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: Katarina build
The replacement for DFG is Hextech Gunblade right now. That item's active deals a stupid amount of dmg to squishy targets, and applies a pretty hard slow. For runes youll basically go Electrocute always. Normally Katarinas buildpath is pretty flexible since it depends on the game and the enemy team. Katarina doesnt need a big amount of AP to burst squishies so you can adapt to what you need for every game. Also dont forget that if tanks bother you, they are not your target, you have to go for the vulnerable targets. Also make sure you dont start ulting until the enemy team wastes some cc's.
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Kayrone (EUW)
: I feel like my ennemies are way better than me :/
I have experienced the same thing, and I associate it with the fact that having played for so much time, I dont feel the same excitement as before, I dont feel the competitive nerve anymore (even though I still get mad and kinda tilt when losing). I feel like when you start playing and the game is new, you feel pumped to improve, to discover new stuff, you feel the excitement of a tough game. Now, when im in a difficult game, I only feel tension and hope that its not me the first one to make a mistake. Also I think in people's ''career'' as LoL players, there is like a very steep learning curve going upwards some time after starting in the game. But when the years pass, you dont learn that much or as fast as you used to before.
SeroTv (EUW)
: What is your Most hated matchup on toplane
Riven: Playing against a good Riven player feels so pointless since she's made in such a way that her 1vs1 is very damn strong and she is one of the few champs that get to be tanky building full dmg. Illaoi: Her E is probably the most obnoxious spell ever created by riot games, along with Zoe's bubble. Sion: I know this is a meta thing, but tanks are meant to be just cc machines that soak damage. Sion is played right now like a damned sniper with his E and comet. Yorick: Facing this dude in lane is hell, once he uses his ult, if you get hit by the E, youre done. Funny enough all the champs I stated above tend to lose a lot of effectiveness out of lane phase if you know how to play against them properly. Excepting Sion, he is a big dude with an axe and does what he pleases.
: It's really good. You deserve more views!
> [{quoted}](name=Rafatinoni,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=Ga6ft8O6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-28T15:30:43.363+0000) > > It's really good. You deserve more views! Kha'Zix deserves more nerfs
: unpermaban
I agree with permabans not being removed, however I'm not ok with special treatment for players like Tyler1 that get to play LoL back just because he is famous and he seems to have reformed. A lot of permabanned players can be reformed but they wont get back their acc's regardless since they cant prove it. And I know Tyler's case was much more extreme since he was permanently banned from playing at all on any acc but still, he got it removed which Riot Games apparently never does with any normal player.
: Means you dodged already today. First dodge is -3 LP and 5min timer, second dodge is -10 LP 15min tiner, every dodge after that is -15 LP and 30min wait.
> [{quoted}](name=Korean Fanb0y,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=yUyaYpgE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-28T14:04:42.400+0000) > > Means you dodged already today. First dodge is -3 LP and 5min timer, second dodge is -10 LP 15min tiner, every dodge after that is -15 LP and 30min wait. The only time I recall dodging in ranked recently, was yesterday because I didnt notice I had to pick and couldn't do it in time, however it was a Flex Ranked game. I havent dodged SoloQ in ages.
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: It's a matter of perspective really. It's good that you're looking to solve the problem, but you are looking at it from the wrong angle. You are looking at things from the perspective of a single game. You can't carry every game. You will lose, and there will be absolutely nothing you can do about it, no matter how well you personally played in that game. This is where your problem lies. One game. The ranked season 8 lasts all the way until November. When viewed on that scale, no single game matters. Hear me out. Have you ever heard of the 40/40/20 rule? It's a fairly old concept now, but just in case, I'll explain it here. * 40% of all games you play are automatic defeats. You will have an afk, feeder, whatever bad thing you can think of happening to your team, one of those will happen. And it will cost you the game. (I'm not saying that having bad things happen will make winning those games impossible, but in general if you lose, it'll be because of these bad things). * 40% of all games you play will be automatic wins. This is because all of those bad things will happen to the enemy team. * 20% of your games that are left over will depend on your performance. These are the games where you either carry your team, or you carry the game (depending on your role and champion choice). It might seem daunting, that you can only truly carry 2 out of 10 games on average, but this is where the perspective comes into play. Average winrate in League is around 49%, and all it takes you climb is 51%. It's not that much of a gap to bridge. This is why all the high elo players advise us to focus only on our own play and not on our team. This is because the better you are, the easier it becomes to cross this gap. TL;DR - You are doing fine, just focus on your mentality and things will work out. ^^ I hope this made sense, best of luck on the Rift! {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Havent heard about that one but ill take it into account next time i feel like a game is impossible to win, also i have a 55% win rate right now so i guess its decent.
