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: party ip for ARAM too
Bots are known to farm IP / XP in ARAM, so it'd put them in a big advantage. Although I disagree with this prohibition and I think that IP weekends should also be allowed for ARAM players and Riot should instead focus on punishing these bots.
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: hir u gow
now loks great reminds me of the shaco dat never gankeds me
king sony (EUW)
Hello waiting the answer
Urgοt (EUW)
: Those new Chinese splash arts are getting better and better..
: :P , ye i schori , i vorgeht
es no problem happens al di tim
: my Hextech Nami
: I just realized Malphites Head isn't his Nose >_>
I think the creator of malphite NOSE that this was bound to happen {{champion:119}}
: Hextech Nami skin concept
Kiyoshi Ryu (EUNE)
: Such a great design! Riot please hire this guy and make this skin a thing
: Glad players like you two are part of the lol community. I wouldve done the same thing...but dem regions....
I know bro, no worries about it :) Gotta help eachother out in this community {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Hexa URF GameMode match
As long as it's not on Twisted 3line, I'm ok with it {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: But you are on EUNE, op is on EUW. You cant send friend requests for accounts in different regions. And upvoted for not asking for a skin.
> [{quoted}](name=NautMyMain,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=Rq4EBzyW,comment-id=001c0000,timestamp=2016-05-02T03:54:03.345+0000) > > But you are on EUNE, op is on EUW. You cant send friend requests for accounts in different regions. And upvoted for not asking for a skin. OP Can add me then, pretty much up for the same thing as Don't Be Afraid o/.
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Mecar (EUW)
: You proceed to catch the enemy support alone
{{item:2044}} + it's a cooldown. There's your counterplay
Róót (EUW)
: oh man .. you will get downvoted to hell in few moments .. however x-x try to get a flank their carries .. because u can't just walk to their adc/ap with the tanks there .. riven is bad vs cc so try to avoid tanks and if u get that fed early u can burst their carries realy fast and always try to get the tower and start roaming early to snowball all lanes not just your lane
It was just a honest call for tips. If I get downvoted for my post then so be it, at least I learnt something out of it :^). Flanking their carries sounds like a good idea, problem is then that I'd have to enter the teamfight later than the rest of my team. Therefor, I'd have to hope the enemy used all their CC on my teammates. I usually roam very early, keeping teleport for botlane when the enemy botlane is pushing too much and I can tp to a ward behind them. But it still doesn't seem to pay off a lot to be honest. But I'll try focusing more on that now and then. Thx!
Bombardox (EUW)
: i think kalista will get championship skin next time
I hope Kalista won't get it though. She's already blue {{champion:32}}
cutiematch (EUNE)
: A favorit mid player?
: removing banning phase from ranked
yes pls i can never play kassadin she ban al time now she nerf she no fun to play :SSSS (For who didn't catch it, it was sarcasm)
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Snowfox (EUW)
: Or maybe they could make a selection of champions free for a limited time and then swap them around for others. Like a 'Rotation' of champions if you would so call it. You could change it every week so that you have a chance to try out all of the champions.
Then you're dependent of the rotation of that week
Fyriaan (EUW)
: How do you get rid of Champions?
They should just make it possible to try out a champion in an AI match (4 bots + you vs 5 other bots). This way you won't buy champions anymore to find out you don't even like them.
: Hey Riot!!! When do you create a Champion with a Whip?
: Anyone got an actual sonnet about Lollipoppy?
: Most fun champions
Top: Riven, Tryndamere, Akali Jungle: Fiddlesticks, Amumu, Vi Mid: Zed (i cri), Ahri, Yasuo ADC: Ezreal, Vayne, Jinx Support (<3): Nautilus, Thresh, Leona
get a neck (EUNE)
: afkers while ranked
If you'd look at statistics, you'd have 20 % less chance to get an afk'er than the enemy team (as long as you won't afk, that is). Your team is made out of 4 other players while the enemy is made out of 5 other players. Therefor, afk'ers should actually grant you freelo. Just report them eitherway, they will get punished.
: Both are retarded freelo tanks that build one damage item then destroy everyone while spamming emotes. Get Shyvana if you like being a retarded freelo tank jungler, buy Shen if you like being a retarded freelo tank toplaner.
How is your chat restriction feeling?
Ichinose (EUW)
: Mid Lane champions are %89 AP. (-_-) - Lissandra - Ahri - Cassiopeia - Teemo - Diana - Katarina - Akali - Thresh (even THRESH -_-) - Ekko - Azir etc. etc. etc. And AD champions ? Meeh ... - Talon - Zed - Yasuo That players you said **destroyed by Zed** SHOULD be usually pick AP Mid hero if they want to play Mid Lane. That's why Zed is very OP , He's a ANTI-AP hero in a Full AP Lane like Mid Corridor. And that's why he join Mid lane meta. You can't judge that players :/
MilkyWayVL (EUNE)
: Thx to all i bought shen
Nice! Have fun with him. I'm sure you'll enjoy playing him
: I do not want to encounter with this item anymore!!!
The lesson I learned about league: If you hate a patch, don't play ranked and just stick to normals.
: how to climb in league
Brb, trying {{champion:44}} jungle with devourer.
: Unless you want an extremely broken zed who doesn't work then he needs to stay disabled until the bug fix is done. Just be patient he will be back eventually.
