Hansiman (EUW)
: It's a known issue that's being looked into.
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: Gaining tiny amounts of LP at D5
Anyone know if it changes once you hit D4? If i win my next game i either get 99 lp or promos so would like to stop gaining so little if i clearly am climbing fast.
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: In a game like this atm, currently been frozen for about 5 mins
Just got back into it, the whole enemy team was pushing mid while were all in fountain. -20 LP with my team unable to play and all of their team fine. Im really hoping this is compensated for cause thats absolute bukll
qnic (EUW)
: Both teams lagging and DC'ing
In a game like this atm, currently been frozen for about 5 mins
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: Master Skins
Seems like a cool idea however i dont think it should be given simply at level 7 mastery - You want something that is rare and hard to get, not a skin that you see often enough to get bored of. A lot of people have got level 7 on champions so maybe adding a feature where something else is required once you get level 7, whether it involves rp. blue essence, orange essence or more tokens. Overall good idea but doubt it would ever come into play - the amount of work required to create a nice - desirable skin for every champion would be ridiculous
rèV (EUW)
: Well, so your MMR is lower than your rank. I wouldn't call it drastic when you lose 5 points more than you gain. What would be adequate in your eyes? Losing 1, 2 or 3 points would hardly do anything and it would not line up with the idea, that the system tries to push you down. With this the system assures, that you have to win at least more than 50% of your games, proving that you are equally skilled or even better than your current rank. Hence, if you keep winning a good 50% of your games from this point, your MMR should be stabilized pretty soon. I don't exactly no why that is though. Your overall win rate seems totally fine. The only 2 ideas i have are 1) that you Duo Queued quite a bit or 2) that you spend a lot of time in Gold before reaching plat 5. But don't worry, keep doing what you are doing and you should be fine.
I duo Queued with a friend in gold a lot and this season was placed silver and shot up to gold then to plat a bit slower. Im no longer duoing and won 7 out of my past 10 games, taking MMR from gold 3 to gold 1 so i guess it should be soon
: This means the system thinks you belong lower than your current rank. To put you where you belong you earn less and loose more league points
My MMR is currently at Gold 1 level so not far off, why would this mean such a drastic change in lp gains and losses?
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zzzzizu (EUW)
: lol u are an optimistic that someone in riot will read that long message but i read it and u are right .. but it doesn't go to chagne .... i just got that afk punishment bcuz riot servers are bad and blocking some routers
Well they may not read it but someone might have a fix and if so many people have the issue then they will see it, idk about either happening but i might as well make the post in the hope it does
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