: "Error - Unspecified error" when freshly downloading LoL
Maybe the old way? Uninstall and install again?
: ah yeah... but how comes that my ping is normal in the loading screen and fcked up in the game ..
Yeah i heard of it often, i thinks it is just a problem in the files of league of legends, that something is wrong. Hope it will go away after you uninstall it :)
: Surrender for fun
I think you are just unlucky, it never happens to me so. And it's probaly not a good idea, because if the kills are in your favor but you have a afk or a troller, Than you still can loose so. BTW- i really love ur name :P
: 2000 to 3500 ping????
Maybe you need to uninstall league of legends, and instal it again. Most of the time with most of the problems it helps, so i would try that, iknow that it takes long to install again but it probaly helps. Good luck.
Thisisebu (EUW)
: Help me.
Okay, i know how to help you. Go to your profile in the right corner, click on it. Than you click on 'Settings' And than you click: ''Change email adress'' http://prnt.sc/bvoc77 (Screenshot, so you know what you need to click.)
Thisisebu (EUW)
: Help me.
Hey man, i need some info before i can help you. Is this the account your talking about? (Albanian92) And can you login on this site (Probaly yes.)
: Looking for new casual players on EUNE
Where are you from? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: free mystery champion?? help pls
how do you connect to facebook with lol than? help pls ? {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}


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