more than their worth - take Duskblade for example it cost a low cost of 2900 gives 55ad 10% cd reduction, a on hit power up and slow, armor pen which scales AND a free oracle. All of that for 2900 gold. Tell me how any of that makes any sense. 3. There is no counterplay to it - Wether you build shit tons of armor the later the game goes on if someone has 3 lethality items it will shred that armor like paper making things like squishies vulnerable to getting oneshot with 0 counterplay baring in mind the fact that the most champions that build the items have 0 counterplay to them already. The only negative on Lethality items is that there are no defensive stats unless you build {{item:3814}} So to anyone who tells me lethality shouldnt be nerfed are out of their mind.
Breakhz (EUNE)
: You should watch LL stylish.Even him says that zed early game is not good anymore.And you need to reach your powerspike.3+items. That guy knows what his sayng.
and yet he also jokes around saying "zed is weak" and then laughs when he gets like a quadra kill.
Mauro 64 (EUW)
: I think that the main problem with {{item:3134}} family items is how flexible the build path is, granting that you will never go base without something usefull to buy not punishing at all kills you can get on them etc If you are an assasin that dies lets say pre 5 you can come to lane with 2 {{item:1036}} {{item:1036}} contrast to that if you die pre 5 as adc and you didnt manage to get the 1300 you can do 2 things either return to lane empty handed for not recking your {{item:1038}} item rush, or go lane with 2 {{item:1042}} {{item:1042}} {{item:3134}} {{item:3133}} both items should be a single item buy or get his combine cost raised. 1200 maybe.
Exactly, they should put at least a pickaxe into every build or something of the sort, cause it makes no sense, how you can back and just fill your whole inventory with longswords and call it a day.
WC9 Umbra (EUW)
: talon is already getting nered. zed however... i dont know why he isnt. he is not fair if someoen can play him Wukong is also getting nerfed
I dont think its the champion that need nerfing, theyre assassins so theyre supposed to do damage and their kits are good for that, but there is no counterplay for lethality because it also stacks on to auto attacks, it gives everything so no matter what you build wether its health or armor youre still gonna get one shot with 0 counterplay. Only zhonyas counters lethality because thye cant burst you down with it but even then if its on cd it useless.
Breakhz (EUNE)
: Really?? 1 2 items?? Cuz if i play zed i do no %%%%ing dmg with 1 item.I need like mid lategame to start powerspike. But i agree that someone like wukong its pretty dumb once he gets 3 items.
you must be playing him wrong then.
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Hydnoras (EUW)
: >every time they release a new skin they always buff that champion to increase its playing time, thus increasing the chance of that said skin being bought. Newest skins are the god-king skins. Darius and garen have not been buffed. >Maybe because Riot cares more about releasing "Amazing" looking skins rather than fixing the current state of lets say, idk, their buggy as %%%% client and game The same teams are not working on client and skins. Those tasks are for different teams. > If you dont think theyre money hungry theeeeeen youre a bit delusional. YOU are delusional for thinking they are money hungry.
Aaaaaaaaand yet they are almost the mostly played champions in solo q. WHAT A SURPRISE. Nope but everything still has to go through one person anyway so the changes and releases can get confirmed, so in retrospect yes they do. Buuuut they are, there is more evidence that they are money hungry than they care about the playerbase and state of the game.
: I've played plenty of other games with voice chat, half the people don't have a mic, 3/4 of that half have a shitty mic. It's more likely to cause more conflict and will overall be harder to watch over. Also, I'd say there aren't as many bugs. In dota it isn't too uncommon for a new interaction to completely break something, like place someone outside of the map. Matchmaking is debatable Clash is in development. Arguably I'd say they listen to the community plenty; look at the adc update - it was because of people crying about ie burst
wait wait wait wait wait, so youre telling me that because ie was broken, they change ie and increase its cost, increase the cost of zeal items, decrease adc base stats, nerf adc runes, nerf other adc items, give adcs less ad scaling, nerf utility supports, nerf utility items, AND buff everything else in the process. Okay there smarty pants.
Mada (EUW)
: but there is voice chat
No there isnt, theres premade voice chat, not open voice chat. Learn the difference.
Xaytah (EUW)
: They are a company after all. Also, you should be used to the "hitbox problem" by now to the point where having the hitboxes "fixed" would be weird.
Yeah they are a company, I know that, but they're a game company, not a %%%%ing business company first. They make shit tons of profit just from the esports scene. AND WHAT THE %%%% DO YOU MEAN get used to the hitboxes? How am I supposed to get used to something that SHOULDNT BE IN THE GAME IN THE FIRST PLACE. Im %%%%ing sick and tired of getting hit by skillshots while clearly standing behind minions or my skillshots not %%%%ing registering. Dafuq are you talking about, how are you not gonna fix something which is broken?
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Then you have met your match. It's still fun for me. Sadly it's also addiction due to the nature of this game. I have no probvlem with anything you said. I just get ahead faster than everybody else and can play behind unlike others.
