Purejoyce (EUNE)
: >Lol, you must feel entitled or something. LOL, sweet irony... What here makes **me** feel entitled? It's **YOU** who want things for free because actually getting them like everyone else did is too hard for you. And you're talking about someone being entitled? :D Good one.
I can understand that you want to be right on the internet. So if you feel so good about Your self, then good for you bro :) You're ignorance is showing tho, and the fact that you think its unfair that you PAID for something a while ago, and you expect that People should pay the exact same price now Wow. Thats like me going to the store to buy a ice cream right now.. but tomorrow there is a Price war wich cut the price on that same ice cream by 80% and i demand that People pay the full price for the ice cream because YESTERDAY i had to pay full price. Thats not unfair. Times changes dude and so does prices. and it is Infact entitlement you are dealing With because you feel that its a right thing for other People to pay what you paid, because you paid XXX ammount it would not be fair if Person 2 gets to pay XX. You see it as something unfair and you would feel that you get different treatment. and thats entitlement.
: I payed like 20k Ip for them. I not fair, if others would get them for free. You are even lucky that you dont need to pay as much for runes.... Stop cry about things, new players has it even more easier then older ones had it. You need half xp, half Ip for Runes... Stop cry.
You are just entitled. I paid for 3-5 runepages also.... I DID LONG TIME AGO probably just like you... I still think they should be free right now. ESPECIALLY since they are looking to rework the system. Why are you even crying so much over it? the IP you spent then isnt affecting you now.
: be happy that they decreased the cost of the runes wtf.... In low elo, you should be fine with one ad and one ap page. As a hint: stop getting new champs over and over again, focus more on a few champs and get 2 runes pages instead ;)
This is just my aram account. Rofl. I also paid 6300 ip for runepages.. I am just stating my opinion that these things should be free right now...
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: We all bought rune pages for 6300, so no they shouldn't be suddenly free now just for you. You don't need every new champion "right now", so make your choice. You need rune pages? Get rune pages.
Lol, you must feel entitled or something.
Riddarn (EUNE)
: Because Riot wants you to buy them with RP. Always wait for a 2 for 1 rune page sale before buying a rune page.
well, sure. But its a 10 year old runepage system that EVERYONE needs sooner or later. not everyone will be willing to pay for a runepage even tho its not that expensive. but why would i pay 6300 IP for a runepage when i can get New champions for the same price? It hardly makes sense. If i was Riot, i would make runepages free.. Because there would be hardly ANY buisness loss and even if it was a very very fractional tiny loss, i think the playerbase deserve the freebie system. Its way long overdue the fact that something as crucial as runepages cost less or free... They cant give out free champions because they share the same price because that Things take time and effort from a art team... ofc. But i can make a better runepage image in Paint, and the string that it takes for runes to fit apply to it, probably dont take that much work either, and since its so old and rusty by now, it should be free.
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: This forum Section is the best thing that happened in my life!
I Love how this post had nothing to do with toxic people... But yet every comment is about how horrible toxic people are. that my friends are ignorance and why this is a big issue. :D.
GLurch (EUW)
: There is one major difference: One is done by alpha males, the other by alpha females.
I think you didnt get it. :P i am not talking about the toxic people.
: \*pokes comment with stick Nope... still smells bad
Dont they usually say about medicine that the more bitter it is, the more it will work? its not smelling bad, its just smelling a bit bitter! Thats truth for you baby. It usually stings a bit... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: \* reads topic \* blinks \* reads again Nope, not touching that with a 10 metre pole. :p
Silent agreement. I Like it! XD{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Nah, first of all, Riot doesn't moderate the Boards, the mods are Volunteers. And you can pretty much share any opinion you have, just stay within the [Universal Rules](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/3eWpXbJi). Opposing views are tolerated, and very welcome, as I said, this is a discussion platform, and there's not much point in that if you only want to see one side of the story ^^
In my experience, All the people that complains about toxicity is usually the most toxic people you will meet ingame... Wether it being indirect toxicity or just playing the "victim card"... They always manage to cause a Toxic situation.. the rest you can think for you're self i assume. but basically what i am saying, the people that complain about a issue usually is the biggest issue.. And thats where it draws a lot of similarities.
