: Chat ban for complaining to team about not remaking
Lesson to learn here - if you feel the need to write "all muted" actually mute them because from that point on you're going to only post negative stuff. Negative remarks only dig a hole for you to get a chat ban. I know it's frustrating though - but just mute all so you don't create evidence against yourself. Stay classy {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
CliffiToF (EUW)
: reported 7 trash teammates but got chat restricted instead
Sounds like you need to invest in my quality top of the range extra strength MMR Pills. Guaranteed to increase your chances of getting placed with capable team mates who will carry you to Challenger! MMR Pills also mask your chat so you can say whatever you want and Riot will personally come over and pat you on the back for your efforts? "Cancer" "%%%" "GG EZ"? Good job sir, keep up the good work! Enquire today at 0800-RitoPLS {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
noobitup (EUW)
: shen (the hardest champion to get s+ with) rework ideas
I appreciate that you have taken the time to write out a long and considered post about what you think is wrong about Shen. I however, think that you are very much mistaken. Shen is a good champion that does have counterpicks - his play style is very all in and not very pokey. Please read below and consider what I have written as I have considered what you have said. > [{quoted}](name=noobitup,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=94EEEFmH,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-03T20:58:02.367+0000) > > {{champion:98}} > I took my time to see a lot of videos on youtube before replying ,on how some challenger players ''get even'' during lanning phase. although shen is not picked so often . Also to learn how these players deal with heavy poke champions like gnar , teemo ..... . **Every champion has counter picks - Shen's lack of ranged poke means that he relies on opponents blowing their skills and his own power spikes from level ups. Some picks he is naturally stronger into and others, weaker - this is by design.** > #I can say that I noticed the following things on top shen players: > -since shen is usually pushed back to his tower .If you ult someone you immediatly lose your tower. **This is why teleport is still the most used summoner spell on Shen, despite the nerf. It makes his ultimate a fantastic ganking tool, not just an emergency shield, counter-ganking tool.** > -farming against heavy poke champions is only possible under tower or when the opponent back to base . **Yes, it's hard. However, shen is a tank and has a decent shield passive to mitigate poke - his E is also useful if an enemy gets too close to your tower. Especially champions woth DoT (Teemo) you can taunt them into your tower range.** > - his W is useless against champions who deal damage with abillities , and I think a human brain is unable to predict when a champion is attacking with an ability or with an autoattack. **This is a pointless statement - he isn't supposed to block ability damage, don't be silly - that would be broken. ** **"I think that the human brain is unable to predict" this is speculation, please provide evidence. If you know the opposing champion you are playing into, you will know the difference between an ability/autoattack. This is a game where knowledge is king.** **If you haven't played a champion, play it. You need to know how they play, their cooldowns and their mana/energy costs. ** > -the couldown on shen's E is relatively long. **It is intentionally a long cooldown - also it's really not THAT long. 18 seconds at T1, 10 seconds at T5. It's a teamfight changing skill - a potential to taunt an entire enemy team if you aim it correctly. ** > -because of shen's low farm and KDA shen is the hardest champion to get S+ with. **It's probably not a good time to learn him - there's always weird stuff happening during the pre-season. He's hardly difficult to get an S+ with. ** **Looking at your account, in Silver 2 - assuming you're against players of equal skill level, you need only focus on getting perfect cs and wait for your opponent to make a mistake and taunt them out of position. ** > > #On jungle shen players : > -the clear is extremly slow. > -shen has no kill potential unlike other junglers , he only gets assists which makes him unable to carry games and get perfect KDA. > -shen cannot outjungle opponent junglers. **So don't play him jungle. Play him top or support unless you're a jungle main and know all the potential match ups and likely routes your opponent will take - if you know this, I'd say get a couple of early ganks, then power farm once you have your tiamat. His gank potential is great with his E. He's not a duelist though. ** > > #All these imperfections makes him so hard to climb with in ranked in these two roles . That is why shen is only played as a support on high elo. > (A support ninja ). **Why are you looking at stats of high ELO? Also your statement is factually incorrect. He is played 54.56% of the time in top at high ELO and 27.80% of the time as a support. I don't see how this is "only played support". ** > > Yes playing support is the only way to prevent your team from losing top towers , as well as having a slow jungler that has no killing potential . But shen is not even close to the perfect supporter , his kit makes him leave his adc so often to save other players which makes his adc vulnerable and easy to get killed . > > (How does higher elo players play support shen?) > > They totally ignore the ultimate and play only with taunt and autoattacks , yes the overallmap pressure is at the same time an overall vulnerability to shen's lane. **Shen is a fantastic split pusher once you get sunfire and titanic. You have constant pressure due to your ultimate and a very solid engage/disengage with your E - not to mention the damage reduction and shields you get. ** > > Ok , how to deal with that , without making shen so overpowered? **He's still around a 50% win rate.. ** > > *********There are three effective reworks that riot can do (one of them and not the three at once ): > > #If they want to focus on his utility and his map presence.: > > [Adding a comeback possibility to his ultimate :(press R to save your ally ,and after a little amount of time press R and go back.