: I need a kled related name :D
Carried By Skaarl Kodorider Chickenrider SkaarlSteak DoubleLife Kled in my Skaarl Kledus Skarlus Drunk n Stoned Feed My Skaarl Skaarl is MIA K for Kled SKled Hi I'm Kled Jousting Time Mounted Maniac Kled or Skaarl Kled Bot Skaarl or Feed Tilted Kled Main Worst Kled Somalia I need my mount Turkey Rider S for Skaarl Klever Kled Pornstar Skaarl Hentai Skaarl Sushi Skaarl Report Skaarl AFK Kleding my Way Kled on purpose Skaarlet Johansson {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} I came with all of these in 2 min and my favorite is Skaarlet Johansson
Popcron (EUW)
: Guide : How to preserve your mental health in S7
{{champion:240}} <--- Average solo Q player's mental health
TeeTohr (EUW)
: So I saw a thread about people saying GG EZ
Of course you gotta say gg ez when your ezreal has carried you. He is having a really good game.
: Sick of this
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uiiu_9PKIos INCREDIBLE ! STREAMER FINDS A WAY TO GAIN FREE ELO BY IMPROVING TEAM COMMUNICATION. ELO BOOSTERS HATE HIM FOR THAT ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rioter Comments
l MrD l (EUW)
: One thing i dont get camille is considered OP but riven isnt why? they both have good mobility and damage as well as a shield? i just dont get it
> [{quoted}](name=l MrD l,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=H0LayfPY,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-02-06T12:00:39.790+0000) > > One thing i dont get camille is considered OP but riven isnt why? they both have good mobility and damage as well as a shield? i just dont get it Camille is brainless overloaded kit with ridiculous hookshot and ultimate (jarvan IV seems bad in comprison). Riven has to outplay people and needs clean mechanics. No ranged farm ability at all, no free poke. Yes she can bully weak melee laners but she will struggle in bad conditions.
Biuvoc (EUW)
: Riven Jayce overpowered.
Riven is perfectly fine. The only issue with her is when it's a very good riven plyer they can 1v9. But I think they deserve it at this point because they have put so many hours into a high skill champ. Btw I'm not a riven player at all so it's not biased. Jayce is OP and needs nerf. Range + Melee + OP poke + OP all in + Free harass in lane etc
MrKulit (EUW)
: Is illaoi still a viable pick?
Camille > any top laner PERIOD END OF THE STORY Abuse her while you can when she is not banned because she will gets constant nerfs once it starts rolling Why am I sure of that ? Because with her current state she is 100% pick or ban in pro play. And this isn't tolerable for Rito business model. So series of nerfs incoming. Remember reworked GP ? Yeah she will get tons of nerfs like him and still remain very strong because her kit is completly broken. Just the ulti alone is enough to make her broken and it's only her 2nd worst spell (E is the best spell, Q the second best)
: Kata can have a Project skin....
And still no project Riven... -_-
UsefZ (EUNE)
: Xin and Tristana changes
I would like a change on Tristana R : remove the knockback increase per level of the ranks in R. This would help her because right now if you level R above lv 1 she knockbacks people too far away to keep attacking them so imo it's not worth it to level it (you only get 100 magic dmg per level which is insignifiant in the lategame)
: Talking about Elo hell
Did you get boosted or did you solo queue every single time ? Because if you didn't always solo queue then you got boosted by the dynamic queue system congratulations for bragging about getting boosted ^_^ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
HuntSeeker (EUNE)
: People don't seem to understand what toxic means and Riot should explain it & So many toxic players.
Most people are very low self esteem very passive agressive and childish. You make one innocent joke if they take it badly they will go full ham blame your skill/score/pick whatever to try to defend themselves. Plus the world is going into the political correctness bullshit and LoL is following the trend very quickly. Young generations can't deal with strong words and don't care at all about truth. The values of people have changed dramatically over the last years. People don't care about truth and honnesty anymore, only about feelings. Freedom of speech is opposed to feelings. Freedom of speech implicates that the individual feelings of people can be hurt by other people expressing their beliefs. But the young generation doesn't want freedom of speech. They want positive only feelings and political correctness only. Hurting their feelings = they feel opressed and they will flame and report you. And their feelings get hurt REEEALLY fast. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} It's probably better to never communicate with people and only use pings / do your own thing unless you are in a premade.
: Nidalee = the most broken champ
> Nidalee is the most broken champ in league of legends. > Before u start saying &amp;quot;omfg noob, what about kassadin, elise, riven, kha jax etc&amp;quot; just let me explain you. Did you just came out of a cave ? This is late season 6 mate wtf are these names ? Jax is pretty good as a full splitpusher I guess the others eeeh they are definitly not in their prime time. Nidalee OP ? Dude have you played the past seasons ? There were times when Nida was really OP but right now ? Just no. I didn't see a single Nida in my last 50 games.. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
When I thing bullshit champion that needs to get nerfed into oblivion Aniva is at the bottom of the list along with Orianna. Even the current Sona and Soraka (hate these bitches !) are way higher then Anivia on my bullshit champions list. I'm kinda suprised is Anivia even played that much ? I get a yasuo mid every other game and the rest are mostly zed (when not permabanned) or other similar "I will carry dem noobs" type of champion. If you think Anivia is annoying think about Cancerzar oops I mean Malzahar or Swine I mean Swain it should help feeling better about facing Anivia. I'm gonna say dodge the Q or QQ that's basically Anivia in a nutshell. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Shyvana Top?
I'm a Shyvana main. I find Shyvana top very very bad atm. She must be in the worst bruiser toplaners :s She has a very hard time trading without pushing the lane (Darius syndrome). But contrary to Darius she ins't a lane bully at all because she has no cc and no crazy high base dmg. You can try to max E to poke all day but the dmg is not that great and you will be very vulnerable to all ins by melees (when you miss the E). She is very gear dependent but very prone to being harassed and denied. Even melee can go for very short trades to wither your hp down eg a Riven can stun you every trade and stay away during her cooldowns and you can't do much about this kind of bullying. Shyv top used to be a thing because she is manaless and was able to mana starve some toplaners in the ignite meta but now with all the teleports and the corruption potions it's impossible to do that. You can still run smite top to steal camps and annoy their jungler but the smite upgrades are not that good anymore. Cinderhulk top will be worse then sunfire cape and bloodrazor synergises well with Shyvana but you will be way too squishy and not have enough sustain as a toplaner. Edit : She is also a terrible tank. She HAS to be a threat or else you will be useless. if you want a tank top there are way better ones like Sion, Shen even Darius. She has 0 cc and very low base dmg what kind of tank is that ?. But if you are too squishy you will get cc'ed and die by nukes instantly in any big scaled fight. She is much better in small squirmishes. Her manaless kit scales very well with both cdr and on hit effects but that's about it she doesn't scale well with AD or AP, she has no sustain, no cc, lacks hard mobility outside the ult. She doesn't even scale well with tankiness it's only good as long as you have serious dmg to back it up. Her saving grace is her very good jungle clears and objective control/counterjungling. At least in the jungle you can build some dmg early on before going tanky so you will be a threat and you don't have to rush tanks items because full tank shyvana = useless glorified big minion. I think that even Vi top is much better then shyvana top and we know that Vi top is very cheesy already. At least Vi has hard engage potential and good burst + the ulti makes free kills if your jungler ganks for you :s
: Yasuo to op
Yes nerf this broken piece of shit. Yasuo fanboys refuse to admit the obvious truth, same as long time riven fanboys tried to hide that she was op with arguments like l2p scrub go counter pick. Same deal. Super op broken champ with overloaded kit and 0 mana or energy cost


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