: Feel free to elaborate... This is a discussion platform, so go ahead, I'm sure many would like to have a mature little debate about this :) **So, why do you think that, and what exactly are "modern" toxicits complaints ? **
If i elaborated on that, Rito would ban me on the spot! But what i can elaborate is the modern toxicity complaints... Its basically the the people who cant take a little bit of banter.
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DeathRoom (EUW)
: Champion select can ruin a game for 4 players ..
Just dodge the game, whats the big deal?
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Hey man , I had a similar issue on my laptop , and I have discovered that several things where causing it. example OneDrive is one of the reasons, Try this out. go to your task bar. (the arrow pointing up in the far lower right side of your screen). and start right clicking the icons, whatever you can close, and you know you dont need it running close it (Ie onedrive , java etc) when I did that for me it fixed all of my ping issues
I have nothing like that running in the background
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hibiki2k (EUW)
: how u climb when ur team is always 0/15 then afk at 8m when u are 1/0 1v2 everysingle game
Without looking at op.gg i'll take a wild guess and say that this is probably low silver - Bronze. And how do you carry? You carry by being smart.. Because at this elo the people you play with are doomed to do tons of misstakes even when ahead. Thats why almost every game is 50 minutes unless you decide take matter in your own hands. How ever you need to look at your own team comp and recognize when your team comp is the strongest and try to achieve getting to that point.. For example if you have heavy scaling champs, Ryze as an example, you are probably stronger at the 40 minute mark and there is a possibility to win late. and if you play ahri for example you are a lot weaker at 30+ minutes. I will give you an example of a silver game i just had since i am climbing through there right now on a smurf I went 0/3 in laning phase with viktor getting heavy camped by the enemy jungler and mostly because i play impatient in lane. My top laner wich was a mordekaiser went 0/10 to a enemy yasuo. at 18 minutes we had 2 inhibs down and we were on brink of losing. how ever we won 1 teamfight and we barreled it down mid picking off anyone in out path so they could never become a 5 man team and walk over us. We ended up winning... This was a game that was 90% a Loss. but its not over till the nexus is dead. You are doing your team a big diservice by giving up thats for sure.
Eveninn (EUW)
: But how can I start to play to improve when that's not the case initially? :s
you need to want it. If you dont want it, it doesnt matter what People tell you. because all you need to do if you want to improve is start trying to improve.
: Wauw dude. I hope this is gonna help me cause i'm a huge flamer xD And i agree with u i need to be in a good mood or i will never say my bad when i did something wrong xd I will try to keep this in mind when i play leaque xd Thanks{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Yeah i wouldnt say i am a Saint either. But this mindset trully helped me improve somewhat. :) Most importantly the rapid Growth i've seen in my ability to improve at the game was the most important. Watch some LS coaching videos at the same time and you have Your self a recipe for success i'd say.. And as he uses to say "Its not a Magic pill, but it happens over time"
Eveninn (EUW)
: It sadly is just so much easier said then done. :(
thats why you dont play the game the entire week... To find out the reason why exactly you are playing the game.. WHAT Makes you Return to the game, is it ranked to improve or is it purposeless?
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I didnt get 80Euro worth of RP, but i did get a suspended Paypal account due to "suspicious activity" but its all good now. :) I guess it was that my account is new and i bought something because a friend paid me a due, so i guess tha transactions where suspicious due to my account being OLD but not actually used.
: ***
the reason i didnt get an answer is because there is no meme in my post Or there is no "People are so toxic" complaints Or "Riot is blabla *Put in negative Word here*" There was indeed an error so its all good. :)
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