Zarain (EUW)
: Kayle Morgana Visual Rework
Personally, I think the new morgana looks great, I never liked morgana's looks that much because animation wise she was too still and her model in-game wasn't that good looking compared to other champions, I have mained her for a long time now and tbh I thought I couldn't love her more than I already did but boy was I wrong, from what I have seen the animations looks great, finally she has a lot more movement with her animations. Yeah she may resemble Xayah a bit now but I don't mind that at all since xayah for me was my favorite champion in terms of looks but now it's gonna be Morgana for sure, I'm so hyped about it too <3 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: League is the worst game EVER MADE
Attention Seeker has been spotted! {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Nice man, valid points. You kinda gave me the words I didn't want to hear ;-) Even when playing normals, I still want to win most of the games I play. I always take this game way too seriously for a reason, you know? So you're saying when I want to play with more serious people, I have to play ranked? Will there be less trolling? Is it worth trying?
I don't blame you for taking the game to serious even I sometimes take it a bit to serious ( when playing ranked games ). It is worth trying ranked if you want to go through the hardships of having to climb in ranked, people take ranked seriously, of course there will be people who feed but those games can be turned around because like I said "... in every game there is always the possibility of making a comeback, no matter how trash your teammates are ...", and if you are a good player then climbing through the low elo ranks will be easy and you will make a couple of friends along the way ( because if you are good people will want to play with you! ). It's something you have to experience yourself and make your own conclusions about.
: We need to do something about the Euw playerbase
Well first of all, I believe people need to learn to suck it up at this day and age, I'm not saying that heavy offensive flamming should be tolerated (Any sort of Hate Speech) but the typical stuff flammers say should, to make it more clear, what i'm saying is you should be able to suck it up at this point and not have it affect you like people say it does. Players need to be able to hold it together, no matter what the situation in-game might be, whether it's dealing with flammers or attempting to make a comeback in a game in which your team is really behind and the enemy is fed. That's how competitive games work, you need to have a strong mindset. The rules are strict enough, and I personally think Riot is doing somewhat of a decent job about punishing those who break the rules, we might not have the cleanist server when it comes to speech but at least we don't have to deal with scripters and hackers like in many other games. And you might counter argument saying that they don't ban people, well you might be correct or incorrect about it, some people get banned sooner than others but they still get banned even if it might take a week, I personally don't think riot should ban the entire account , I think it would be more effective to have them banned permanently from using chat since that's the original cause of the problem, If you ban the account they will make a new one and the process would still repeat itself no matter how you would ban them. Needless to mention the famous phrase " have them IP Banned ", because yes Riot needs the player base to be active to make a decent income although their main source of income unlike most people think doesn't come from the RP purchase system, why? because from a business perspective It's not something to base a business model on, since it's inconsistent and very sketchy to say the least. Anyone with half a brain would know that. "I'm not sure if my mental state can handle playing this game much longer, due to all of the beatings I take when I enter a game-" That's exactly my point if you don't have a strong mindset and somewhat of a tollerance you are going to experience a mental breakdown because playing this game and having to deal with the community at the same time is hard mentally. Although I personally find it hard to believe that you have to deal with them so much to the point of it affecting your mental state, or you are really weak minded or you're being dramatic. I once read or heard someone say that if the only thing they type is insults then they won't contribute with any usefull information for the rest of the game so you might as well hit the mute button for them. And why not just /mute all ? You don't need chat for anything else besides letting your teammates know which summoners the enemy doesn't have and how many seconds are left for your ult to be up, I saw a couple GrandMaster games in which all they ever used were pings, they didn't use the chat to type anything in once. Yet for some reason their coordination was on point every single time.. and I wonder why.. {{sticker:sg-lulu}} Also let me just say, every single game is winnable, even when you are behind, comebacks are possible even more in low elo ranked games, why? once people take the lead they lower their guards and start making mistakes, if you use their greed against them you have more than enough tools to make a comeback and I have experienced a lot of them believe me. It's only a generator for depression if you allow it to be that way. Im not voting on your poll (because why would you be voting yes or no without being able to explain why?) but the only way to stop toxicity once and for all would to be to remove chat entirely from the game which is never going to happen. So my final advice would be , suck it up and deal with it or /muteall .
