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: > If I play blind, summoners rift, and call adc first In blind, calling out your role doesn't give you the right to said role. People load into the chat at different speeds, so it would be very unfair to those with slower connections. And on the same side, they may see themselves connecting to the chat first, thus seeing their own message first in the chat, before yours. If both are seeing their call as first, who's right? --- > So I ask: where is my supp? I ask for assistance many times. Problem is that nobody is **forced** to play support if they don't want to. If you want to get a more meta standard game going, play draft pick, where people are assigned roles before entering champion select. --- > I call PREBOT with someone I know. And my support even says "supp". When the game starts, we are w 3 people bot and so that means that we all have to split the farming, kills and basically my game is also lost... Same as above reply: Calling out a role does not mean the role belongs to you. --- All of this can honestly be solved by playing normal draft pick.
Okay let’s say it’s true what u say that you don’t have “assigned roles” in blind and people can just basically do whetever they feel like. So, I can play top, mid and adc pretty good. So your whole explanation about having a bad or good connection doesn’t matter bc if someone just SPEAKS UP, and say; ok I was first.. I can go another lane, usually I don’t mind. Some people just don’t say anything and just go into a lane and when I or multiple ppl ask that person to leave, often he even starts cursing. Anyhow, the game is ruint and not fun. — Okay so if nobody is assigned to play supp.. if I play alone bot all the time, and nobody helpt the first 10-15 min, my towers might all be destroyed (definitely faster unless my opponents just suck) Again, this does not help the TEAM and we usually lose. The point is: why do people play in a team if they behave like this? And if I leave the game, I am afk and get %%%%ed for it basically. — I do play draft more often now but even there are people who do what they wanna do and just ignore the chat 100% Besides, I am regularly trying new champs bc I wanna play ranked soon (Right now my account is lvl 43) to avoid all of this. But I don’t want to practise my new champs in draft bc then I get called noob since in draft people play better usually. I guess I have to just deal with this then? I actually get weird people like this 99% of the games.. awesome :’)
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: i asked riot the same question 2 years ago so im gonna copy and paste my response of my ticket, it may be 2 years old but it should still be a valid answer ---------------------------- ELLEÈN October 9th 2016, 6:42:09 pm Hello there, Thank you for contacting Riot Player Support. Unfortunately, we can’t change your username. Because an account’s username is such an important piece of security data, we try to keep it the same for the account’s lifespan. The only time a username can change is if you transfer to a different server with a username that is already registered. Even then, if you return to your home server, your username on the old server will be the same as it was before you transferred. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with! Best Regards, Elleèn Player Support Specialist Riot Games "I always shoot first." ----------------------- i cut out my question part since i wrote personal information in it but i copy and pasted only the answer i got, not the question i asked
Thanks for ur answer. Could you specify this? "The only time a username can change is if you transfer to a different server** with a username that is already registered**." So if I go from EU West to EU North, then what?
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