: This is why quit league
Its unfortunate you feel the need to leave the game, especially as there is not many other options... DOTA2 is a much different beast ( and too much for me to keep up), Heroes of the Storm is basically dead. You can if you want to just mess about in LoL try ARAM, I use it to prep for SR matches but it is really my most played mode, it has less stress and (relatively) less toxicity, you just play what you get and no one can really complain... its all fun in the end. I even got better at tanking / melee champions as a result... though ADC and such roles wont see much improvement, maybe assassins type can get some practise here. Hope you find a better game, and come back when you feel more comfortable with the genre.
latchý (EUNE)
: What do y'all think about Sanguine blade on Lee Sin?
I say no, because its a solo kill item, and Lee works best in a team fight. Lee isn't a Kha or Rengar, or Rex'sai .... he is not a assassin that wants to quick pick off a solo target much of the time, he is more a scalpel that nips off that ADC out of a team fight for a pick. Think of the InSec kick, a jump to kick back a enemy out of position, not a champion that goes in to assassinate the pick solo.
Volter98 (EUW)
: Too many smurfs in plat EUW
Plat Smurfs ? You got to Plat and smurfs are a problem ? I am sorry, but plat smurfs should be no issue at that rank, try iron/bronze with a autofilled jungle that had his jungle picked away. Try jungle as Olaf in a match as a autofilled jungle when the top lane enemy Trynd goes 13 / 3 and is unkillable and had 3 times the farm of his team which has twice the farm of our team... ... I think having plat smurfs is a good thing compared to getting plat smurfs playing iron/bronze.
Temp14232 (EUW)
: is it ok to leave games that are hopeless?
This means you are a troll, and toxic to the game I am afraid. When you leave, 9 other players get a worse game as a result, you could spend that time learning how to play from behind which is a very valuable skill... probably why pro's don't gg at 20 when behind, they have skill you don't.
Temp14232 (EUW)
: Lets talk Kaisa
Lucian is close, a quick reaction type, just not as scaling more a early game lane bully in the right circumstances. Caitlyn is also a aggressive reaction based ADC, a big bully that needs aggression to do well but has abilities to outplay... a good net can get you a kill or out of trouble, and the traps are nice, plus the ulti is not that easy to pull off as it is easy to block but threading the needle for that ace in the hole is a rush. If you are not set on ranged, a good Yasou is fun to pull off but you will not be popular bot if you are taking a ADC's place unless you go in as a duo bot and win hard. Thats about all I can think of that matches Kaisa's type of fun, reaction based skill match ups. Hope it helps a bit.
Ch0pCh0p (EUW)
May be a bug in the board but the screenshots dont seem to show your grade for that match at all, just your KDA and items. It may require a click to view but... I r 2 lazy to click on rnd images on other sites I dunno a thing about.
Rioter Comments
: I feel like that’s just games with healers in general (flash backs to playing mercy on overwatch)
Its not just healers though, I played FFXIV (14) when it re-launched and it a fun game for the first run... anyways anyone who has played that knows it is more like a Dance Dance Revolution when it comes to boss battles, stay out the red spots and move from the big cone attack that is displayed on the floor, easy right ? Not that much for some players, one boss battle the DPS kept getting murdered by the flashy floor spots and in the end after a number of wipes me (healer) and the tank slooooooooowly took the boss down, leaving the dead DPS to watch the DDR :P 30 mins of DDR !! :O
Yes please, I was coming to post this exact thing... it doesn't help when you had a bad ARAM match up, and the pop up is shown everytime, we know... you messed up Clash, again. Its like being poked at by a annoying friend who is like, you know *poke* you know *poke* you know *poke* ... and suddenly I am down one friend. PS the pop up popped up twice while I was checking the forums o.O -~ (<- twitchy eyes popping smokes in frustration :P)
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Why does this game punish players so hard?
Guys, there are at the moment roughly 3 tiers of moba's : 1 Original DoTA or DOTA2 2 LoL 3 Heroes of the Storm LoL is by no means the hardest moba out there, its popular and fun yes but that does not equate to being hard... its like trying to equate a Fortnite pro with a CS:GO pro... there is levels but one is by far harder than the other at the basic level ( CS:GO is more twitch skilled than Fortnite, no room for discussion there... is there ?)
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Why does this game punish players so hard?
Solution : Go 'try' play DOTA2 for a bit, then come back and realise LoL is kind of easy compared to the original concept. A short bout of denial should sort out your concept of 'too hard' in a hurry, and that is not me being arrogant ... that was MY experience.
SygSmurf (EUNE)
: Fire the enite balance team
You try balance a game that has so much skill variance a government would lack the ability to even think of trying, we are talking from players that have a hard time understanding mouse movement to a player that can issue 350 useful actions per minute... players that make a OP champ at bronze seem useless at pro, champs that are useless at wood totally broken at pro level. Fire the team ? I would give them [bleep] medals for trying.