I must disagree. Normally, champions only take like 6 hours to get fixed. Hell, even Yorick only needed 1 day to get fixed and who plays that champion. Now, for Zed (champion that's an overall popular pick) it's already taking 7 days if I'm correct. What could possibly be so bad that it takes 7 x the time of an underplayed champion to fix him?
JulCaesar (EUW)
: Chat Restrictions are stupid
First, you talk about people flaming (are you stupid, well, gg, we won't win with this botlane) and then you are implying people should use the mute button. Maybe you should mute the ones who start flaming like this instead of replying, because if you reply you're just being as bad as they are. Either that or you'll probably keep getting chat restricted.
MilkyWayVL (EUNE)
: Shen or Shyvana
{{champion:98}} Pros: Kit makes up for a great tank, easy to learn, only skillshot is his E, is overall super tanky. Cons: Team dependant (if you ult someone but they still run away you will just be screaming at your desktop), hard to master, easy to counter, hard to farm with. {{champion:102}} Pros: You're a flipping dragon. What could possibly be better?!, high damage bruiser, still a bit tanky for a bruiser (passive), pretty easy to learn. Cons: No escapes (except for ult), people will see when you have your ult ready, if not going tanky you'll still be squishy for a top laner, if dragon dies you can hear the sad call from your fallen brother for help. You should pick {{champion:98}} if you want an overall good tanky pick. Although I wouldn't recommend him in solo queue but that might just be me. You should pick {{champion:102}} if you want a bruiser that can easily switch builds if you see you're doing not so well in lane (instead of dmg just go tank).
: why Tahm Kench does not belong in this game
They should fix the fact that you can troll with the champ rather than delete him. Fix his W so that you can like immediatly jump out or something if you are an ally, but giving Tahm still the cooldown of 2 sec to spit someone out. Furthermore, the champion is pretty useless since getting stacks off on someone is way too hard.
: Balance Xin Zhao (Not qq thread)
''the power of 3 Talons''? Like, am I missing something here? They should just nerf sated devourer to fix champs like Xin, Kayle etc. And they will next patch.
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: Last whisper is incredibly important on any ADC, 35% Armor pen is HUGE, I guess you can get away with it if the enemy team has almost no armor built.
> [{quoted}](name=Rayz019,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3dllLBEm,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2015-07-13T14:03:11.169+0000) > > Last whisper is incredibly important on any ADC, 35% Armor pen is HUGE, I guess you can get away with it if the enemy team has almost no armor built. Exactly what he said. Also, if you /really/ want to build Statikk Shiv (although it's not advisable), then you should swap Phantom Dancer for Statikk Shiv. It's basically the same item. The only significant differences are cost (PD is 300 gold more), passives, attack speed (Phantom dancer gives 10 % more) and crit chance (Phantom dancer gives 15 % more, which is a huge difference and is also mainly the reason that it's bought more than Statikk Shiv). **Edit: **However, late game I'd still swap your Statikk Shiv for a PD, since the passive of Statikk isn't that good anymore by then.
SerHets (EUW)
: Riot, buff Quinn and Aatrox before you release skins for them
So, just because a champion has new skins they need to be buffed? Don't give them bad ideas, please ({{champion:17}} ).
Killler19 (EUNE)
: Can someone give me (what he thinks is the best) build for Miss Fortune?
The standard to-go ADC build would be: {{item:3031}} > {{item:3006}} (Or when enough, just get these when you feel you need the att speed + movement speed) > {{item:3046}} > ({{item:3035}} when many tanks / no sustain needed, {{item:3072}} when sustain needed > The other one of the two) > Tanky item, most of the times {{item:3026}} . I wouldn't know for Miss Fortune though
: IS Tahm Kench good for top?
I wouldn't main him or anything for top yet, because just like for every new champion; His damage will get nerved next patch.
: Give us an approximation time -Zed comversation
Huh? Why would you play magic resist zed? :^ ) No but honestly, they should indeed make some haste. The bug seems to be that he gains xp and gold from all the minions that die (source: )
Orerian (EUNE)
: Who should I buy?
Don't play a champion because ''He's OP'', play a champion because you want to learn it. If you need a toplaner I'd say Rumble/Riven. Probably Rumble because Riven seems to be harder to play and takes longer to learn. Edit: The only reason you should play a champion because it's OP is because you want to learn how to play against it.
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Hansiman (EUW)
: inflation is not the same as exchange rates. ;)
Ah right, forgot that inflation isn't only caused by exchange rates but also by other various factors. That explains it pretty much yeah, thanks
Hansiman (EUW)
: Increase of RP price is caused by inflation of the world economy. That's also basic economics. 100 USD is not worth the same now as 100 USD was 10 years ago. Basically, RP was more expensive when the game came out, and had gotten cheaper due to inflation. It's always difficult to calculate exact prices when RP is based also influenced by USD values, when we purchase with Euro. But that's world economics. If you look at events this past year, you'll see many companies, like Apple, adjusted prices in europe for their products.
That's not entirely true. If it would solely be because of the USD getting cheaper (which isn't true, because it's getting more expensive, source: ) then why would they raise the price for EUR too? Why didn't they raise the price when the USD was on it's lowest point? Also, you can't compare companies like Apple because they are notorious for the fact that they ask way too much for way too little, and they are still charging more and more with each product.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I always keep saying: "Noone forces me to buy them, Riot can make the prices of their goods like they want it."
I don't believe this to be true to be honest. There still is a price-quantity ratio and I care to believe that when they bring the prices up they make the amount of people buying it go down like hell, therefor making the amount of money they get from it way less. But that might just be me.
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