Nice, I can see that you have a 100% winrate, which makes your statement of "getting ahead faster than everybody else" false. Secondly, this isn't just my opinion, its a lot of other peoples opinion as well. So just because you THINK you dont have a problem doesnt mean that others dont as well.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >Riot themselves have become money hungry trashbags It's funny how people keep saying this in their rants and yet there is nothing that indicates that. You being bad at the game doesn't make them money hungry. >Even long time streamers are starting to look at playing other games, cause ITS NOT FUN ANYMORE. No, they branch out because streaming only one game is not as good as being a variety streamer. Some of them might be bored considering they have been playing the game since season 1 or even before it. They aren't playing other games because league isn't fun. They just lose interest like in any other game. It has nothing to do with league itself.
Hmm, lets see, maybe because every time they release a new skin they always buff that champion to increase its playing time, thus increasing the chance of that said skin being bought. Maybe because Riot cares more about releasing "Amazing" looking skins rather than fixing the current state of lets say, idk, their buggy as %%%% client and game, hitboxes have been a problem for at least 2 seasons now, nah lets release shit tons of skins so people keep forgetting about it. If you dont think theyre money hungry theeeeeen youre a bit delusional.
Rioter Comments
: Where exactly is the skill in Lulu's point and click shield. How about her point and click polymorph. What about her point and click ultimate? There are N champs, with point and click stuff. I really don't see the issue. Would you feel better if it was a noc, and pressed R + clicked you, instead of kayn smite + R-ing ? Not every ability should be super mechanical and hard to apply in combat. You're also forgetting , that he had the right pathing, in order to catch you. Instead of a "gifted kill" I'd call that a great "cleanup" - since that's an assasin's job, and not diving into the fight head first, like a madman (thinking about bruisers here :D ).
Even though i agree with your point i disagree as well, because as he states, if he misses literally everything and gets to ult because of smite, its kinda unfair for the person doing the outplaying or dodging the skillshots. You use Lulu and Noc as an example, Lulus skills are always very based on the situation, you need to know the right person to ult and who to polymorth, shield, speed up and slow in the team fight, same with Noc, you cant just ult whenever you want, cause it might put you in a 5v1 situation and losing the jungler is more important than losing the adc or something. So being able to point click smite and ult because of that is kinda bs. But I agree with you as well because there are braindead champions all over league whos kits make 0 sense.
Zulu Wolf (EUNE)
: So, I moved from EUNE to EUW and I deeply regret it.
Yeah dude, you have to realise that the playerbase is like 100x bigger than EUNE AND westerners think theyre top shit or something, everyone thinks theyre better than everyone else and never blame themselves for their own mistakes, but always look at what someone isnt doing and focus on that, remember that EUW players especially in lower elos are MASSIVE KDA players. They would rather better their KDA than finish a game or get kills isntead of getting free objectives. It is what it is, ive been playing in this server for 7 years now and it hasnt changed one bit. Just gotta put up with it really, nothing else can be done about it. Westerners will always be westerners. BUT what I do know as well is that EUW players are a lot more organised in terms of team and esports.
: You don't see anything wrong with enjoying others being punished? Rightfully so, or not, I always get nervous, when people "enjoy" seeing others suffer. Punishment is nessecary, but how can you feel enjoyment while picturing someone else being devestated, regardless of if they deserve it or not? That's a pretty questionable atittude. Aside from that, you're absolutely right. If people wanna win, they shouldn't try to punch people verbally.
No dude, I must have worded it wrong or something, Im not protecting anyone in this situation, I just hate the fact that people flame which leads to people ragequitting or something and then the people flaming act like victims when its their fault that the person ragequit in the first place. In this case I think both Shaco and Malphite should be punished, its just that Shaco was acting like a victim after flaming the Malphite which i find absolutely idiotic. I dont like people getting punished because in the end it is a game and taking the right from playing this game away from a person is awful BUT if a person breaks the rules or intentionally ruins the game for other people then even if it is unsatisfying its deserved. If you took the matter into IRL terms, if someone breaks the law they get their freedom taken away by being put in jail, its just how rules and systems work, if you dont abide by the rules set by the person who controls the area you will be punished accordingly, its just how life is, doesnt mean that I like seeing people being punished, but in the end what goes around comes back around.