(this is so powerful, right? He can't get killed after using ultimate ?) **Broken AF** > Here is another variation of it (press R to save the ally and if not hit for a few seconds you can go back to your previous position ) this will make his ultimate more usable without causing a tower loss]. **Rewarding people for poor judgment calls - fiddles doesn't get his R dash refunded if he goofs it it (or he didn't)** > > #And if they want to make him more as a ninja champion : > they definitly have to work on his farm and kill potential .either by reducing his taunt cooldown or adding a ranged ability or at least giving his Q some damage instead of only slowing effects (when you press Q shen brings his sword towards him ,increase his damage and autoattack range + deal damage to enemies around him in a certain radius , this will help his clear speed ). **Clear speed - tiamat ** **His Q does a crazy amount of damage and has a hidden passive with his sword - if you place it behind the enemy it is provides constant pressure because they know you can activate it and get a slow/damage increase on your Q. ** ** He is isn't a harass champion, he's an all-in and disengage/damage mitigate. If he had poke as well, that would be broken. ** > ( I know that shen is not supposed to win his lane but not winning lane and at the same time having a so low farm makes the champion as weak in laning phase as in the late phase ). **Shen wins lanes if he is played correctly - if you're not winning lane, you should try changing your play style. ** > > #If they want to make him more of a tank , which is the worst thing for a ninja : > they probably should make his W dodge all abilities instead of only autoattacks. > As well as reducing it's cooldown . **He has always been a ninja tank. It's his core concept ever since he was released in 2010. If you got rid of that, he wouldn't be Shen anymore, he would be Zed, Akali or Kennen. They all have their own playstyle, role and identity.** > > I don't see where is the utility in the actual shen , he can play a lot of roles but cannot carry at any of them. He's one of the stronger tanks in the game..? With a strong engage and global map presence. Stop playing him with Hail of Blades and try something else. > > I'm pretty sure that these changes are moreorless balanced , and can probably make him more playable in ranked . **They're really not. ** > > I believe that RIOT is a big company and can balance playstyle diversity without impacting the fun part of the game . > but leaving a champion weak and unplayable in ranked games is defenitly not a good idea . > I think the best idea is to make a move , try new things , if they seem unbalanced or overpowered they can nerf again untill at somepoint the champion becomes neither autowin nor so weak. > > Thanks for considering this . > > and please let me know what you think about these three proposals , which one is better , and also do you find shen extremly hard to get s+ with or am I the only one struggling with that ? I think that you need to play more shen and learn his matchups, he's not as weak as you make out and he certainly doesn't need a rework. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Milk the cow *while you can*
I've been using the same account since 2010. I chat with my team mates and occasionally call them out if they're being daft (without being overly toxic) but most of my chat input is constructive and positive. You however, have somehow managed to get 4 accounts banned and you're blaming the system and the other players. I think perhaps you should reflect on your own behaviour. Looking at this thread you're quick to judge the people who comment on your post but you should take a moment of self-reflection and consider how you sound. Cause in all honesty, you sound like a spiteful, bitter and petty human being. The games code of conduct isn't simply restricted to "no swearing". It also includes all forms of bullying AND unsportsmanlike behaviour - basically, don't be a %%%%. I'm glad of the games punishment system - it's not too often I have to play with people who share the same mindset as you and when I do, I never have to play with them again because they don't last very long :) Take care buddy. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
VN0lt (EUNE)
: me sad me no get reword :(
Can we make a poll to vote for Riot to create a tl;dr version of their code of conduct? I vote to name it "How not to be a %%%% and avoid chat restrictions/bans." {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Thanks mate. It's just sad. I've realized that not my champions or skins or even my progress on that account are important for me. Maybe the progress more or less in other words. Missing my stats - my stats since season 1. Guess there's nothing I can do about it, unfortunately.
