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Anraton (EUW)
: as mentionend ... depends on the number of enemies hit .. if you hit at least 2 enemies ... you deal 200 on each of then .. resulting in like 200 dps if you hit 2 enemies, 300 on hitting 3 (full charged) and keep in mind .. this aoe damage lines up with your healing from w
It's true and skill would be useful, if not a one problem. Skill requires mana.And many in the real fight, it would be quickly ended.
Anraton (EUW)
: 4 seconds is uncharged ... charge it 2x and it is 2 seconds per use thats 100 dps - per enemy hit, while an aa is (expluding hydras) a single target attack ... with no items, you as is around .95 attacks per second? resulting in 112 dps single target ..
that yes. but need charge....autoattack not need charge. but with charge damage still less.
2Bibby (EUW)
: You can weave them in with auto attacks and do additional damage.
This is logical, but I was more concerned with the question of balance, I have other champions of this problem do not watch.
Anraton (EUW)
: hm .. first .. at lvl 18 heka has 118 base ad .. his q has a base damage of 200 .. differenz is 82 ... he gets 40% more damage from bonus ad to AA so .. 82 damage needs to equal 40% of bonus ad ... resulting in 205 bonus AD .. until you reach that value, q is stronger than your AA - but keep in mind, your q is an 350 range aoe around yourself. Fully stacked with a 2 sec cd - without cdr ( have you ever thought about combining q spam with {{item:3025}} ? )
By your logic opponent must wait 18 levels and 40% CDR?Snap a hero to the item?And now the question is then, what it looks like when Riot policy on diversity strategic approaches?Where is the diversity? And I'm talking about the basic level without the items. 200 damage divided by 4 seconds will turn 50 DPS!
Skere (EUW)
: And sheen procs
may be that champions {{champion:28}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:77}} ?
Kageryu (EUW)
: Area Damage and easier to use while running
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Ruskronos (EUW)
: Morde where you? Season 6.
useless Mordekaiser, thx RIOT.
: A suggestion for Mordekaiser Rework(RIOT PLEASE READ)
Ruskronos (EUW)
: Morde where you? Season 6.
Silence, dead useless champion. Riot love to do useless Champions) .
Ruskronos (EUW)
: Morde where you? Season 6. pick rate ))))
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: macros are bannable!
Many of my friends are playing with macros since 1 season - no one got banned.Because you can not keep track of macros without software.they are embedded in the keyboard or mouse.
: Illaoi is, and has been since her introduction, a very mediocre toplaner, a sub-par support and a completely useless jungler. The only thing that potentially can empower her, is junglers who disrespect her level 6 powerspike. Illaoi needs a buff actually, to become meta. Right now, she just exists to feed free Q stacks to my Nasus whenever an opponent is careless enough to pick her before me.
say my Illaoi 10 0 )))) oneshot all champions.that fast game.
Kalle02 (EUNE)
: ffs stop saying heros and if you know how to plays vs her shes not a problem
Players adapt.SmartCast+keyboard/mouse macroses = oneshot all champions.Mixed damage.
Remmy San (EUW)
: kayle needs a rework
: Dear Riot, you're reworking all the wrong champions.
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: That's all? lol
No. Amumu need more fix skills.
: What do you mean? I don't see any changes to Amumu in the patch notes
I forget when was Amumu in patch notes....Who remembers?
Ruskronos (EUW)
Vallor Q ignore Amumu stun Q skill.
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: some parts of the text are hard to understand. i guess you used google translate or something similar? anyways, amumu's q has so short animation that it's not even a problem and it does deal damage when the bandage hits the enemy and not when amumu arrives on the enemy. his ult is fine but the passive is something that doesnt belong to his kit. the scaling passive is better than static but the concept of tank reducing enemys magic resistance with basic attacks is not a good idea. It would be better to change so that he reduces the mr of people who are attacking him and who he is attacking. It would be better tho to change the passive completely.
As for the text, you're right.As for the animation is not - animation skill of 2-parts, and the total animation time very much, besides not fair is it that Amumu during animation defenseless while he gets all the effects, his skill can be interrupted or just jump (hello LeBlanc{{champion:7}} and Ahri{{champion:103}} and other teleport champions/skills ) .
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Ruskronos (EUW)
: Yasuo OP gameplay mechanic. not damage - gameplay. him need rework.
Daveth96 (EUNE)
: Yasuo need a buff, not a nerf! But ur brain definitely needs a buff! Tho it might be too late, couse it is already deleted as i see.
Yasuo OP gameplay mechanic. not damage - gameplay. him need rework.
: just don't go all in on {{champion:157}} } just poke him once, wait 2 seconds, and then go all in, or keep poking. I use {{champion:82}} W- shield ability on my minions to poke his shield away. after that i continue with E and if he gets any closer ill finish with Q and R Rinse & repeat, {{champion:157}} -players hate my poke game. their windwall is also useless against mordekaiser's E hehe
Mordekaiser shield has a price in blood and cooldown and block X damage. Yasuo shield how ult Kayle on 2 sec and free and 0 cd plus shield regeneration on W skill Yasuo. W yasuo teleport 0 cd.
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