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: Yeah, true, but smurfs never caused any problems in high elo. They are a bit of problem only in lower tiers
Indeed but thats what i mentioned. The lower tier players have to pay for Riots decision to perma ban a high elo player
: since when is any ELO under rank 1 challenger high elo? lol, high elo is different for everyone, although gold isnt a high elo to start bragging about it xD
idk i think d1/masters is pretty high elo :D
: > And imagine if they are high elo players (just like me) since when is gold 5 high elo?
: First of all, Gold elo isnt too much of a big deal, its not like you have spent too much time getting that rank that you feel like you cannot quit the game. i want riot to try a new way to make players "reform" without banning their account if its for toxicity yes, but it has to be strict. oh and btw, smurfing from gold to bronze or silver is the same basically, id only count it as smurfing if you where high plat/diamond and playing in bronze-gold. nice 5 manamune zed build on ur last match on your account tho :P
Ah mb this is not an account i play on i just make posts on this one :)
HavickPT (EUW)
: i think you deserve ban , you much be very toxic for riot make permanent ban means you not belong in community anymore, and you are making just excuse about low players in rank for them avoid you if you are telling know how easy it is obviously you have smurf account already {{summoner:14}}
Ofcourse i have a smurf account lmao what was your dumb comment about ? i just said im not quitting lol.
: > All i did was stand up for my friend who was being flamed What method did you use exactly? If you tried fighting flame with flame, your report was well deserved. Just because someone is flaming you ( or your friend in this case ), doesn't mean or give you the right to do the same. If you chose to sink down to their level of behaving, then you have become one of them. Rules apply to everyone equally. I'm assuming your choice of defending your friend was "fight fire with fire". In that case, you flamed just as much as the other person and ruined the experience for other players, breaching the contract between you and Riot in the process. It's an unsolicited act on your end. > First of all, i think banning player accounts wont help them to reform since they will just come back Well, in that case, they will get banned again and will have to start from the bottom, over and over again :)! People who don't learn from their mistakes are the worst kind. > And imagine if they are high elo players (just like me), and they're being forced to make a new account/smurf. No one is forcing you to make a new account. You are the only person forcing yourself to make one due to the fact that you acted irresponsibly and inadequatly in the past. > So i made an offer to Riot to change permanent suspensions into permanent chat ban I'm afraid that's not how it works. **The law protects when it is protected.**
Actually they are forcing me into making a new account :/ If you are a high elo player you cannot quit LoL that easily sadly enough. Also i didn't make a mistake here really i think the ban was undeserved but i guess Riot finds it ''toxic''
Allosen (EUW)
: Do you even know that this isnt true? When you have a Smurf against or with you, you will have him for 1 Game, thats all. If you think "_Im so high elo I win easy every game in low elo hurr durr_", dont play ranked if **YOU **think it is unfair, gg. --- But whatever. Toxic -> Ban -> New Account -> Reform Toxic -> Ban -> Dont came back Not much to choose from
The sad truth is you aren't on that level so you won't know :/ If you are in high diamond/masters the chance of meeting the same ppl is very big
: It doesn't work that way. You don't get permabanned for toxicity in one game. You had it built up over a period of time. And chances are you had lesser bans and restrictions given to you. You broke the rules by flaming back the flamers. Two wrongs don't make a right, no matter what the circumstances may be. The right course of action would have been for both you and your friend to immediately mute the toxic players, ignore them and continue playing like nothing happened, then report them after the game and have Riot deal with them.
Then explain me why this was the only chat log that popped up when i got perma'd
: Permanent chat bans existed, they didn't work.
: > So i made an offer to Riot to change permanent suspensions into permanent chat ban, i think its a better way to punish these ''toxic'' players since they cant flame/blame their teammates but they can comminucate good enough with the pings in-game. Riot experimented with this in the past and it didn't work out. The players stopped trying to reform and instead used their remaining messages to continue being toxic. Just restricting toxic player permanently is no solution since it only "silences" a symptom of the problem while removing any reason to do something about the actual problem (the anger problem). > First of all, i think banning player accounts wont help them to reform At least for permanent bans that's no the intention. The intention of permanbans is not to reform anyone, but to tell a player he is not welcome in the community anymore.
I meant chat ban without remaining messages :)
Allosen (EUW)
: > What do u guys think? You need a new Account. Bans for Toxic Behaviour will never be lifted. --- > First of all, i think banning player accounts wont help them to reform since they will just come back. Thats not right at all. If I would get perma-banned on my Main Account, I would never touch this game again.
Did u actually read what i said over the smurfs destroying soloq ?
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