: WTF even is jungle now
I thought they were just moving EXP around, so the Krugs were not the end all of camp EXP? I have been lucky and not been ... asked politely to jungle *koff* autofilled *koff*.
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La Hee (EUW)
: An idea to ease the healing vs grevious wounds problem (would love your opinions)
Play some ARAM to see the effects of nerfed healing on 'heal tanks' , the Vlads and Mundos ... some champions live or die by the healing factor, if you have a means to reduce that then we need a equivalent means to counter the sheer amount of damage outputted which would just make the game much slower. It would devolve to a game of CC chain 1 shot or just forget about the pick.
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: Any champ that has a 73% pick/ban rate with a 52% high elo win rate needs to be looked at. Shojin is getting removed soon so jax will be toned down a bit soon Pyke already got clapped by the last nerf and is now 47% winrate higher up. If they reverse the last nerfs and remove the %%%%%%ed gold gains he get's from his ult that would be nice. Naut and leona are far more op than blitz atm. This coming from someone who plays both of them in my champion pool. Agree with ekko though %%%% that champ.
Ekko has been nerfed so much already, now he is a jungler instead of a mid lane assassin, and not that good... about maybe Kayne level for ganking but otherwise more like a Trynd in the jungle...20 min farming, then he comes out and takes kills.
: Bring the DESERT mode back.
Ascension Mode, I think it was called.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Strange. I think everyone queues up as supp now to play {{champion:235}} .
Yep, used to be easy to get support but with Senna a lot of players are going 'support'... no wards, IE and only ADC items, if the ADC is lucky they dont steal farm just kills (Normal - Draft). I keep getting pushed to Jungle, and then raged at for not taking to a role I am not good at... not that my support is exceptional either :P
: The game is really bugged
I have noticed odd things even when playing... not in the actual game just the pre-game client. - Its lagging, things are slow to animate (on a decent PC - 4ghz Intel, 1070 GTX, 16 GB RAM... so decent) - A message popped up at random saying "try again later" in the champion select screen of a ARAM match, I wasn't trying to do anything. - Players appearing with the Summoner X (X being a number 1 - 5) , sometimes resolving to proper names, sometimes not until the game starts. Its like the game is breaking down slowly.
Vhorak (EUW)
: The reason I stopped playing Summoner's Rift is because there are too many people who take the game WAY too seriously. I continue to play ARAM because it is FUN.
Same, I occasionally try SR but the experience is way worse most of the time.... I just tend to move onto other games when I had enough ARAM.
: ARAM Broken
That doesn't sound like my experience, I often end up with tank despite preferring ADC, and I find them to be all too squishy for my liking, especially life steal tanks like WW, Vlad or S (that birdman). I do find ADC teams that do not recognise a heal tank, or a tank that stacks armour... who do not get tank shredding items like executioners or last whisper, those teams usually get run over. ADC's are hardly useless in ARAM in fact they are stronger in ARAM, fighting early and late game rather than farm to late then win. AFAIK in ARAM life steal/spell vamp is gimped, other than that the game is the same as normal... well except for the whole can go to fountain thing to heal and buy except on death.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Why does none in low elo push minion waves or ward the map?
At low ELO, and yes I am a low ELO player, players struggle to understand concepts like lane priority, weak side and when its safe to push, mostly its about killing your lane opponent, in other words low elo players are too focused on the micro and struggle to grasp macro level play. It's rare to see active warding in low elo play as it is rare to get a good jungler (that includes me as well), if you are lucky your jungler wont die to camps (yes, I died to camps)... thats about it, its rare to get a jungler that can do efficient pathing and understand lane status. Typically as a jungler you will die to camps (no leash, and no real understanding of the role), get sworn at for not ganking to help a losing lane, then get sworn at when you try catch EXP from a lane where the laner just died (stop pushing my lane, even if you are simply last hitting under tower), get sworn at for trying to gank and the laner is not in a position to assist so you die and gift the opponent a kill and 2 buffs. I have tried to ward a lane as a support but it has nearly always been a waste, me and my ADC get 2 v 2'd and apparently its all my fault :P I have tried warding objectives but it usually ends up that I can at least see the opponents take them, as my team doesn't react at all, then blame me... somehow. At low elo its mostly noobs, newbs and trolls... and smurfs trolling, so organised play is rare. Your best way out is to find a champion you really like, and learn that champion like a beast, and carry your own butt out of low elo... then you get higher quality of trolls :P
: Riot balance team
Community gets killed in a match, goes to board and complains about the champion that killed them, then complains when Riot doesn't immediately nerd said champion. Sounds right, Riot has the data on a lot of matches and can make more logical changes rather than emotion reactions... plus they have skins to sell :P
: wat is even counter to tryndamere?