Murdarici (EUNE)
: I feel same about my ADC's as main support! - No warding - they think is illegal, when I am around 65 vision score they are 5 - No wave management just auto attack creeps all time, and when we are in enemy tower they try to harass getting towers hits or they want me with melee support to protect them from range support + cayt adc that hit them from their tower safety. - No harassing the enemy players, never try to poke as jhin last bullet, cayt long range + headshot, mf double up and so on - No listen to pinging refuse to run when jungle come, I have no mana, or there is no vision and mid ping his enemy is missing - Always fight instead of retreat and maybe hit from safety when as Thresh I hook by mistake a Leona - Straight up feeding the enemy laners near our tower with useless trading instead of retreat abit - never Recalling when they have 50 hp vs a cayt, varus, mf - die in 3 sec if I try to roam or ward or clear a ward and they were safe health, summoners and behind the creep wave - wanting me to make bad engages against strong opponents when they die even 1v1 from enemy support so who should I engages on ? who to peel him from when suprot kill him 1v1 and enemy adc same, and they never try to defend themself or palace themself good or kite - always going in front of me having more speed from items or passives like vayne and me beeign hit and my mobility boots lose the speed. - Taking the cannon when I have relic shield, see me I am going to it and they take it with a spell like ezreal q - crying that in a close 2v2 fight I kill somebody instead of risk them to escape or kill him.
Yeah exactly us Support mains have a lot to complain about too. No hope for being a Support...
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Can it please stop?
I don't get it why people complain about how others perform in NORMALS , just to refresh your mind NORMALS are used for many diferent purposes, such as : - Goofing around and having fun by: - Picking random champions; - Picking random runes; - Playing in roles they have zero experience in; - Playing with friends ( and have terrible matches because you are making so many mistakes that it's just laughable); - Playing while under the influence of certain substances ( Drugs / Alcohol) - Training; - New Roles; - New Champions; - New Builds (Self made or Copied from the Internet); - New Runes (Self made or Copied from the Internet); - Warming up for ranked games; - Increasing Skills ( on an individual level ); - Missions; - ect. In other words, Normals are not to be taken seriously, If you want to play serious with others who play as serious go into ranked matches, get to a high elo and never again will you have to deal with "nooby supports", you will only have to deal with what is essentially considered "Personal Skill" and you will see that even in Elo's like platinum and above you will always have to deal with players who by YOUR standards are " nooby". But since I have checked your Match History, and you have been mostly if not only playing normals then all I have to say to you is, don't be such a baby and suck it up like everyone else does, learn to have some fun, learn to laugh at the mistakes others make and your own, don't take it so god damn seriously it's only a game it's not like you have anything to lose and don't say your are wasting time, because you know very well the commitment you are making by queuing up for games ( by clicking the accept button you are not only saying "Yes, I want to play the match", you are also saying "Yes, im ready to invest the next 25 to 40 minutes into this match no matter how it plays out"). Also don't go AFK, because that is a true waste of time, because not only aren't you playing, you also can't queue for another game while the one you are supposed to be in is active, in every game there is always the possibility of making a comeback, no matter how trash your teammates are, If they are refusing to surrender that means they want to take it to late game and don't want to give up because they haven't lost hope. ( I have won many games that looked like they were impossible to win, why? 1st because my teammates didn't give up and when I gave up they told me " keep playing " 2nd the enemy team usually lets their guards down and get to cocky which will result in bad plays which you can use to turn a game around.). "No hope for being an ADC." - ohhh poor soul... Grow up will you?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: [ARAM] Please disable Fiddlesticks!
Oh but being tortured isn't that bad.. You will learn to like it! {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Lester the (EUNE)
: Masochism 100
Rioter Comments
: that sounds dirty for some reason
yeah I wonder why.. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Having bad games, and frustration. What are your thoughts?
