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: I had the same problem with my account a few years back, fortunately for me, it was not my main account that I forgot the password of. But, what! They gave you a snippet of the email you used to register the account? I asked for that information and they didn't give it to me. I'm 100% certain that if I got a snippet of the email I used, I would be able to get my account back trough there.
That's because you used an email you are familiar of , I had used a legit random email made up on the spot just so I could get through registration asap and play The game
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: First off, you may want to AVOID sharing sensitive information about your account, especially if that's ALL you can remember regarding that specific history of the account. :/ As such I redacted a lot of the info. There must be some details you remember, like who did you partner with a lot back in season 1/2/3 if you can remember those types of information.
Ya I do remember this info and I included all this stuff in my recovery ticket but they just so resilient in admitting their wrongdoing of locking my account they say stuff like "doesn't prove you are original owner" I then asked live chat if these stuff will help if I give Them they said "stick to the questions they asked" and as far as I'm aware of its only the email question I cannot answer (WHICH NOBODY IN MY SITUATION WOULD REMEMBER)
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: Because these days everyone shares what they do on social media, so people making a post saying "I just bought x" are searchable, sure its a pain to find them but if someone is that desperate to compromise an account or claim it as theirs its entirely possible, its why the email address is deemed more important
I know what u saying but the account is played on my IP which riot can just connect the dots and see that I am original owner if the games are played on this IP for years
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: Specific details about the account you'd know. Such as: * How did you get specific skins? * Were they gifts and if so, from who? * Is there a specific match you remember some details from a long time ago? * Did you play a lot of your ranked matches with a partner a few seasons ago? And if yes who was it? * Specific details about your purchase/gifting history.
All this didn't help apparently cause I [REDACTED] own [REDACTED] which I [REDACTED] in [REDACTED] which was[REDACTED] , I [REDACTED] any [REDACTED] ever, I never played ranked back then and I can name u every champ I bought and when all the way back in season 1 to now If that isn't suggesting I am owner of the account then idk what does because all it seems riot cares about is just 1 email which is not possible for me to know since its a random email which means riots system is so flawwed that I basically have no hope
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: > RIOT SUPPORT has LOCKED me out of MY OWN ACCOUNT Firstly, you don't own the account riot does, yup its a surprise to most people who never read the EULA but correctness aside > Now I have no clue what the original UNVERIFIED email of the account was, because as I'm sure there are many people who have done the same, just make some random email upon creation then later use a proper email to verify their account. And this is the reason why you should never do that Its normally used as the most important piece of information as you could in theory find out most of the rest from digging through social media posts and the like, if you have purchased RP and you still have the card used and/or the email receipts (which you should ALWAYS keep) you can try offering them the transaction numbers for your earliest RP purchase and see if that can convince them
How is some1 gonna dig up the first 5 champs purchased and the fact I have IPs of the hotspot I used to play league on
: >Also when you recovered your account did u also not know your original signup email or did you ? I did, so I can't really comment on how much of a hindrance not knowing that is in this scenario.
Like I honestly think this is probably the only thing they looking for BUT IT WAS A RANDOM EMAIL so I genuinely think I won't get account back but I'm literally gonna just spam tickets untill some1 understands my situation because I shouldn't be punished for not knowing an UNVERIFIED RANDOM EMAIL
: >I could also give sub groups of friends , clubs etc but they will just say: "it only shows you had access to the account not that you played on it from creation" I mean... until you try you don't know that.
I understand your frustration, however, when it comes to recovering an account we target a certain kind of info. What we believe, I am afraid that it is not relevant, here it is all about facts, and everything gathered from your end only proves that you had access to the account, not that you created it and played on it since the beginning, I am afraid. Since this is the case, our decision stands. Please get back to us when you'll remember more info in regards with the account. Kind regards, Ancazor Player Support Specialist Riot Games "Never underestimate the power of the Scout's code." I will try say what u just told me but I'm almost certain he won't accept it Also when you recovered your account did u also not know your original signup email or did you ?
: You can also try adding any useful information that only you as the account owner would know. I had to recover mine recently to change email addresses, and I detailed out sub-groups on my friends list, as well as clubs and a number of friends as an extra pre-caution, as well as just general history stuff that's not necessarily addressed in the first set of questions. What you need to remember is that they're not doing this deliberately to deny you your account - this is purely so someone else can't attempt to claim it from you.
I could also give sub groups of friends , clubs etc but they will just say: "it only shows you had access to the account not that you played on it from creation" Which is interesting how on earth is anybody besides account creators gonna know registered date of birth on account and first ever champ bought / skin , first 5 champs bought, I EVEN GAVE 5 CHAMP I BOUGHT I SEASON 2
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