: > SUPERDIGRE: lux enjoy ban . > Well i got perm banned Sorry but I can't handle the irony levels. Ontopic : there's never a reason to flame, it contributes in no way towards wining, hence counter productive. The acc was rightfully banned, this wasn't your first ban, so it'll stay banned.
ik its funny but she did trash talk me and more. I think I will refund all my money spent like 1000 dollar lmao tbh its bullshit I got banned if you guys just could see the full chat what she said etc . and I said enjoy ban because my friend lied and said he was mid and I believed him I just blocked him because I lost 1000 dollar. I enjoyed the game but everyone needs to move forward at one time in life.
: An eye for an eye leaves the entire world blind - both you and the person flaming you likely faced consequences, it would've been a lot better for you if you just ignored them. I'd give you the support link, but I'm on my phone and honestly don't think you'll achieve much so... Good luck... Check the top and the bottom of this page for support buttons. Just small yellow text at the bottom.
I have tried but it doesn't work it says I need to log in...
: Well i got perm banned
kinda sad all in my team trash talked me so I defended and got mad and my friend tricked me to think he was mid lane and I didn't even get any ganks before late game. the reason I said lux enjoy ban was that my friend said he was mid and we played draft. I even just spent 10 dollars in this game btw is it anyways to contact support/staff.
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