Rioter Comments
DMikaaa (EUW)
: I got demoted, and it doesnt feel right
Dude I fully know how you feel with the heavy crit nerfs and base stat nerfs marksman isnt in the best position as of right now, but what i can tell you is just play Lucian, Ezreal, Miss Fortune and Kai'sa, and maybe Jhin if you get really good at him. Theyre basically my most played champions and only these Marksman are viable right now, Varus is meh at best because hes mostly used for his cc and not his damage. Learn those champions and you should see yourself climbing again.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> Source? Personal experience, and other peoples opinions as well, even if it were to be toxic tell me how pings and text is useful mid team fight? How can an ADC expect to ask for peel or a heal when there are no pings like that, and you cant just simply type it cause, oh wait, youre hands are too busy pressing the qwer buttons. > There already is voice team chat. What you want is public chat. And Riot will not implement it, for reasons that have been stated already. > > If voice chat is such a godsent, how come games like CSGO are considered extremely toxic? No there is Premade team voice chat which is absolutely useless cause people use third party comms. Every game is toxic, LoL without comms is already toxic af, im not saying that toxicity will be removed or decrease to level you have never seen, if anything maybe toxicity will be the same, but even then voice comms are better than text and ping comms. > Are you, perchance, forgetting that the EU servers are multicultural and multilingual, and therefore not everyone will understand voice chat - while pings are universal? In 2006 there was already over 1.5 billion people in the world able to speak the English language, in 2018 its stated that over 60% of the EU alone can speak the English language, if CSGO players can understand each other LoL players will as well don't worry about that. > Quoting myself: are you really expecting that the same community that abuses chat and pings to grief others would suddenly use voice chat to communicate? > That's the core point that you are dodged so far. Yes, Why? Because if other games can do it so can LoL, and if there has been such a high demand for it then why not add it? It shows that people will be able to cope with the toxicity, and in the end, there is always the Mute button. > So why are other games copying Riot's systems, instead of the other way around? You must be out of your mind if you think that the ping system was created by Riot, and its always best to have as much forms of communications as possible, for those who dont have mics, or are death, im not saying that the ping system and text chat is bad, im just saying that its very limited to the amount of comms that you can achieve with Voice chat. And let me just say one more thing as well, one thing that REALLY pisses me off is not the toxicity in the game, its the reason that people LOVE to type so much instead of focusing on the game, I would rather have someone be toxic over Voice chat and still be able to focus on their game rather than someone standing under their tower typing more than playing, because if i mute that person they can still talk shit and play, i just simply wont hear them, if i mute a text flamer then i can mute him but I will know that hes still typing in chat about how tilted he is. Same with pings, people would rather hover their mouse over the person that they hate spam ping them rather than focus on their lane and their game, voice chat annihalates distractions like those.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
At the same time the other games demonstrate why voice chat is a great idea. Yes there will be cons to voice chat, be there are many positive to it as well. Just like balancing changes in the game, just like meta changes, just like everything in this game there is always a pro and a con to what Riot does to this game, but voice communication is something that is needed in the game. Ive played CSGO and Overwatch a lot and most of the time you just get people not saying anything stupid and just simply doing callouts, yes some games you get trolls, but that already happens in League anyway. I dont really get what the problem is, nothing will change apart from communciation will improve.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Yes, because its been seen multiple times in multiple games that people are not AS toxic in voice chat as they are in Text chat, as I said people arent as tough when it comes to letting their voice be heard, toxicity wont be that much of a thing in voice chat, yes it will still exist, its impossible to get rid of it, but at the same time there will 100% be less, and dont you think that it would be something that Riot would need to invest in if they were to put it in the game? Like how to track them and stuff, I dont really get it how LoL is literally the ONLY teambased game currently that doesnt have team based voice chat. Youre looking at this the wrong way, yes there will be toxicity, but at the same time spoken words in terms of communication is tons better than annoying pings and text, how hard is it to understand that? And if people are toxic/being annoying, then just mute them, if noone mutes them then thats their own fault, not Riots. Im looking at it from a perspective which would help the community come closer and work as a team better, because AS OF RIGHT NOW things like teamwork and communication is non existent in this game, everyone does whatever the hell they want because they perma mute chat and pings, and no one cares about working together for Victory, which leads to annoying throws and annoying mistakes. Other games have got it because they KNOW that it helps with comms, stop hiding behind your inferior communications system and upgrade, you guys love change right? Then change.
: You cant condemn aatrox during his Q as his Q - Dark flight makes him Unstoppable.
Ahhh that makes sense then. Thanks.
WøOxer (EUW)
: You can condemn Lee's Q, don't lie about that, u can't condemn only these champs which becomes unstoppable for example Warwicks ult, Malphites ult, Vi's ult (perhaps), etc. And I am sure u can condemn as I said Lee's Q, Kayn and the rest listed above.
Funny cause ive condemned ww ult but never a lee q lol and trust me im pretty clean with my Vayne mechanics.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Wow, it's good to know that EUW is this large But than how about splitting it somewhere else? Like, if one half is much bigger, why dont just transfer some countries to EUNE. Or make a third server like EUM (EU Middle), or EU North, if EUW is that much larger.
Kinda too late for that, people will be upset cause many people have friends from different countries that they play with, and dont forget that people FROM eune regions actually play on euw
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RepοrtHer (EUNE)
: New damage item concept
To be honest they need to revert the crit changes but just simply make crit items more expensive, so that deserving adcs get a rewarding spike where as adcs that have inted spike later, and if they simply made crit items more expensive people wouldnt moan about adcs being so powerful mid game when theyre fed.
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