: Man I think that the whole Halloween line was awful this year. Plus we had no event that included Shadow Isles which happened a few times in the past (well, I guess it's because of Worlds, but still). I mean, looking and Ekko's skin, I would put it in the same words as you did for Kled, we can all see how much effort went into KD/A skins, and then compare them to these lazy Halloween skins. Even Janna's skin, which was maybe a little bit better than the other two, is still awful. I mean, Ekko just got some kind of purplish edit on his Q and that's pretty much it. His W had so much potential, but I guess Riot didn't have time to work on it since KD/A, man. And I don't even dig KD/A, only Akali's skin was ok-ish, rest were garbage, in my opinion. Ahri's skin was just overshadowed by all the others she has, Evelyn didn't have any good skins to begin with, but this one isn't even that good, and Kai'sa's prestige is meh as they skipped a lot of stuff that they didn't do (like the frog still being purple, despite all her animation's being bright-lighted).
Sad :/ did you see the new aartrox skin :')
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