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Teahyun (EUW)
: Stop playing lux support
Stop complaining so much. If you're good you can carry your autofilled support, if you're trash you go complain on boards instead of watching the replay and noticing the mistakes you made. Typical fifth division player.
s1cknot (EUNE)
: - Damage Inc - | Multi-Gaming | 600+ Mbrs | Est. 2012 | We want YOU
Lol now other people are downvoting it....wth
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: Long time no Speak S9Y
Yup, and I see no reason to start now {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Hey, what's up? I'm Plat 3 currently Main Mid lane and Support. Peak was around Dia 4 but then gradually stopped playing due to having to study. Getting back into playing and looking for a team to win and have some fun while at it! Main Fizz mid but can also play the likes of Ori, Kass, Syndra, TF. Plus if we train i can pick up more champs eventually. In the Supp Role I'm good at hooking Champions like Thresh and Blitz but also able to play whatever support as i used to main it.
ADDED {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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I Miss Q (EUNE)
: gold supp main LF a team/good adc
Add me if you want a semi-serious team of gold level.
joeyloey (EUNE)
: If u will have enough people to cover EUNE let me know
People are not the problem. I don't have time to recruit people for EUNE. If someone offers to do that I can facilitate entering the community as a group.
joeyloey (EUNE)
: I am plat V midlaner in eune...I am 26 years old and I have issues with my internet so I am going to change provider so it will allow me probably go higher. i am interested in
Ex Vi (EUW)
: 25 year old Dutch Support here. Highest rank that I ever reached would be Platinum II. At the moment I'm platinum 5, climbing back to plat III+. My main support champion is Vel Koz. I'm a one trick, but I enjoy playing Ali, Lulu and Morgana too. I'm a very calm and analyzing person that will have to be pushed extremely before I would attempt flaming and toxicity. As for my gameplay behaviour in game, I'm usually very aggressive when poking, but I'll stay behind and help kiting when required. My weak spot would be that I tend to be too aggressive sometimes, which results in me getting caught on the frontline.
Added {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: What are the requirements in the rank? Im bronze 2 50Lp , and Im supp main
Would prefer gold and above, to actually have a chance at those tournaments. Unless you are joining with a full team, then rank doesn't matter coz we'll just train our coaches on you if you're low elo.
MyWhiteGuy (EUNE)
: Does it only stand for West or for Eune aswell?
Only EUW at this time, though if enough interested people would join (~20) we could be able to cover EUNE as well). If there is such a group of players, I would gladly integrate it into DI so they can receive all the benefits.
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: Get coached in Damage Inc's g(old)arbage team!
Still need more. I have place for 3 teams, cmon guys!
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ExactMom (EUW)
: Damage Inc. looking for you!
Thanks for the halp! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: LF Waifu <3
We have waifus.
: Season is ending, someone wants to tryhard to Gold with me?
Hey there, if you want to find a duo AND a coach to help you climb, this is the right place:
: Silver Jungle looking for a SMART duo for ranked games!
Hey there, I'm sure you can find a duo here:
: Hello looking for a duo grill, who wants to get out of silver/gold/plat
: Friends? LOTS of friends here!
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: Kinda curious what you mean by strict requirements for the community... However, I'm interested as a jungler
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Borieko (EUW)
: Oxygen-Esports Looking for a scrim SILVER/GOLD ELO
Tuesday and/or Friday 8 PM BST All members are Gold 5+
Gosberg (EUW)
: ADC and MID LFT/Creating, Diamond III+ west :) !
I only need a midlaner...too bad.
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: Coach LF Team/Players
> [{quoted}](name=MadMikeDisease,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=2BcHQtz6,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-10T20:37:22.638+0000) > > Howdily Ho Neighbourinos. > My name is Mike and I&amp;#039;m a coach on EUW, mechanically challenged, but my game knowledge is excellent, if you want a coach, privately, or for your team, I&amp;#039;m happy to offer my services free of charge, feel free to add me on Discord or EUW LoL if you want to discuss it; MadMikeDisease > Talk to you soon! Added.
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Moreira (EUW)
: Are you guys high Platinum?
No, if we were high plat we would be searching for diamond teams.
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Treycos (EUW)
: Thank you {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Can you answer my question though ?
When I gave shitloads of infos ppl thought it's too much commitment.
Treycos (EUW)
: > There are no rank requirements. Fishy There are already plenty of caoching sites Why can't you give more information in this thread ?
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: Damage Inc. recruiting, details inside!
EDITED for available roles and positions
Spiraw (EUW)
: Hello , I added you on Lol in order to ask you some stuff
LJon1 (EUW)
: what does your psychologist have to do?
> [{quoted}](name=LJon1,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=1RRmf0V2,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-08-01T17:54:26.895+0000) > > what does your psychologist have to do? In a team of 5 people there are bound to be difference in character, skill, learning speed, thought process. All those differences will often lead to negative emotions: frustration, angst, etc. The coach and the analyst can make sure the players will train the optimal skills, in the optimal way, but by doing that they assume a position of authority which cannot solve certain conflicts with the team. That is where a game psychologist comes in. He can notice things in the player's behaviour that might go unnoticeable for others, he can then go and offer help to said player, he can suggest things that will improve the team environment, etc. But most importantly, the psychologist does not set goals like others in the staff do. He instead tries to make sure players are motivated and willing to achieve their goals, individually and as a team. He can approach players from a non-judgemental position, since his job is to ensure a healthy mentality, not a good gameplay.
Ciniak (EUW)
: Hello there, I would just like to tell you that you shouldn't rate Coaching by their Ranked Division/Tier in game. Having experienced being with different coaches in different Ratings from Silver to Diamond there is 1 thing I have learned and that is that a Coach's rank in the game does not equal their coaching capabilities. This may differ for micro coaching as mechanics are a part that is usually a lot stronger for higher tier coaches. Adding to that Strategies, Game knowledge and capability to teach and and knowing how to correctly handle the personalities of all the different types of people and players a coach has to deal with are by no means skills learnt neccesarily through playing itself. Thus in my opinion it's best to try out coaches and decide after you've seen them in action whether they are capable or not instead of deciding based on their Solo/Duo ranking. I am just trying to give some helpful advice here. It's completely up to you wether to follow it or not. It's just something that i noticed while reading your recruitment post and I just wanted to give a helping hand. :) Good luck with your community!
Hello Rena and thank you for your advice! Like I briefly (maybe too briefly) mentioned, we want to offer a chance to develop to both players and staff. Therefor we focused our requirements on very basic stuff because we can provide the meanings to learn and grow further. For a coach, the game experience and knowledge of a D4 player are a thing that would take longer to train than with other things that make a great coach. You will see that our analyst position has a more lax rank requirement. I will heed your advice though and, if a coach would approach me despite him being lower rank than required, I will grant him a try-out nonetheless.
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Bafoo (EUW)
: I'm very bad, but I started playing end of march and also watched some LS videos and trying to improve. I play a lot of games, at least 30 a week. I play toplane. I believe with some coaching I can improve and I want to too.
I'm over saturated with toplaners, if we do form a second team I'm gonna contact you.
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