I 100% agree, it's the sentiment of the account itself. I've been playing since pre-season 1 I think? Time flies, eh? Your stats will still be there for you to look up on stat checker websites at least? :)
: Permanently Banned November 2016
Standard game company procedure when it comes to hacked accounts is usually "Once compromised, forever a threat" it's hard to accept but I'd just move on and get another account to challenger if you're interested in playing. Stop dwelling on something that wont change - they wont budge because you don't actually own your account or any content purchased on it, it's technically a lease based on the user agreement. Sorry buddy.
: Is Lancer Zero Hecarim worth the 10 gemstones?
I'd say avoid. Once you realize the animations are the same as when he's wielding the glaive from his default skin except he's weilding a lance now and slashing at people with something that doesn't slash - it suddenly becomes a bit poo pants.
: It sucks. In next season i am going to write down and count the amount of afkers I get and the enemy get
it's only accurate if you also compare it to the amount of games played (wins AND losses) and work out the percentage. Also do a comparison between start and end of season. At the end of the season there is a massive influx of casual players who want their rank and perhaps don't care about the consequences of going afk. Irregardless I think you'll find that it is a very small percentage of games across a whole season. The leaver buster system will also pick them up so your chances of playing with someone who intentionally goes afk (not due to network issues) is a lot smaller :)
SirUrlich (EUW)
: Yet again another AFK in ranked game and LP LOST! =)
Happens to all of us. Don't blame Riot lol, you just got unlucky and got matched with a few bumheads. 34 LP, last season but one I went on a 20 game loss streak dropping from gold 3 90lp down to gold 5 0lp - Sure you could say I was tilted but if you were there, you'd know that I laughed at it and rode it out. I didn't flame, didn't write a post about it (yeah, I was a pissed off about it) but eventually I climbed back up to gold 2 for season end - thinking about it I could have hit plat if I didn't have that streak. Sadly it feels like the matchmaking system works a bit TOO hard at times to try and bring you back to 50% win rate {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Lawetz (EUW)
: Atma's Impaler should be reintroduced
Then I'll go Sion/Cho'gath and take inhibitor tower in the first 8 minutes of the game, Thanks :). Nothing wrong with tanks in the current patch. If you're having trouble dealing damage as a tank - that's how it should be. If you go full tank, you're not rewarded with damage output. You're rewarded with survivability. However, if you go a bruiser/juggernaut type build - build around HP and go titanic, your damage output is high with decent survivability (not as much as full tank) but you certainly have more relevant damage. The game doesn't need atma's. We already have titanic/ravenous for lane pushing, zz'rot for lane pushing and tower taking, ohmwrecker to disable towers and demolish which synergises with hp scaling.
: CHAT LOG from perma ban
I guess some people will never learn. Toxicity doesn't just refer to cursing. This chat log you are negative and very unsportsmanlike. Perhaps you should read the code of conduct and try to be a better human being. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
radetari (EUNE)
: riot support is good and all but every time I reported bad behavior they just said that they cannot do much so im stuck with high hopes of him getting banned but then again he can just make a new account and continue
If he gets banned - that's another account he'll have to make again from fresh. Meaning one less toxic player for you to get matchmade alongside :). Every report counts - if he was abusive to you, he was likely abusive to others who will also report him. He'll get picked up by the reporting system no doubt! Keep calm, carry on climbing!
Zdanu (EUW)
: account locked for no reason again.
Foreword: Please do not read this in a negative or aggresive manner - it is neither. You should read the user agreement. The account and the content you purchase technically isn't yours. They reserve the right to revoke access as and when they deem the agreement has been broken. Read more into it and you may find some information as to where and why you're triggering an account lock out. I've been playing league since 2010 and have never had any issues with accounts being banned or locked out. Not sure why you'd ever have any issues unless you were intentionally or inadvertently doing something to break the user agreement that could trigger such action to be taken. Hope you manage to find out what's causing it!