The old counter was to take either Ignite or Exhaust, either will mess up Trynds ult, the ignite messes up his healing and he will die right after and the exhaust will just slow him down and make him unable to heal off anything with life steal. If you must take flash and tp, then use armour that has a slow on hit like wardens, Trynd gets much of his power from Attack Speed and Life Steal, slow his hitting and he aint much of a threat, less than say a Yasou or a Quinn top. Quinn or Vayne messes him up as well, Quinn can blind him and Vayne can condemn him away from you.
KmSneaky (EUW)
: Pantheon, as most recent reworks and champions, is overtuned, has too much base damage, and is too reliable for how much he provides to a team while having a very strong laning phase. While most people barely figured it out and just went ape shit like he's the new yasuo or something, pro players did figure him out and banned him.
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: ARAM: Please remove Teemo from ARAM, he is not fun to play against.
Wow , so many Teemo fans... Vision pots... yeah they dont shit if Teemo tosses them into the minion line, or if Teemon lines the bush. Remember folks you need to be in the bush to target those shrooms. Odd how no one says that, how do you counter a shroom covered bush ? How many champs REQUIRE a 300 gold item / item duration to counter... one. Some need armour, others demand mRes... Teemo demands a 300 pot item/duration of item a game. That is fun, according to Teemo mains, I say that is not fun in a single lane game... unless you revert the unfair HP gain of certain champs. Why is Teemo ok, but Mundo, Vlad...and any HP tank ? Why ?
ryandub (EUW)
: But.... you get vision and teemo isnt an issue. You get stop watch and karthus isnt an issue...
Read the post mate, I get vision pots and still its unfun to play. Small bushes, 2 shrooms and you wont get in that bush again, and if that aint enough I can toss my shrooms at your minion line... poof theres half your HP mate. I do that as a AD Teemo, imagine how much worse it is with a full mage build, dont even need a slow thats built in. Look I get it, he is FUN to play AS, but in the overall scheme he is anti fun for anyone opposing him, and not in the L2P way either he is simply not fun, in my opinion. Tell me a sure fire way to counter him that I can use in any match up and I may change my mind.
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: > [{quoted}](name=SANEakaIN,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=EncFgU6O,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-09-24T20:20:55.256+0000) > > If you dont have the software, that aint your issue. > You can see in the agent tray ( bottom Right next to date press ^ symbol) it looks like a airplane, if you have it it can cause issues with LoL since last update, the solution is to kill the application. > I say manually set the fans to at least 75% as with no control it can cook your GPU. Can you tell the name of the application ? My keyboard its diferent since im Portuguese and dont use EN settings. if i can track that in my task manager to kill and give it a try. Thanks
name of the application is MSI Afterburner and it has a secondary application called Rivatuner Statistics Server.
: > [{quoted}](name=SANEakaIN,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=EncFgU6O,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-24T16:24:46.063+0000) > > If you are running the MSI Afterburner / Rivatuner application, manually set fans to 75 or higher and then kill that application, the new win10 update broke MSI and LoL someway so that if MSI is running, LoL cant change from client to game properly. Do i have Rivatuner or MSI Afterburner in a Nvidia Geforce GT ? i tried to find any of that in my PC and any of my drivers have a fan setup or even a OC option so bascly is kinda weird unless i need to install a OC program to set FAN speed at 75
If you dont have the software, that aint your issue. You can see in the agent tray ( bottom Right next to date press ^ symbol) it looks like a airplane, if you have it it can cause issues with LoL since last update, the solution is to kill the application. I say manually set the fans to at least 75% as with no control it can cook your GPU.
Cadelanne (EUW)
: I'm tired of being bad at the game
You need to stop running into the wall to solve issues, it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't but ultimately you don't learn anything. You say you are a jungler main... - Learn the best paths - Learn to adapt your pathing, the game and your opponents will not be considerate. - Learn to read the map, which lane is weak which lane is strong - Learn to slow down the enemy jungler - Learn to read the play, ie where is the enemy jungler considering the map state. I cant give you specific advice as I suck as a jungler, but that is the core of the game, learn not repeat your errors, and if its not your error, simply take the match to learn something even if it is to lose gracefully and make the opponent earn their win.
SuperJunk (EUW)
: players without skill
Ummm that is not entirely true, while a tank cant do much damage it still can hurt a DPS that has no armour or mRes, thats why a tank is the front and the DPS is at the back... so if you have a situation with a tank in your face and a DPS behind them you need someone to get that tank out of your face. Now this is dependant on lifesteal / spellvamp ... if you can lifesteal tank the enemy's damage then ignore the tank to kill the DPS but if you are taking a lot of damage, then retreat. If the DPS goes down in a fight its a lost fight. To make matters more complicated, CC... you cant do much CC if you are stunned or knocked into the air. So, ignoring the tank to focus the DPS is NOT always the correct choice... but picking your opportunities definitely is, and to do that you need to be in the game not in the respawn page.
