: Input Lag
same here i have delay like 1.2. sometimes 3 seconds.... Its like server platform dosnt work properly for some players
Kasten4 (EUW)
: OK riot, what did you do? I tried to reconnect and I got into client like the game was over
same for me like you have delay over 2 seconds.... legit same prob in game. My champ dont answer on player movement or its he did with 3 sec delay
: Sounds like your connection, your ISP will tell you what you want to hear. a good connection and connection quality are 2 things, the dropout is caused by your unstable connection rather than your speed
its not connection dude trust me, in cmd show proper connection, like i didnt timedout for more than 3 hours, i think its not about my IPS they restarted my router from there base state. I restarted also manual i did lot of things and its still there, it like server over flooeded or idk, on EUNE i didnt face this problem tho.
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: Yeah let's fire the people working on fixing the bugs, that'll fix the bugs right
Well they should fix patch in 2hours like last night when they apply patch on live it was ETA 2 hours. So i think they dont need 24hours to fix patch.. On the contrary, they just do not care about the time through which they will solve the problem, They dont even give us ETA for fixing they just said like every time "WE WORKING ON FIX" "WE WORKING ON FIX" like 9.13 was also bugged but they didnt fix that small in game gliches. Stop trying to make yourself more worth.
kjono1 (EUW)
: Sure it can be frustrating that things don't work as intended, but things don't always go to plan. At the end of the day it's a free to play game, it's only a game and while it is annoying things not working as intended, it's not the end of the world. Calling for people to get fired just because you can't play as intended for a short period of time, why does this situation bother you this much? Take a deep breathe, calm down and for your own sake, get your priorities sorted because a computer game should not cause you this much anger and frustration.
Well short period if time means what ? 1hour, 2hours ? Im not frustrated i cannot even play ranked still, im lvl 25. Its ok when you relese patch with few gliches and buges few means (1 up to 10 bugs) but lets take real look. relesing patch with more then 80 bugs in competitive play(ranked) ? Dont act white knight pls ;)
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