: Anxiety
Lucky for you Nautilus is broken now, so not a problem if you only play him.
: "Is it OK to show off my power by shoving around peasants and tell them that I'm royalty?"
No such thing. Me being a bit higher elo doesn't make me a god. But I understand the analogy. And I have stopped smurfing entirely.
: If you actually felt sorry you would just stop doing it.
Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: You dont have a spacebar? That sucks.
It does! Poor student loan makes me unable to get a new keyboard because I refuse to buy a cheap one.
also seems to give you a rainbow trail in-game when you spawn and with homeguards activated.
Rioter Comments
: What's the problem with that? I told them they're reported for starting to flame and insult and they just kept going and going.
Ofcourse! They were laughing their asses off making you so triggered, probably recorded it too to keep in their discord to watch and have a good time.
: Ignoring a loser like that one is not being ''strong'' is being a cuck that its afraid to stand for himself and bows down to everyone. I guess being a man in 2019 its ''hate speech''. That's sad. For someone that its against toxic behaviour you have no problem calling me a weak minded fool. But i forgot we are on the internet and anybody can say whatever they want because they know they won't have to face the guy they're insulting.
10/10 logic. Reminds me of that video ''why you can't win an argument with an idiot''
: If by reforming you mean turning into a cuck who needs to accept any shit an idiot will say to him without fighting back because defending yourself is a right then no, in won't reform. It's not like im losing something important. This community turned into a communist shithole so screw it.
You clearly care about being permabanned, you post about it and act like a little angry kid in the comments. But you also decide to continue being a little triggered kid in game flaming all day that gets you permabanned :D How does that brain function? XDDDDDD
: I hope they manage to ban you, unless you receive some braincells to not rage. And, in particular, get the braincells that will make you think that invalid reports will not harm your account at all
How many braincells does one need to stop raging, friend?? I've been struggling with rage all my life.
Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: How to Make Sure your Teammates are Actually Good
I.have.to.type.like.this. In-game because I have no spacebar and you can't ctrl+v in the in-game chat. For some reason typing like that tilts people. So I sadly can't chat much at all.
: tbh i understand his rage tho. 15/6 and 15/7 loss. and its very tilting to get that much losses in a row
: The way I look at the ELO thing is like this. Does being in the top 1% mean you're rich ? You're not a billionaire, you don't own mega-corporations. You're also above the 99% of which more than half are on minimum wage, struggling day by day, from one pay check to another. Still, you definitely can't call diamond LOW - ELO, cmon. There are Iron players, that build AP garen n shit. You got used to playing in your ELO, that's why it doesn't seem so wow. I don't think you understand how far ahead you are, compared to MILLIONS of players. You're pretty high up my friend. It all comes down to personal expectations tho. Do I know that there are better players than me ? - obviously. Am I satisfied with my position on the ladder ? - pretty much yea. Due to my MMR, I reached diamond in under a week this season, currently sitting at a 66% win-rate. Not planning on stopping either, altho a bit busy nowadays, I'll definitely continue the climb in the summertime if my time allows me. My case is a bit special to be honest with you. I usually don't compare with same ELO junglers. Why os that you ask ? I invested more than 5K games in a single champion. That experience gives me a huge advantage, even if my game knowledge might be on a diamond level. I can count it on my fingers the amount of times that I've been outjungled in the past 2 seasons. My champ is not viable in pro-play, and to be honest here, I'm playing this game on a recreational level, as a hobby. nothing more. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/264509145766428673/553921117707042826/Screenshot_2019-03-09_at_14.44.20.png This is how my bronze to plat smurf adventure ended this year, was playing on a D4/D3 MMR already. To finally answer your question. Do I consider myself "HIGH-ELO". Not really. I don't think there is a thing such as high or low ELO. We use the MMR system, not the ELO one. That one's for chess. It's pretty similar tho. A beginner chess player is around 600-700 ELO, an experienced one is around 1500, and pro-players start around 2300 or so. If you translate this to MMR, you have the Irons, the golds and the diamonds. There have been registered players with ELOs over 2800, faaar ahead of the 2300s. - in chess that is. So are we high elo or not ? Doesn't matter. We have our clearly defined ranks, that is diamond, and we're in the top 1.5% or so. You should be proud of achieving that.