: Might be reportable, but I can kinda tell you that nobody gets banned because of it. I personally sneak the classic "gg ez" in at the game's end, where someone was super cocky from the enemy team - spamming questions marks, mastery, and shit-talking 24/7. I just can't resist breaking their spirits even more, when they see that defeat screen after being unsportsmanlike, then adding salt to the wound, the winner even calls it an easy game. I was never punished, altho I do it VERY rarely - but I do it. And I'm 99% sure I was reported for it before. - no bans till this day.
This is a small example of why the community is toxic. Joining in with the goading of your allies/opponents encourages a foul atmosphere. I agree that the person trash talking you deserves to have their spirits broken and it's very tempting to stomp them down further but you're adding to the problem with the social aspect of league. I personally prefer dry wit and sarcasm - it's not unsportsmanlike, it's polite and you don't lower yourself to the level of said flamer {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
wolf jade (EUNE)
: is saying "gg ez" reportable?
Definitely reportable. It's intentionally trying to upset other people playing the game alongside you. People who say "Oh I don't bother reporting for that" sure, that's your prerogative but it doesn't make it acceptable to goad your team mates/opponents - it does actually break the rules. I don't think that people who say this should be banned from playing the game - certainly a chat ban though. It's social misconduct and very much unsportsmanlike.
radetari (EUNE)
: If he doesn't get banned...
Hi Radetari, I'm sorry to hear that someone was so abusive to you. I think it's awful that certain people think it's acceptable/find it amusing to be so awful to others. I really hope this person gets punished - not just account ban but an IP/MAC address ban. I've had a few players do this. I've played 1000's of games and it's a very small percentage that are actually as abusive as you mention in your post. I found the best way to deal with this is to follow up your report with an email to Riot support - be calm, collected and rational and they're usually pretty helpful. I hope the things that were said in that game didn't get to you too much. Just remember that the person doesn't know you, doesn't care to know you and will say anything to try and upset you - it's their goal. Don't give them the satisfaction :). Keep your chin up, friend :)
bit dated but there was a semi-official series by Shurelia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kxGQ3gWdrM {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Santa Ornn
I think he'd better as The Grinch at Christmas. His ulti, he headbutts a reindeer, maybe have him splatting some christmas presents/snowmen with his hammer in a taunt animation.. his Q as a snowman that gets flattened by his headbutt. Thoughts?
: Lmao just imagine a violin with fists roaming the rift I love it :P
I never got an alert about this reply.. doh. Or imagine a Vi with violins for hands.. her ulti impact animation spawns a string quartet that plays QQ music while her target is smashed into the ground...
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Any good advice on how to play Sion (top or supp)?
Max Q - E got nerfed and isn't work maxing anymore unless you build AP. Max W second if you're getting poked, max E otherwise - direct hits give armour shred, increasing your Q damage. If you E into a minion and hit them with it, you'll get a stronger slow. Go grasp into champions like garen who'll go into melee range. I like to take sorcery secondary and take mana flow band + scorch to help manage my mana. Go glacial vs ranged/slippery champions to help your jungler gank. Arcane comet is also particularly nice on him but it falls off because you'll usually be going tank (or lethality if you're comfortable and up for a laugh) Itemwise, lately i've been going iceborn gauntlet rush, ninja tabi (situational) sunfire, spirit visage/adaptive helm, randuiins. (consider transcendance if you're not going 40% cdr from items) Try and time your first or second back when you hit 6 with your teleport cooldown. You can gank bot/mid straight down lane with your R and can guarantee kills/burnt summoner spells. Teleport back to top and continue farming - more CS = more HP. Capitalise on your passive bonus HP per minion kill (you could even go smite sion for the 15% extra hp from cinderhulk). Sion is an all-round very strong champ who is relatively strong at all points in the game. The downfall is that his abilities are HUGELY telegraphed and any half decent player who understands his kit will be able to juke out your abilities - play smart, play mind games, win lane and use your crazy amount of CC to lock down your enemies and hope your team mates follow up (or go AD and just 100-0 their squishies, ez game ez life). Also, check out Tilterella, he's one of the best Sion mains in the world, his content is a good laugh as well! GLHF {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Akali but it's an Ukulele
Twisted Fret Jaxophone Kakko-shaco Vi-olin {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Sion's ultimate description is incorrect
his ulti is also a leap at the end and should get bonus lethality (i think that's the mastery..?) you can LEAP over small walls with his ulti according to patch notes.