Nobody is going to ban no one just because of a bad game or because they aren't skilled enough or whatever, Riot doesn't work that way. And btw It's none of your business to try and make others feel better about lost games or whatever might be the case. You lose some you win some deal with it. If you honestly want to make them feel better , go to their houses and offer some tea to calm their nerves or whatever. Have a nice day.
: is the supp slaves now ?
I'm a support main and I love the idea of being a slave not sure what the issue is here :3 {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: About under 18 players...
This would be a great idea because most of the flammers in-game usually are underaged.
Baladrok (EUW)
: Melidise, The banshee
I really like the concept of this champion and the name is great too. Well done!
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: I don't understand the hatred for lux support
As a fellow support main I personally hate playing against lux for one reason only: - Most ADC's in low elo suck at dodging her Q's and E's Early game she is a pain in the arse to deal with, so I despise anyone who dares to pick her and make my life more difficult. Other than that you do you and don't select her right away during champ select so that nobody in your team bans her. Good luck!
: New lvl of reporting trolls/inters/griefers
I think something like the "Overwatch" system counter strike has would be great for league, have the community decide if the reports are valid or not , of course one should only be able to "Overwatch" if they reach a certain rank or some other sort of qualification. Riot would have way less work if they allowed us ( the community ) help them out.
Mykon01 (EUW)
: -4 from the people who usually cry in the boards... thats hilarious ㄴㅇㄴ ㄱㄱ
Yeah but that was to be expected xD
Paper1 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ryuukaze,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=VM5RitML,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-10T20:04:02.174+0000) > > In reply to the points you made: > > 1- I do agree that people should complain, however the way people are complaining isn&#x27;t effective in the slightest. Hence why Riot isn&#x27;t doing anything about it. > > 2- I strongly disagree and i&#x27;ll hold to my statement, It doesn&#x27;t require ignorance, because ignorance doesn&#x27;t accomplish anything like you said, therefore the need to have a strong mindset to deal with and resolve the issue at hand, whether it is someone feeding or trolling or whatever might be the case, some feeders and trollers can have their minds changed, It does require however words but mostly actions above anything else. > > 3- You can&#x27;t expect people to behave sensibly in any case scenario. It&#x27;s highly unrealistic and simply impossible to accomplish as everyone knows very well, you just have to learn to suck it up like I said before. I don&#x27;t have much else to say about people&#x27;s behavior other than that really. 1. I don't think there is an effective way to complain. We don't have the power to change the system ourselves, Riot does. They probably shouldn't listen to the public on a lot of things, but in this particular case, this is an issue directly affecting Riot's customers/players and if they want to keep making money, it is in their best interest to keep their players. I wouldn't be surprised if the player base starts to, if not already, decline because of this issue. 2. I don't know how long you've been playing the game for, but nowadays if you confront a troll with **any** form of advice or constructive criticism or whatever, more likely than not you will be met with an aggressive response and nothing in game changes when you may need it to to win. Why? Because they always make the assumption that you're speaking to them because you are somehow superior to them. There is no persuading them otherwise on that, no matter how "strong" your mindset is. The trolls mind is made up before you get any chance to explain. This is a team game where **everybody** needs to do their job in their own role, they don't have time to do other teammates jobs for them. 3. Actually I can, because if most people can behave sensibly to each other face to face in real life (which they can), then they damn sure can do it in the virtual world. We all know there is a human on the other end of the chat box. I will concede the point though that because of the anonymity of the internet, it is very easy to avoid responsibility, in which case we just have to find a way to make players responsible for their actions. In my opinion, it starts by Riot changing their mind on Prisoner's Island (i.e. matchmaking all the trolls together) and to forget about their values on Reform, because that has been a complete failure.