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: My wild guess would be that you are a silver 3/4 player who needs to understand the strength of crowd control
When the only crowd control in my team is a Veigar E and my Trundle pillar it makes it kinda hard to stop Akali, and before you tell me, ''dude then your comp sucks cuz you have no CC'' well its League of Legends and people pick what they are good at when they play alone or champs they like, people dont tend to pick for a comp. So relying on CC in my game was hopeless.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Bruh, his W makes you slow and decreases your attackspeed. If he uses W you can't win trades, especially if you take an attackspeed-centered rune. When he hits Level 6 he can easily 1v1 you. And his lategame isn't actually so good. His actual strength is his 1v1 potential and splitpushing. He can't go in 1v5 and kill everyone. He lacks range and can be kited easily because of this. If the team chain CCs him and kites, he is literally useless. He has no hard CC or gapcloser to deal with this. His teamfighting isn't so good because of it.
I think you have forgot the fact that there are 4 other champs besides Nasus and if you focus all your CC on him the rest of his team is gonna spank you, also you cant ignore him since a well stacked Nasus can 2 shoot the adc. His actual weakness besides the lack of mobility is not being able to get to his late game stage in time.
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: She is an Assassin and always will be. Tho I agree that she can be annoying to deal with all these Tank items.
> [{quoted}](name=BDTalon NadedBD,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=BzOfFkWG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-12T20:12:42.741+0000) > > She is an Assassin and always will be. > Tho I agree that she can be annoying to deal with all these Tank items. If shes an assassin, why can she fearlessly dive and have massive burst with defensive items
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Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: it could be the minion agro advantage. in the early levels a full wave of minions do more damage than a champion so if you want to trade you must do it where enemy minions are out of range or you can simply kill the caster minions ( they do more damage ) and then trade. and BTW malph has some armor scaling and **iron skin** gives 5+ armor and some % armor when healing from level 1 so that could be the case I'm not sure
The problem is not how tanky he is, im fine with that, the problem is the damage he deals. After he killed me I checked death recap and he had done 600 damage with W. How is that even balanced
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: 8 seconds, if he burns his q go in and it's not the biggest skillshot, taliyah's shove is bigger than that leg shotgun? here's a tip, if he autos he's going to waste it, so let him burn through a few farming. his shield is tiny and it slows him making it easier for you to use your wall jump. if you're not hit by any abilities it will hit your minions and you, so you can mitigate some damage by standing near your minions. 'hard to fail a dash' except this dash is tiny and has a huge delay, stops him from aa'ing or do anything, watch for the tells. riven isn't a juggernaut, darius is and is as tanky + does more reliable damage. I personally think urgot is absolute shit tbh, too reliant on abilities I think you're just salty you got beat by an urgot. try him, he's not as easy as you make out, camille is immobile if you exclude her wall jump, it's easy to land skillshots.
I think you forgot the fact that if you happen to fall below 30% HP when you fight him youre basically dead. And taking down a champion as tanky as urgot without losing that much life is basically impossible unless youre SO FAR ahead, which doesnt happen in normal conditions. Also dont tell me to dodge his ulti since that would be a counter for every champion with skillshots like Zoe (which btw even pro players confirmed she is busted as heck).
: sion adn ornn are the monsters atm, ornn is notorius for his flame breath being way too overtuned urgot isn't a tank so it would make sense try urgot, you'll find his w is extremely unreliable, his e is abysmal and just like prerework he's reliant on that q to do consistant damage. I think you just need to learn the match up, bait the q and go in, you'll find he's really easy and can only try to land the worst dash in the game in order to start his damage
Having to constantly dodge Urgots Q's is a huge burden since not even proffesional players dodge every single skillshot, and also lets not forget about his knee mechanic shit, if you get close to the wave, he just needs to auto it for some interesting harrass in a cone. And also dodging his Q doesnt make it easier to fight him, if you start a trade with him, he will just shield himself and its very hard to fail that dash when his enemy is in his face. Also he is way too tanky just building health, I dont see champs like Darius or Riven even half as tanky as Urgot even though all of them build BC first item.
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: Lets build assassins with tanky builds
: Lets build assassins with tanky builds
Guess i can build defensively against a champion that builds both AD and AP damage and no matter what defensive item i build she still deals dmg to me cuz shes hybrid
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