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: How to Not Play Shaco
How not to play League* You let yourself tilt to easily and do stupid stuff like dive a veigar who has a guardian. Keep practicing. Stay calm and DON'T PANIC! Also your outbursts in chat will 1. Make the enemy team know you're tilted. 2. Tilt your team mates 3. Give people ammunition to report you
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: UK Social streamer. Join for a chat! Open to music requests!
Getting smashed on arurf. Didn't realise a casual gametype had so many salty players. Salt & Aids simulator 2017 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: At that point, when you've made a comeback and when it comes to 1v1 between ADC's, it still can end either way. If that Caitlyn(?) paid any attention, she might have been able to kill you too, making that 1v1 a draw. Dw, Vayne's gettig her nerf tomorrow/later today, but Kalista is being kept down... -.-
I did R + flash to get into range.. but you can't really defend that damage from 1 ability :o
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Praes (EUNE)
: What? Isn't you saying this just as bad what he said? I mean, wishing someone cancer and wishing someone gets beaten up isn't that far from each other ya'know.
Receiving a good thrashing for being a prick isn't the same as getting cancer.
HdtvSK (EUW)
: League feels sluggish at 100 fps and over
Hey dude. The last few patches of was getting issues with frame stuttering which forced me to use ublocked fps (400+ fps brings it's own set of issues). I solved it by playing in borderless windowed mode. Give it a try. Hope this helps
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: Sweetheart Braum
As soon as I saw the title, the first thought that came to mind was Alex Louis Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist. https://67.media.tumblr.com/211ca539e6b415371e99577e31bccd7b/tumblr_mto1rncQVM1rb06tgo1_500.gif
Dr Poro (EUW)
: Need advice on Yasuo from a Yasuo main (dia+)
His Q cooldown is (for obvious reasons) longer at early levels.. I usually make brief engagements immediately after he has used his Q and then try and disengage before he can retaliate with another Q. When you pop his shield he will want to retaliate in the 2 seconds after to take advantage of the small shield he receives. If you can keep his shield down without him punishing you for it, you should win the lane (this is vs gold/plat/low diamond yasuos). I'm assuming this principle still works in Diamond..
: "Like every other champion" Sorry what? You're saying that fiddlesticks is strong at the moment because his E bounce doesn't decrease on repeat targets? It's not like it has a crazy AP ratio or ridiculous base damage (rank 5: 145 +0.45*ap) AND it prioritizes targets not yet hit! So basically if there were 3 of you grouped together you would get hit twice max (6 bounces) receiving 920 BEFORE magic resist? If you got hit more times than that- perhaps you should learn to play vs fiddlesticks. 1. It doesn't prioritize champions 2. it has an 11 second cooldown at rank 5. 3. It doesn't do THAT much damage per bounce 460 at 700ap 4. Only effective if the opponent groups up. Yes in ARAM people are always grouped. But ARAM is ARAM. not SR, which is what the game is balanced around.
Also you can't really compare illaoi to Fiddles. Her Q, W combo is once every 2 seconds when she casts her R. Her potential burst dps with good ulti positioning is off the charts in comparison to fiddles.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Well slamming tentacles in your face is Illaoi identity and yet the dmg for every beyond first is reduced (like in every other champion), so why can I get hit 3 times for full dmg each? And I just said it annoy me MOST on ARAM, not that it's fine on SR
"Like every other champion" Sorry what? You're saying that fiddlesticks is strong at the moment because his E bounce doesn't decrease on repeat targets? It's not like it has a crazy AP ratio or ridiculous base damage (rank 5: 145 +0.45*ap) AND it prioritizes targets not yet hit! So basically if there were 3 of you grouped together you would get hit twice max (6 bounces) receiving 920 BEFORE magic resist? If you got hit more times than that- perhaps you should learn to play vs fiddlesticks. 1. It doesn't prioritize champions 2. it has an 11 second cooldown at rank 5. 3. It doesn't do THAT much damage per bounce 460 at 700ap 4. Only effective if the opponent groups up. Yes in ARAM people are always grouped. But ARAM is ARAM. not SR, which is what the game is balanced around.
