: Hey dude! I am sorry to tell you but there are no PROJECT Cores available anymore. But why do you want to get it so late? Riot announced it pretty early that the PROJECT thing will end.
About half way through project deals,I needed 25 more rp and i was low on cash, i heard that riot gave small amounts or rp. I sent it in early but didnt get a responce, i got the rp the day it ended
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: You choose what to draw (for example: I drew Lulu) Since some people can draw better then other it would not be fair if the drawing had to be "good" Just give it your best :)
Do i add it to this page or a report ticket? :)
: do i choose the drawing or do they pick
does it have to be good,
: Try writing the support. They should give you the 25 rp if you draw them a picture :)
do i choose the drawing or do they pick
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