You ignored my point in defence of OP: smurfs are bad.
: High ingame-impact smurfs that you might encounter are the ones from the top 1-2% and above of the ladder. Compared to the 50%+ playerbase of your ELO, I don't feel that they make such a big impact. I'd say no more than 10% of the diamond+ playerbase is smurfing. And we shoot through low ELO in under a day. That's about 1000-1500 smurfs / half a year or so, depending on player. That's about it for me. I make one max two / year and get them to plat 4. Creating a new acc from lvl1 to 30, and getting all the required champs to play ranked from it, takes me more time than reaching platinum ELO, hell - even diamond. I'm pretty sure players who spend hundreds if not thousands of games in the 1200MMR silver 2 range, aren't stuck there because they encountered a couple of smurfs down the road. Is it ethical ? Perhaps not. Is it beneficial ? sure - you can't expect me to learn a new role vs a 2mill mastery riven OTP, when I'm first time trying out urgot top or something in dia ELO. Smurfing is mostly for re-learning the game, on a different role. Climb back to your main ELO from that role, and you mastered it. We don't smurf to stomp noobs, we smurf to improve. well some of us. And cmon....it's funny. Especially when you 1v9 stomp the enemy, and they flame their team-mates for "inting", while they legit got beaten by a 19 division higher player with 9 years of experience.
I currently have two accounts in diamond and it took me a lot longer than a day.. Besides that, low diamond is still low elo. I know you think I am boasting for some reason but I'll say again I'm not, you have been diamond too and I have already stated that diamond is low elo. But I use my experience as proof: I am not that good and had about a 75% winrate in gold and silver. That is pretty unfair no matter how you look at it. I have decided to never smurf again because in hindsight it's boring, pointless, and ruins the experience of many people. Besides this, I come across MANY other smurfs with 70%+ winrate that would always win their lane/jungle both in my team and enemy team. MAAAANY. Even in diamond 4 I come across people with 70%+ winrate that are in gold 1 with diamond mmr and hardstomping everybody. Smurfing is a serious issue but Riot will never say no to it because there are so insanely many smurfs that they would lose a lot of money if they ban them.
Shamose (EUW)
: I don't see how a high elo player that is diamond within 20 games would have any effect on your climb to silver.
You are forgetting smurfs from low diamond and platinum. They take a lot longer to get to their normal elo. And they will still ruin games in iron/bronze/silver and in fact are unfairly matched vs golds also.
: Because we do get something in exchange too of course. You have to transfer us coins that you get for free. In other words you sacrifice 5 minutes of your time and we receive coins - you receive your RP pack or Euros to PayPal whichever suits you better. Nothing to lose and risk, RP to receive. {{item:3400}} Please look at the video! :)
What do you do with these coins
: FGG Group Discord RP giveaways and other
Why do I need to do all that? Just gift it to my account not so hard.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SOLIDxREBORNE,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=iA6Ftrtv,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2019-05-17T05:26:01.447+0000) > > ''boehoe im pro but team bad'' yeah best mentality Except for this case, the ultimate proof is right before your eyes. There are rare cases when people like myself are being dragged down by unskilled players or unfavourable events.
To add to that, you even say 3 of those 10 games you lost because of you. So that leaves only 7 games where you were a god among mere man playing absolutely perfectly zero mistakes soon to be lcs player but your team kept you down. Unlucky dude.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SOLIDxREBORNE,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=iA6Ftrtv,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2019-05-17T05:26:01.447+0000) > > ''boehoe im pro but team bad'' yeah best mentality Except for this case, the ultimate proof is right before your eyes. There are rare cases when people like myself are being dragged down by unskilled players or unfavourable events.
10 games is such a small number that using it as proof is absolutely absurd. Could you tell us about the 10 games before those? What about the 10 games afterwards? Or the hundreds if not thousands of games you played in the past? Climbing as support is obviously difficult because in many cases you have to rely on your team which you really can't do in lower elo and even in your current elo, platinum, it's hit or miss. People are trash and if you are better, play a carry role or be like me and play velkoz support and get to diamond with 63% winrate. Easy.