Ulliete (EUW)
: I would add that you seem to die a lot in your games, so you may be comitting a lot, or be extremeley greedy. Also, try recording your games, and take some time to watch the replay, to spot your mistakes and trying to improve based on them.
Bang on the mark. Watching your own replays and getting other people to watch your replays and critiquing them helps (I need to do the same as my own deaths have been high as of late) Self reflection is the key to self improvement!
: Every time i go ranked with noob team and i cant carry this !! (GOLD)
1. you're playing a lot of Kalista- she isn't in a good place right now. 2. you're playing assassin type champions but you don't get yourself secure kills (your kda ratio isn't great at the moment) 3. In some of your games you don't pick according to what the team needs by the looks of it. 4. your cs could do with improving. 5. when a game goes south for you.. it seems to go REALLY badly. Majority of your losses seem to have a very high death to kill ratio. 6. You don't ward enough. Summary- Die less, stop playing Kalista (46% win rate at the moment), ward and CS more. If you want to carry you need to improve on all of the above points. Hope this helps.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Can we make Fidd E do reduced dmg to champ already hitted?
Because it's core to his identity. Also the game isn't balanced around ARAM. If you're vs him in ARAM- get some heavy magic resist and spread out when he casts it.. problem solved.
: How to counter Yasuo
I highly recommend playing 1v1 custom games with a friend and get them to play yasuo (even better if they main him) and just keep doing 1v1's in different scenarios until you have a comfortable understanding of his mechanics/ cooldowns/ strengths / weaknesses. I find that Yasuo players tend to rely on early outplay and tilting their opponent so they can just farm and potentially carry/ split push to victory- play safe, let HIM make mistakes. His kit IS overloaded but he can be countered. The main problem is that you can crush him early (if you understand his kit and mechanics) but if your team mates don't, it can pose a massive threat late game- his kit has a tonne of damage but a crap load of utility which he can use for picking up assists and bounce himself back into the game. Early game regards his Q: Learn his Q timing and range- if you can bait his Q out and make him miss he'll lose trades and potentially fail to get his third Q knockup before you disengage. W: depending on who you're playing, his W can completely counter your kit, try and bait it out before attempting to trade with him. It has a fairly long cooldown so feign a trade and try make him burn that cooldown. E: His E actually does a fair whack of damage, if he's going to trade with you, you should see him dash through a few minions prior to engaging as it ramps up the damage. As someone else said- the best time to engage/gank/trade with yasuo is when he's just cleared your minion wave and has nothing to dash to. R: take note of how many champions on the enemy team have any form of knockup/displacement. This includes Lee Sin's R, Tristana's R, Diana's E, Thresh E. Some of these abilities only barely nudge your character but they still class as a knockup and Yasuo CAN and WILL (if he's any good) abuse this. When he hits 6 and has his third Q charged (you'll hear it ofc) back away from your minions or he will E to you and Q for the cleave knockup and easy ulti. Finally regards his passive: ALWAYS pop his shield with a short cooldown ability or auto before engaging. If you're melee- I'm fairly sure that sunfire cape procs his shield. tl;dr: play vs him in 1v1's until you can beat him. Then just permaban him in draft picks (not worth the hassle of him farming off your team mates)
Rioter Comments
: Thresh Montage Test Video [Feedback Pls]
Very nice.. but you should maybe face the intro scene into the montage and fade the montage finish.. it ends very abruptly :)
: Akali fan art ^^ please tell me what you think!
Brilliant drawing, you are fantastic at shading and the folds on the front of her tunic are brilliant! However you should work on your hands and "natural" flow of hair- they're holding you back a little :) Great job though, I love it!
: [Bug] Yasuo windwall
Annie's auto had already passed the point where you placed the windwall when it went up. Not a bug.
: Jhin fan art attempt.
Sketch out your desired line art much lighter.. then you can adjust it far more times before you put in your final lines. Keep it up though, practice makes perfect!
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