1- I agree there isn't an effective way to complain and yes it's in the hands of riot to do something about it no doubt about it, I have been thinking and I came to the conclusion that the reason why riot isn't doing anything about it is because they are comparing themselves to other games, because other competitive games suffer from the same issues, for example in Counter Strike you get punished for leaving a game with a timeout, and depending on the frequency you leave games your punishment will become higher, the same applies to league of legends, you get punished for your actions, if the punishment given by Riot should be more strict or not that is debatable but most people agree it should indeed be more strict. Some even say people should be "IP Banned", which is pointless since you apparently can change your IP in a few clicks. Either way they won't implement such punishment because like you said "... it is in their best interest to keep their players.". "... if they want to keep making money, it is in their best interest to keep their players. I wouldn't be surprised if the player base starts to, if not already, decline because of this issue." - Yes it is in their best interest to keep their players like any other company, yes the player base has started to decline but not entirely because of this like most people believe, A lot of players stopped playing league of legends because of games like Fortnite and other battle royal games that have been launching over the year thus decreasing the amount of people playing. On the topic of making money, they say the main source of incoming Riot has is from us players due to the purchase of RP and yes that might be true but it's not their only source of income, and I doubt it's their main source at all because from a business perspective It's not something to base a business model on, since it's inconsistent and very sketchy to say the least. 2- I have been playing since 2014 if im not mistaken. I have done some thinking and you are definitly right, what I said initially was " This game requires a strong mindset to tolerate not only the people you play with and against.." and what I meant with that was that you have to be able to not be triggered and start playing badly yourself because you are focusing more on what is triggering you rather than the game itself therefore needing a strong mindset to keep yourself composed in those sorts of situations. I take back what I said about trying to change a feeder's mind because like you said : " The trolls mind is made up before you get any chance to explain." , and I 100% agree. ( I don't know why I even suggested the idea of trying to change their minds that was stupid xD ) 3- I guess we came to some sort of agreement on this point. " it starts by Riot changing their mind on Prisoner's Island (i.e. matchmaking all the trolls together)" , that would be brilliant , but they should make it into some sort of tournament so we could all watch it live and laugh at their expense.
Paper1 (EUW)
: 1. It might get better crying about it in hope that Riot actually starts to listen and punish trolling harder. You know what happens when nobody cries? It is guaranteed that nothing will happen. 2. It doesn't require a strong mindset, it requires a complete ignorance of the misplays, pings, chat and anything else negative that might be thrown your way. However since a lot of this stuff still affects the gameplay of everybody on your team, it is up to the team to address the problem... which can't be done if you ignore everything. 3. Nobody likes players who complain, but nobody would complain if everybody just behaved sensibly and tried their best every game i.e. What parents should be teaching their children. It is really not too much to ask.
In reply to the points you made: 1- I do agree that people should complain, however the way people are complaining isn't effective in the slightest. Hence why Riot isn't doing anything about it. 2- I strongly disagree and i'll hold to my statement, It doesn't require ignorance, because ignorance doesn't accomplish anything like you said, therefore the need to have a strong mindset to deal with and resolve the issue at hand, whether it is someone feeding or trolling or whatever might be the case, some feeders and trollers can have their minds changed, It does require however words but mostly actions above anything else. 3- You can't expect people to behave sensibly in any case scenario. It's highly unrealistic and simply impossible to accomplish as everyone knows very well, you just have to learn to suck it up like I said before. I don't have much else to say about people's behavior other than that really.
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: Thing is that counters don’t always help... you need experience. Try to have a champion for every match up, but this doesn’t have to be a hard counter, so long as your not getting hard countered yourself simply having more knowledge of the match up and what to do is going to win you the lane just as hard. Ultimatly you will win more using a champion your simply comfortable in the matchup with than a champion you are less experienced with in the match up but got to,d was a hard counter, if the enemy knows what they are doing they can expoit you hard for that
Smerk (EUW)
: yeah , you can use that site. It doesn't matter what site you are using tbf, they all get info from the same source: Riot API. It's just the matter of how they present it to users. But overall you shouldn't blindly follow such recommendations and instead analyze that data and adjust i to your skill and champion pool. It's always better to pick something you're good with than pick something that fits better into team comp, but you can't really play it.