CJXander (EUNE)
: A 10 ranked games summary [Long post ]
Stop playing yuumi you unbelievable troll.
Escalan (EUW)
: LoL, what a sh it show. Ranked doesn't feel rewarding especially with teammates like that almost every game. You got a good mentality, have my upvote.
''boehoe im pro but team bad'' yeah best mentality
: Does this game purposely make you lose or something??
Just git gud and carry your team brah. I believe in you. If you play every day for the next 10 years you can become as good as a gold elo player!! Oh boy, then you'll be special!
Eambo (EUW)
: Yuumi Builds? How do you play?
I went adc Yuumi Rageblade into ghostblade into infinity edge into inting.
Ibbi (EUNE)
: League of Legends Sucks Now
League doesn't suck. YOU suck.
: Hm... well I think it was just someone having normal non-death related problems with it.
actually the kid died and told riot about it.
Chrysies (EUW)
: I assume you learned basic mathmatics during pre-school or higher, but 51% is still more than 50%, so obviously there is a problem that's remaining unaddressed. At the current rate, I would need 58% again in order to strike even LP gain (estimating).
So toxic because your feelings got hurt. if you go 58% winrate to 51% winrate you know what that means? :O :O :O You lost more than you won in your recent games. YOU TANKED LOSSES ON GOLD FOUR 0lp. Ofcourse your mmr will become trash :D XD
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: lvl 120 ,wow people no know anymore or have no anymore acces to all information..
euh I also forget some basic stuff and ive played since season 2.
Rizaia (EUW)
: silver elo need help
usually I would say ''just git gud'' but, very bad luck streaks happen. Maybe you ARE playing well, and trust me, in the long run this means you will win more than you lose because thanks to you at least 1 of 3 lanes doesn't lose. This is how I climb mostly. In fact I am on an insane streak currently, 19 wins 2 losses in my recent 21 games, just promoted to plat 1. I feel like I play consistently well but do not actually hard carry, I do what needs to be done when it matters but I also luck out and have good teammates most of the time.
Rena (EUW)
: To me this is just a "show off" post. That's alot more sad than smurfing itself.
You are accusing me of something I don't do and then call me sad. But, think what you will. I'll just take it as deserved bad karma.
: Also non of this is hard proof. Its just observations and concluding something. Since noone actually knows anyones mmr, this isnt hard proof.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: you just got this hard proof? this is known since season 0...
I really didnt know! Or well, I guess I sorta did, but never saw it in action so obviously.
: yeah i feel ba.. who am i kidding i'm iron tier trash
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Can I have 25 BE for free pls riot?
I have 10rp but have this weird obsession with the number 1000 I literally go crazy not seeing that number in my league client please Riot can you add 2 zero's to my rp? thank you!
Rioter Comments
Haze97 (EUW)
: Are you reading my post or just mashing keys? As I mentioned, the bot lane is probably the strongest role in the game right now. When bot lane feeds you have two fed champions who influence the mid-late game very hard when compared to a role such as jungle which only influences the early game during the laning phase, and even then if your laners decide to overextend, close out any chances of a potential gank, and feed, you lose your chance to late carry by powerfarming because it is no longer an option. Comparing bot's potential to jungle which influences the game the most early, and top which only ever starts to exist late, in a toss up either of mid or bot have the highest carry potential and even then a fed bot lane will always carry the mid-late game better due to it consisting of two strong champions instead of one. There's a reason most junglers prioritize camping bot lane. Gone are the days where you could pick a jungler and powerfarm in hopes of being a wild card for should you try to restrict yourself to the camps and dragons, you'll find yourself at the same level as your support by the end of the laning phase.
