Kollery (EUNE)
: your playing the support wrong then. Bait them into diving you and kill em all:) especially when you are disengage or aoe cc like nami/zyra(or janna)
When adc is killed, as Nami, just throw ulti and run! But sometimes you can even kill someone with the big wave. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: I feel like neo-latin country cultures tend to have bigger egos, and be a lot more vocal and prone to arguing and insulting. For whatever reason the french seem to do that a lot more than others, but in my experience italians and spanish people also tend to be worse and more toxic in-game as an average. It would seem that more northern countries generally have a nicer, quieter, less hot-headed attitude. And I am not saying this out of self interest, I am from Italy, and people around here tend to be mostly either casuals that don't know what they are doing, kids, or generally quite heavy flamers. But yes, I do believe that it is a cultural thing and anglo-saxon countries tend to be less prone to raging and more disciplined with their gameplay as well.
As a Spanish player, I must agree. Even if I don't flame, most of my Friends do casually. Yet, blaming neo-latin language speakers only is wrong. I don't want to engage in any type of nationality discussion, but I've seen a good number of Germans and English flame too... Don't take it wrong, I don't want to blame anyone in particular, specially as a Spanish and knowing the toxicity of Spanish community...
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: Okay thx for that info about {{champion:99}} , {{champion:7}} and {{champion:55}} and what i should choose.
I love playing with Lux, I've had a lot of fun and it's easy to get the basics. Also, those kills with her ult...lol
raishinari (EUNE)
: morello, zhonya, rabadon, 1 other item (lich is good or maybe luden), void staff boots for mpen
Ok,so it's quite similar to other mages...shall I forget about Nashor's tooth and other hybrid objects? Anyway, thanks for the help
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