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Santorio (EUW)
: LFG 2 augment mission
: Odyssey 2 Augment mission
Shokoku (EUNE)
: i can't get my third mastery 7 token even after repeatedly getting s or s+ in games.
LazySlav (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sácana,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=184YKpn1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-01-04T17:01:35.305+0000) > > Never played Tekken. I just imagined him to be an Alien like champion that molds himself buy absorving oppnents parts But you know this would be extreme over powered, right?
He only has 3 abilities, it's not really overpowered because of the handicap i mad. It's mostly annoying. You have to copy opp champs abilities, not choose from all the 130 something
Dawn Warden (EUNE)
: in the Late games ... or facing noob enemies , otherwise that works normal .
That's why she was pick or banned all over allstarts, because it's normals to get 1 shoted by 1 single ability with 3s cdr
Dawn Warden (EUNE)
: 1.5k dmg made by many expensive items & in one rare lucky shot(through Extra-extra distance) in late games . it isn't happens that easily or much in games ! ~200 is her Q base damage at max
Rare? Luck? It only takes to hit an E to simply one shot anyone
Sácana (EUW)
: Dohn Joe - Champion Suggestion
Never played Tekken. I just imagined him to be an Alien like champion that molds himself buy absorving oppnents parts
Dawn Warden (EUNE)
: Dear Riot Staffs please Consider
I've seen Zoe Q do 1500 damage, and never seen any of the other abilities you meantion do half that, besides you can spam it every 3,5s late game. And you even want to go further? If you drop the damage by half, and every time it goes through any targets the damage drops X % it might be doable. What you are asking is to have a 1 Shot 3s cdr ability that almost has no counterplay to be even more difficult to dodge
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Zenik69 (EUW)
: Thank you :)
Zenik69 (EUW)
: Hey I wanted to ask when rankeds are closed (euw)? One site said that its 23.59 local time and here it says that there are still 2 hours left.
23.59 GMT which means, London time
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Viavarian (EUW)
: Scripting is detected and punished automatically. If the system managed to detect any forbidden 3rd party software, that player will be banned in the next ban wave.
Are hope so? But that means if for some reason it isn't detect the player will keep doing this forever... This might seem that I'm salty or anything. I'm not. I just don't think a player with Faker sidestepping mechanics would be playing in Silver xD
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Sácana (EUW)
: WTF Rito??
The problem is that Riot wanted to make a beautiful image about the game. And covered the C on CANAL+ letting Nukeduck have ANAL+ on his shirt.
: wtf is what? you do know they are already swiching some players from old to new client and everyone Will be on the new one at the end of the season right? *awaiting your rage* {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Nonsense lord detected
: Portugal force de saber se existem interessados em fazer coaching (treinar).
Há algum tipo de recompensa por andarmos a "perder" o nosso tempo?
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: 1 Million mastery points reward
There is no reason to reward someone for being a one trick pony... Just try to climb the ladder with singed, that will prove you are good with the champion. Playing a lot with it just proves you like the champion, not that you are good with it...
: Nice idea, but i don't think Riot is going to copy characters from movie and make them into skins.
Augmented Singed is Bane from Batman for example, so it's the same universe as Harley Quinn and Joker... And to be fair there is an high ammount of skins who are inspired in chracters for movies. So I believe it would work, and I'm pretty sure that both skins would sell pretty well
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Pappa (EUW)
: Gold ADC LF Support
I'm Silver II 22 years old Not toxic or whatever. I only play support on this account. Love Morgana, she's my bae xD Let me know if you are interested My ign is Coca the Feeder
: Diamond leader looking for silver-low plat players to lead.
I'm a top laner, 22 years old, and ready to play if you need me. My nick is Sácana
LEON1137 (EUW)
: 4 Champions ban?
131 champs you say. 6/131 represents 4,5% of the total champs... And 8/131 represents 6%. When those 8/131 represents 5% that will be fine. Cus normally there are only like 10 Op picks, and banning 8 means only 2 are left... LoL is made to competitive, and to them, banning so many good picks is way too much. They need strong picks to made the games interesting. btw to make 8 represent 5% we need 160 champs, so my sugestion is too wait a load of months xD
You already have a green Ashe...