Try not to be hostile, friend. I'm also a bit sad that the days of powerfarming on shyvana and such are gone because I liked doing that. But I also recall everyone calling it overpowered. People will always complain. My main jungler by far is Vi, almost to the point of being a one trick. If I don't play Vi it's usually khazix. Vi is an early game jungler. Not a super early one though, since she is useless before level 3. In games that I win I usually get fed early and win quickly. Imo it's only natural that an adc takes over the game in late, that is their role. And despite being an early game champion, (mainly because her damage falls off late game and thus becoming more team reliant) I usually do have a chance of 1v1ing the enemy adc. At this point even though the enemy adc is strong, it still needs a team to protect him. ok im done rambling. Point I'm making is this: ADC is supposed to pop off late and is supposed to shred tanks late, nothing wrong there. And typing all this out reminds me why I actually don't like talking about this stuff because it is an endless discussion that will never ever end until league of legends itself literally ends, whenever that may be. It's energy that I should put to better use.
Haze97 (EUW)
: Legit played a match as jungler, got every single dragon, got the herald, but bot lane fed their assess off and support went afk and cost us the entire game. Nobody deserves to jungle in this meta. Bot lane is the most influential role at the moment and even when you don't get blamed for it, a jungler just cannot make as big a difference past the early game these days.
''but bot lane fed their assess off and support went afk and cost us the entire game.'' How does that relate to you jungling? You would have lost the same way if you were smashing top or mid. 2 people hard inting and one afking is almost always a guaranteed loss. Meanwhile I'm doing just fine in jungle and find it the easiest carry role. Only change I disliked was less exp and especially not hitting level 3 after 3 camps anymore.
: huh lol I really doubt that happened but ok
...you dont realise this dude is just an alt of that other weirdo?
: ..maybe he's a bit womanly but since i am not gay for him he's not a woman enough for me {{champion:44}}
Sounds like you just want womam that you find sexy in this game for bad reasons.
Haze97 (EUW)
: ***
Just so happens I went on a smurf and blasted through bronze to gold with 90 % winrate in 40 games on my main champ Vi. happened on my account Pelleslier, last year. And you know what? I'm actually not that good. But low elo players are easy to punish when they make their silly little mistakes. And here you are, in freakn Iron. That's where NEW players start when they still need to learn the game yet you are stuck there!?
Haze97 (EUW)
: Asking people to not be toxic instead of asking the stupid to stop being dumb.
in gold and below, 99% of people are casual. So, deal with it if you can't be better than a casual.
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: has anyone else been bored of playing this game recently
since season 5 I have been playing this game on and off. Some months I will nolife, some months I will not play at all. But I keep coming back eventually.
: you can add my ingame name "opal for harmony".
ClarepLyP (EUW)
: don't you have an advice for me? Even if it is more difficult I should be able to take over games if I improve as an adc player right? I want to get better at this game
Yeah I'm pretty bad at giving advice though as I just play in auto-pilot mode not thinking much about what I'm doing. I know that's bad but it is what it is. For a time I was a Draven one trick which would mean I would usually leave the lane 10/0 because he was so busted. If I hit lvl2 before them and I didnt take too much minion aggro I could literally go ham 1v2 them depending on what they played. For any other adc though normally spoken it's about farming up in laning phase and your support is supposed to set up most plays these days sadly. Which is another reason why adc in low elo can be harder, when you expect your support to do stuff they just don't understand. When you get to a point where you get really strong, usually at around 3 items, it's time to tell your team to man up and go 5v5, and you can show off your natural talent by using your teammates as meatshields while laying it down on em from afar.
: Any chance ur located somewhere in the eastern part of The Netherlands, if so the problem is probably very local, hopefully it will be fixed soon. I am located in Overijssel. A friend of mine from western bit of the Netherlands is not having any issues.
Friesland here so, that doesn't hold up.
: KPN Latency 50+ EUW
I have the same with KPN, but honestly it almost feels like a visual bug to me as it really doesn't feel like my ping increased. I did disconnect twice recently though which is probably related as I never had that happen before either.
ClarepLyP (EUW)
: Can't climb out of bronze despite really good scores. Could you give me feedback?
I feel like, for a fairly inexperienced player it is hard to carry from the adc role. Because in evenly matched teams and even if you are slightly better, you need your team because you can't savely do damage. I'm currently diamond, I got diamond in season 7 as adc, but at the start of the season when I'm in lower elo I play jungle or more recently midlane, I feel like it's easier to carry from those roles if you don't have a dependable team.
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