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S1lentA (EUW)
: Standing up against toxic behaviour gets punished
> [{quoted}](name=I Rekt Everyone,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YwMA2UJJ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-01-24T18:57:38.010+0000) > > Let's throw aside the obvious of why flaming back someone can get you punished. But what you wrote isn't true, generally speaking. There are numerous ways of how you can stand up for yourself in real life, and a lot of times fighting back or verbally standing up for yourself is the case. > It's just what it is. If someone verbally abuses you, you can stand up for yourself in a matter of verbally abusing them back (GENERALLY SPEAKING) > Just because a player can get banned for flaming back doesn't mean that the flaming itself can't be a form of standing up for yourself. I just had to defend that, since it's a fact. > > You can only defend yourself if you mute someone that flames, you are right. Though, again generally speaking, words that are already said can't be undone, and usually can already create some form of negativity, so the only REAL option to defend yourself from those people is to mute all of the players when the game starts. Reporting someone for their behavior is a useful way of ensuring you are doing something for the community and hopefully you can contribute to that player getting punished, but then again, it's totally not a form of defending, rather a form of standing up for yourself. I couldn't put this better into words than this post. I also find it interresting that posts like this one and my OP are getting negative points. It just shows how people accepted toxicity as a normal thing, and shoot down people who don't accept it and want to see a change.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Define what standing up against a toxic player is. If that involves being toxic yourself, then you're not really standing up for yourself. Riot has provided you with tools to defend yourself with; muting, and reporting. That's the only thing you should be doing to stand up for yourself. If you're toxic in return, you're retaliating, and you're not really being any better yourself. The majority of the community don't want toxic people to be allowed to roam free without penalty, and that includes the toxic people that starts the fight, and those that help escalate it by retaliation. --- Also, toxic people don't hold you back from climbing the ladder. If you're a better player than they are, you'll climb.
Well, just your regular flaming: you suck, %%%% you etc. Just little words. Most people would say, 'don't be a wus, everyone says that nowadays'. But that's not the case here. It also doesn't start with me being toxic btw. I'm just farming, doing playing my role, trying to help where ever I can. Scenario: If I 'm down to less than 1/3rd of my health, then I'm not going to follow and dive a tower. Jungler manages to get a kill, support backs out but goes in again and dies. And ofcourse, starts blaming me, combined with flaming and cursing. /mute all surely is an option, but since it's a teamgame and needs communication to pull in that win, I don't see it as an option. Reporting goes without saying, but the deed already has been done. Also, since you never get feedback (which I understand), and people staying toxic, you get the feeling it's not working at all. And I also understand it's a huge community, but I get the feeling a majority of the players are toxic. I also think by not retaliating you just accept the toxicity within the community, and it will never be solved. That's what this topic is about. Why are people who stand up against a bad thing eventually treated as the bad guys themselfs. I also cannot agree with saying that if you're better, you climb the ladder regardless of people being toxic or not. Even when someone is better than most people of his/her team, doesn't mean they can carry their whole team if one is afk, trolling. or feeding. There are surely players out there who can carry a bad team, but those people aren't placed in bronze in the first place.
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