: How does a high ping stop you from playing ranked?
If you have never experienced a latency higher than 50 or so, then you would never understand how much of a deterent a bad ping could be. Simple things like flashes and heals require precise timing and with a 0.75 second delay thanks to a ping above 200, playing competitively is out of the question. I could, as an abstract proposition, queue for ranked games, but the hard fact is that I would never be able to perform at a similar level to anybody else who doesn't have a similar latency.
: You can't play ranked because of your location? I didn't know ranked mode isn't available in some regions.
my ping doesn't let me play seriously as it is normally above 220ms. With that level of delay, even playing at a high skill cap, you can't avoid stuff that people with sub 100ms can.
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