Grendizr (EUW)
: Why Portuguese language is not available in West Europe but available in Brazil
Maybe because we speak Portuguese in Brazil ? Or maybe because the server is not in Europe, it`s in Brazil. And for sure, we speak Portuguese in Brazil! What a idiot question... The server is EUW, why they would use portuguese, when there`s more countries speaking english in EUW than portuguese? {{summoner:3}} {{champion:134}} {{item:3285}}
: I can relate to this, but I aint a good player as well... I mean I take top, and try ward the usual spots as top, but my mid and bot lose, and both still dont ward...even the support, so why not do a simple thing? I dont get help top despite being in a bad match up yet my team will constantly complain about feeding, yet I remain the only one warding baron. I may not be the best but sometimes I look at my team and need to ask, how are you better? What gives you the right to flame me? Why cant you give me advice if my faults are so obvious to you ? Its a team game.
I understand u, the problem for me is really bot lane, they can't stop feed, there's no game who my bot won!{{summoner:14}} {{champion:136}}
: Most of time support is autofill so dont expect wards
Why this so? Why keep this like that ? Why Riot don`t change that ?{{summoner:1}} {{champion:34}}
Shamose (EUW)
: I'm not playing this game to be good at it.
So why play ranked ? U just let the people who want to win and be good on it, get tilted!{{summoner:4}}
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