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Speknaz (EUW)
: New Champion Idea: Fin, the Chained
This is actually a brilliant idea for a champion. Well done!
amberdogs (EUW)
: My summoner Name - Violation in Terms by Riot
I honestly think you name is fine and shouldn't be considered a violation, because I have seen much worse and those didn't get banned, and you have an awesome IRL name!
Èclair (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ryuukaze,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=phRXpcrb,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-18T11:00:51.268+0000) > > {{champion:497}} , {{champion:201}} , {{champion:43}} , {{champion:44}} and {{champion:223}}. Those are pretty strong picks - Braum and Rakan especially. Karma and Taric are niche but can contribute alot during both laning phase and mid-to-late game. Kench is annoying to play against, can be really strong in good hands. > could It use more AP supports or is it fine this way. Well, it could use some enchanter type support but not really - they aren't as strong as few seasons before so not playing them at all isn't that bad of a deal. > The reason why im asking is because I have only 5 rune pages and I dedicate 1 page for 1 champion so that I don't have to look up a build and change them quickly during champ select. ( is this a good strategy btw? having 1 page for 1 champ or should I change it up and just remake rune pages depending on my pick in champ select?). Dunno. I have very large champion pool and five rune pages for each primary tree and I switch between them also altering primary and secondary runes. I like it that way and I know I wouldn't have any problems playing with one rune page even since I tried it on my smurf account and it works. Wasting BE/RP on additional rune pages IMO is unnecessary at the moment.
My objective is to spend BE on rune pages now since I have all the supports besides pyke and malzahar ( if he is still being used as supp that is ). Im going to learn soraka to add to the pool since it was recommended to me and it's always nice to have a good healer. I might add alistar as well since I like him a lot. thanks for the reply!
RoxyWolf (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ryuukaze,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=phRXpcrb,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-11-18T11:19:34.309+0000) > > Thanks for the advice , I&#x27;ll try to learn one soraka prob to add to the champ pool. you will need to decide which type of soraka you want to play tho. I usually play her AP tank. with warmorgs to regen health, and CDR for a 2 sec cd on heal, finishing the build off with deathcap for more healing, but you can also build soraka very similar to karma
I might do the same and go for AP Tank since it seems more usefull
: I respect three of them alot, but not Rakan and Karma. Rakan is super unhealthy with his kit. He has aoe heal, aoe knockup, aoe charm, THREE SHIELDS. Karma is fine mid/late game, in early she seems like a slightly weaker version of Brand. (yes, that's bad). I think Braum is hella fun and hella good. I also main him. Tahm Kench is not only good, but he's a masterpiece of a character. His lore and voice is just seducing. (and im a dude!) Taric seems underrated to me, but my god is he amazing in the right hands. I love to flash + E, and his ultimate is also 100.
Which champions would you put in place of Karma and Rakan than? ( Thanks for the advice)
RoxyWolf (EUW)
: I would put taric and tahm on the same page, and add a healer like sona soraka or janna to the mix too. but that is definetly a decent champ pool. keep in mind tho, that you might get autofilled into a different role too, so having something like poppy who can also top and jungle would be a good idea. don't worry too much about mid. it is unlikelly that you will get it and if you do you can just put karma there. the most important tip I can give is KNOW your champion. research tricks, like amumu can Q into flash to make his Q harder to dodge (because you will charge the animation before flashing, but he will "throw" the Q after you flash), and caitlyn can attack w to close to remove the animation of placing the trap
Thanks for the advice , I'll try to learn one soraka prob to add to the champ pool.
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: What is your most favourite champion of this game and why?