: Help with Shuriman champion concept
Nasus » Anubis Renekton » Sobek Azir » Ra Osires, Seth or Sekmet might be good gods to play with. Or even some guardian of the piramide, or even a sphinx. You have a lot to work with
ZadyKuro (EUW)
: Legend of Zelda themed Kindred
She looks like a Bleach character. Cool
Bubbarain (EUW)
I'm Silver main Top. Best Champs Graves, Malphite, Trundle, Wukong, Annie and Brand. My nick is Sácana
: Yasuo Pool party
Make this his sword and you got yourself a nice skin ;) btw, cap pointed behind cus "swag"
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Destruox (EUW)
: Can you tell me why toplane got destroyed by Riot?
I was a top laner and i'm still a top laner. My rank is garbage, but i'm climbing everyday. I must agree that tanks win most of lanes but let me tell you, since i feat the tank meta, tanks are no everything. The other day i was playing malphite. I never feed at malphite, you can check everywhere. I'm able to play even lanes with plats and diamonds with malphite, because is such a safe champ. But the other day i got destroyed by an off-meta pick. Jhin top. Level 1, 100+ dmg... Was an hard game. I simply roamed and got my team back to the game. The other day I went Karthus top. How can a Tank have kill pressure on a Karthus?! Free farm lane, free game with Karthus. I mostly play Malphite, Graves, Rammus, Poppy, Nasus and Garen. Easy picks, easy proffit. But try thinking out of the box.
: Mid Silver Team Looking for Supp/Jungle
Hi! I'm Duarte, 22 years old and portuguese. I would say my 2 best roles are Jungle and Top, and my 3rd is support. I'm not a big fan of mid and adc. I'm Silver V, but I dont usually play ranks. Started playing October 2014. I think I might be a helpful member to your team, so let me know.
Sawyerr (EUW)
: ~Does this apply to Ranked only? We could go Normal games if you'd want.
I was basicly talking about normal games
: Silver ADC looking friend who help me more understand ADC role and just play together
I'm not an adc, I'm terrible at adc. I can farm, but I make a lot of mistakes. I can help you lot for the mistakes you make. I'm not the best player, but I can see the game properly, and I might be able to help you go through those mistakes. I'm Silver V, and I can play support. Let me know if you wanna try out. My IGN is Sácana
Cusax (EUW)
: Rank team looking for members
**Name:** Duarte **IGN:** Sácana **Age:** 22 **Country:** Portugal **Rank:** Silver V **Position:** Jungle = Top > Support **Champions you are comfortable on:** Melees and Mages **Champs you can play:** {{champion:62}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:122}} This are the champs that I can impact the game with **Why you want to join:** I want a team. I want to learn and get better. I want to have fun and meet new people. This opportunity might be one of the better chances I got. Thanks for your time. Best regards, Sácana
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Sácana (EUW)
: Searching for Portuguese Players
Sácana (EUW)
: Searching for Portuguese Players
Sácana (EUW)
: Searching for Portuguese Players
Sácana (EUW)
: Searching for Portuguese Players
Sácana (EUW)
: Searching for Portuguese Players
: It seems to be an interesting community, but do you have any active team or competition?
He need more players to make more competitions. Currently LoL is an area that is on development, that's why we need more players like yourself to join us.
Sácana (EUW)
: Searching for Portuguese Players
Already found a few new members to the crew, but still wondering where are you all...
Sácana (EUW)
: Searching for Portuguese Players
We are also searching for player interested in playing in Teams, and making part of the Youtube channel.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Sácana,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=FFn8VJp5,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-07-12T18:07:23.012+0000) > > S5, not main Mid, and I'm a guy. but I can help, always up at that time of the day. > So I almost dont have anything that you need, but if you want add me. As long as u like wearing dresses i'm allright with anything >..>
Bro... I'm Caitlyn Jenner's number 1 fan!
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