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: >Not to mention, 1€ is currently $1.14, so doesn't that technically mean that we should be the ones paying less and the US should be paying more? As far as I know, NA currently pays $10 for 1380 RP as well, plus, due to the laws there, they have to pay taxes on top of that, which seem to differ from state to state. In any case, they need to pay more or at least the same as us after these changes (and before these changes they needed to pay *even* more). I personally doubt this has to do with Riot Games' income. It's surely possible, but even if so, there's no way for us to know that, we just don't have information on Riots earnings and all that. >a bit unrelated, but since you brought up exchange rates, I'd like to know why most $60 games cost 60€ here, even though the euro is technically worth more, and why that doesn't generally happen to britain and their pounds. I mean, I'm not an economist or anything like that, but I guess it's for simplicity. Think about it, I doubt anyone would want to pay 52.89€ or something, simply because it's an... ugly number. It's also rather inconvenient for sales. Take 60% of 28.41€ and you'll end up with... 14.526€, which would probably end up being 14.53€. Take 60% of 60€ and you'll end up with 36€, which you should have no problem calculating in your head. It's way more convenient and easier.
First of all, thanks for keeping it civil. It's rare you get to discuss things on the internet in this sort of way. I suppose that does make a bit of sense. However, as I've been saying.. it just doesn't seem fair. especially not for me since I already in perspective (to other countries who have higher avg income per person) pay a whole lot more. (this of course isn't a problem just with riot, literally all non-food related items are expensive as hell here. We have EU prices but far less than EU income, and _much_ less than US income, I was barely able to slap together a mid range gaming rig that would've taken about a month of work in the states.) I know what I said is purely speculation, but judging by the rest of the industry and what big publishers like to do, I'm fairly certain that what I said is at least partially true. And again, I'm not even blaming riot for this (at least not completely). I'm mainly just angry that it's getting harder and harder for us to get what we want, especially cause we (at least I am) are doing it for the sake of supporting Riot. I suppose I'll still be doing it from when the change happens onward, however I'll definitely be even more conservative regarding what I purchase. The fact that you won't even be able to get a pass anymore for 10€ hurts even more. Also, regarding the 60€ price tag, that definitely sounds reasonable, however it still isn't exactly fair, and I'm sure you can see why. A bad idea perhaps, but it would just be way more fair towards us if the eu tag was dropped down to 50, or at least 55. The latter is not an exactly pretty number, and with the former companies would earn a bit less than in the us, but in the long run would be a lot more pro consumer than what's happening now (especially considering, again, the UK usually has price tags around 40-50 pounds if I'm correct, or even lower(?))
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: Saying "RP is getting more expensive" is wrong, RP isn't getting more expensive, it's getting adjusted so it'll cost the same as it always has. Just like 1€ is not the same as $1 and how the worth of the Euro compared to the Dollar changes all the time, even if only minimally, the same must go for RP in order for RP to always be worth the same. Else, we'd get the same amount of RP as for example the people in NA while paying less than them, which wouldn't be fair either. Let me give an example that'll show this a bit better: 1 Euro is at the time I'm writing this worth about 125 Yen. You can get 1380 RP (with these new changes) for 10€, are you supposed to get 1380 RP for 10 Yen? Obviously not, that'd be way too unfair for us, because Japanese people would have to pay way less than us, even if the "amount" they're paying is... technically the same. And now imagine this, but just that one day, one euro is 125 Yen and the other, it's 128 Yen. If prices don't get adjusted regularly, these things get out of hand and it eventually gets unfair towards some.
I never said that prices shouldn't be adjusted. I'm fully aware how economy and exchange rates work. What I'm trying to say is, they're not doing this only to "keep it an equal playing field", because it actually still isn't. That's still not even the main issue, or, more specifically, the issue I was trying to highlight, though. It's that due to not having "that great" income numbers, they're trying to balance it out by making people give them more overall in exchange for the same stuff. That's at least, what it feels like. Not to mention, 1€ is currently $1.14, so doesn't that technically mean that **we** should be the ones paying less and the US should be paying more? a bit unrelated, but since you brought up exchange rates, I'd like to know why most $60 games cost 60€ here, even though the euro is technically worth more, and why that doesn't generally happen to britain and their pounds.
: Who cares. don't like it, don't buy RP. simple as that. I personally haven't bought any RP since they last did this. Its only benefits me, since i can spend a little bit more elsewhere. And anyway, they are not selling goods, so inflation is irrelevent to them, it doesn't matter if they sell 1 skin or 1 million, their expenses will still be the same.
It's always easy enough to say "dOnT LikE iT dOnT bUy iT", you know. "You don't like how expensive that new phone that you really like and want is? well don't buy it." See what I did there? It's not just about the principle of not buying something if you don't want to pay the people who offer it. I wanted to highlight a bigger issue here. I want to support Riot, I always have. And in turn, I always got what I wanted. However, it seems like they're trying to restrain people more and more and lightly push them towards spending larger sums of money (for example, with the new system you wont even be able to get a pass anymore for 10€). It feels like me, and many others, are now being ripped off as a "thank you" for supporting them in the past. I'm well aware that a lot of this probably isn't solely RIot's decision, as their parent company most likely pushes them into generating more and more income, because that's what they're there for. They're a business. That doesn't mean that a business can't be pro-consumer, however. I won't go on for too long, but please take a look at CD Projekt Red, among others. Also, I'm not sure what you mean exactly by that second statement. Their expenses don't change depending on how many people purchase the skin, definitely. However, the difference in income from 1 skin versus a million is pretty significant, and that's what they (or their parent company) is going for. I've kind of said this before, I still really like a lot of the content added to the game, and I want to buy it for the sake of supporting them. There are thousands of worse ways I could be using my money, so I'm glad it would still be going to them instead of much more greedy and corrupt companies. With that said however, I have to point out, again, that with each such price change the relationship between us and them is getting less and less healthy. Not to mention, the fact that the NA barely gets hit by these, so in comparison their RP is significantly easier to afford (alongside the US having much higher average income per person than here, especially where I'm from. Sidenote, i genuinely wouldn't be that angry if I had more income to spend, but It was never my choice to live here, so what can I do). I can understand that it's their, "home turf", so to speak, however that doesn't mean massively bumping up prices everywhere else, and **on top of that saying that prices are globally equal/fair.** P.S. that name, lmao.
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