As a support main my boys {{champion:497}} and {{champion:201}} ! {{champion:497}} - because he is fun to play, you get to jump around, you are fast af when you use your ult and you can be annoying to deal with, plus he is a sexy mf. {{champion:201}} - because he is tanky and it's fun to me seeing everyone getting knocked up by his Ult and than immediately stunned due to his passive. And because they are OP! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: im main support and i always say that its the most stressfull role in the game. Have you tryied taric? It has a super strong scaling and even if your adc and jungler are trash you can play defensively and outscale the enemy. I say it coz im main taric and i do this every game, altho i also flame a lot. (i play with coin, mikaelis and ardent) Btw you made me laugh reading your thread, cheers.
Looks like I have to play taric more often than, thanks for the advice. Glad to know it made you laugh! {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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: Lol won't die too soon. Love your writing style tho. You just need to find something in the game that you enjoy, and do it regardless of what others type or do. For me, it's being the king of the jungle in my games. You lose top and cry /flame me? Idgaf lol... I'm counter jungling and split pushing like there's no tomorrow. If you ask me nicely i'm a super nice guy, the second you pissed me off I get in my berserk mode, and you stop existing. I still play to win, and I'll win even if you run it down or go afk, cuz I'm the king of the jungle. Ps 'you' wasn't directed towards you, as In wasn't speaking about get it.
I think I might have to change my role to be honest, I have been a main support since 2013, I have experimented other lanes over the years but always felt more comfortable playing support so I mained it ever since,but it's been getting harder and harder to enjoy playing support because sure it's great supporting and owning the %%%%ing lane while sharing great teamwork with your adc and make your oponents your %%%%ing gold %%%%% and see their jungler rush down in panic and watch him get %%%%ed right away because your adc is so fed but when you get a %%%%ing braindead %%%%%% who doesn't even know how to farm, it just makes me want to punch the %%%%ing wall and what's worse is that I can't do shit about it! Sure i can leave the %%%%%% to lane alone but that won't fix the %%%%ing issue because than poeple start blaming me because i'm not with my adc. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
: Looking for ppl to play with ^^
If you want to play normals I don't mind playing with you, i'm a main support.
: dude, it was kinda being meant sarcastic. because we are all so toxic, and toxic people report stuff. you hope that league of legends dies. its horrible. these deathwishes edit: why do you edit posts i already answered to :)
I just questioned it because you never know who answers your posts you could've been serious bout it. I edited my own comment to your comment because i originally wrote " "death wish " where exatcly?" only realizing after I that I had written " I hope league of legends dies" in the title, I'm an idiot i know xD
: reported for death wish
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: League of Legends | Edit | DEAD TO ME
Really cool editing, liked it alot! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rift Crab (EUNE)
: Kill them with kindness and positivity!
Rift Crab my boy! will definitly do this, might be cringy as hell but definitly worth a try. Spreading kindness and positivity is definitly needed! Let's wash that salt away! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: shame there is no way we can really get round it , because as long as there is grading there will be grading parameter , hence way to play around those parameter, the only way is to have a person or some sort of super computer which can determine the result of your act and judge adequately. And with that also come the problem of resource , while support play a important role in every game, most people only play sup cause they get auto fill . with that most of them wont care what happen to the sup role , for them the role may as well be gone entirely . while we are taught to respect and care for the minorities , true fact is we always focus on the majorities first , same in terms of development. So while your idea is nice i really dont see it being imply any time soon or at all ..... , is riot we talking about here , yeah they sure listen to the players kappa
: yes , but for your system to work we need to find a way to distinguish a support who play well , and support who got carried by their adc ,for example got my rank 7 Janna with my friend who is diamond , did i do anything better in those game ? , no .i do the same thing as i do before . yet i get a s+ 3 game in a row and get my rank7 . the current system are really bad at seeing good players or those who play around the ranks. for example as a support if yor adc get in to sticky situation and u need to safe them , and die. despite that being the right thing to do there is nothing that honor your act, or you can just let your adc die and keep your score good , that way you get better a rank but does that make you a better support ? ofc it didnt. so for your system to work we need to get round that first.
Hey! thank you for your comment. I totally agree with what you said, and that's in fact something we need to get around, to be honest I didn't even think about that!
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