: No way of getting into a game, crash straight after champ select....
If you are running the MSI Afterburner / Rivatuner application, manually set fans to 75 or higher and then kill that application, the new win10 update broke MSI and LoL someway so that if MSI is running, LoL cant change from client to game properly.
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VE hyperZ (EUW)
: Bugsplat after win 10 update ( solution ) where is riots response to this?
If you are using MSI Afterburner, just set the fan to 75 - 100% fan speed manually then kill the MSI application, the new update broke the MSI app and it conflicts with LoL. I had the same issue, and it seems the Afterburner app and LoL dont play well anymore since the win10 update.
Zedant (EUW)
: Lux is unfun to play against
Lux is unfun ? How is a Fiddles when he fears you, or any of the others that can kill you in a burst ? Lux is the least highest DPS burst mage in the game. She use to be a troll pick, now she is barely a support, and you still want to nerf her more, jeez look at other burst mages most of them can 0 - 100 you easier than Lux... Syndra can burst you with a single click ffs.
: Thanks for the tipp. I dont have any bug splats. Would be nice if i had so would be able to trace stuff down. Since my HD brake down I installed Windows completely new and basically the system is clean of an non-standard software.
run the hextech repair tool, then submit a report, that is what got me playing again... those techs know their stuff
: Would you buy a S*x doll of Ahri or Aartox? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
none of the above, Ahri has too much tail :P
: [V9.18.288.7871] Random Freeze while Loading-Screen
I had bug splats since friday, and it was traced to Rivatuner for some reason, but killing rivatuner solved my case, if you have that software try that but make sure you manually set the fans high so it wont leave your GPU cooking off.
: Cant play, bet bugsplat each time
In my case it was the MSI Afterburner / Rivatuner that was causing a conflict, a Hextechnician helped me get to the bottom of this issue, I ended up disabling the MSI stuff and it worked.
: Cant play, bet bugsplat each time
Yep game is still saying you cant play so go fcuk yourself.
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: Difference between blue and red side?
Blue side gets first pick, Red side gets last pick... so with blue you try to get a high priority pick, and with red you try get a counter pick. Red gets the ability to place wards into baron over the wall, blue gets the same with dragons... a so so difference. Thats about it... its mostly about the draft phase that makes the difference.
: > [{quoted}](name=SANEakaIN,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=6irh8eYE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-05T20:57:01.458+0000) > I mean I could slow the ADC DPS or make them take DPS if they hit me, but for mDPS I cant seem to do much. ADC autoattacks don't go on cooldown, Mage spells do. If you dodge a Mages skillshots, then you have the advantage in the current confrontation.
If you have a slow AA aura or a thornmail it makes ADC's a bit worried about hitting you, a mage is typically front loaded burst, if you cant tank it you die a AA does it in a few more hits so slowing the rate or making the ADC take damage as they hit you is effective. I have even seen tanks kill ADC's purely with thornmail, unless they have good lifesteal you can literally kill yourself on a tank with thornmail. I dont mind the mDPS doing a lot of damage, but I just cant seem to be able to build enough to mitigate the damage like I can with AA DPS.
Irayun (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SANEakaIN,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=6irh8eYE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-05T19:52:49.869+0000) > > I am not complaining, I just want to know how to counter a pure magic attack. Velkoz doesn’t deal “pure magic damage”. His passive allows him to deal true damage (i suggest you to go read his passive) and typically you wanna build hp to counter true dmg. Btw, why did you build ninja tabi boots? Your enemies were all AP and certainly they didn’t rely on basic attacks. Mercury threads would’ve been a better choice.
That match I was worried about Thresh, its surprising how much AD he can do with his flaw passive, I have slapped many a ARAM player with a full ADC, I just didnt keep up with his build... just hmmm Thresh can AD so Tabi, a bit short sighted but Merc Treads wouldnt of done that much in that situation... but yes I agree I should of gone Mercs instead of Tabi.
: So they play the game and don't feed intentionally? Sounds like the top 10%
The usual issue is ' hey dont feed my lane ' its nice when the lanes help the junglers, I mean we aint pro here we cant gank level 3 but we can help when we are near, and we dont 'steal' farm.
: Not a new player but need help with mRes please.
Sounds a little overpowered to me but as Vel is a glass cannon its fair, but Vel is not the only mage that seems to overpower mage tanking... unless you roll a WW and can heal tank mDPS cant be tank except by HP in most cases. I mean I could slow the ADC DPS or make them take DPS if they hit me, but for mDPS I cant seem to do much.
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