Koyomi (EUNE)
: Many from my friend list and me have this bug too. Wonder how did this even happen.
My theory is that people who were in any 5th division, got a fail to reference to their previous rank since every 5th division is gone now. Hence it gets the right tier, but selects the 1st division as a standard if it can't find the 5th option.
: Alright my discord is Loka#0720 And the only person i flame is me so that won't be a problem
Send you an invite!
MSF Ness (EUW)
: [Annoucement] Extra Life Tournament
Nice effort! Sadly I am unable to play, but lots of fun for all the participants! Beautiful background art on this post btw. Hope it will be a succesful day!
: Man that was so nice {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}} i half expected people to roast me for my shit elo and losing streak. I know i should play less, but now that season is changin soon i feel like i have to hurry up and get back to gold so I've been playing way more than what's healthy and feeling way more pressured obsessed with getting back to gold. But when it comes to playing one role, I want to play and learn mid but i feel like getting back to gold is easier as a support. so I'll learn the role next season I would also love the help with replays, i have discord but not playstv, but i will get that too
Would love to help! If you give me your discord I'll add you! Just to make clear: I've a zero tolerance policy on flaming or unsportsmanlike behaviour ^^ so just stay chill if we do this together. Also, I'll probably be off for the night soon, so i think we can talk tomorrow instead. I'll be around most of the day.
Rusope (EUW)
: People not taking Flex 5v5 Ranked serious
For me, flex is the spot where I still play tryhard, but I allow myself a bit more slack. That means, I get to play roles other than my main role. However, I still try my best to win the game. And honestly, it is sad if someone genuinely doesn't want to win, but really nothing you can do about it. You can report them if they intentionally try to lose, but it's hard to really enforce punishment on "not pro-actively trying to win". Perhaps make a post on the teamboards and complete your roster to 5 man! But I guess that's not always an option.
: Losing rank rapidly
Hey dude! First of all, relax, take a breath, and make sure you are still having fun playing rankeds at the moment. If you are sure you want to play more and not just take a small break, I will try to give you some advice based on your OP.gg. Also, the reason why you are losing so much LP in losses and winning a relative small amount is because your MMR (hidden rating) is low compared to your elo. This is probably caused by a loss-streak during your drop, and it will get back to normal LP gains as soon as you start winning some more games. Now to win some more games: I checked your profile and I noticed that in the past days you played Mid, Top, ADC and support. If you really want to just climb, PICK ONE ROLE. Dont play multiple positions, choose one and stick to it. And maybe a secondary, but you can also consider dodging the game if you dont get your main role. Next to this, DONT PLAY TOO MANY GAMES IN A ROW. This is really important. You played over 16 games today! That's way too much. You will only play worse doing so. Try to play less, but more focussed during these games. Every game, think about what YOU should be doing. Don't think about what your team is doing wrong, focuss on what you can do better. That will help you climb. It's hard to give advice on what to think about, but if you want I can help you by watching replays together (although i'm on EUW). So to summarize: -Play less, but think more -Stick to ONE position -Look at what you can do and don't get distracted by the rest -Most importantly, make sure you enjoy playing! It's a game after all! You can HMU if you want me to help with your replays, but you probably need s.t. like playstv & discord so we can watch them.
: How is this fair on me? Was there a bug during the game?
It might be that loss prevented was activated. This means that a loss would result in no LP loss, but it lowers LP gained from wins.
otomó (EUW)
: LF ADC, Top, Mid (Gold+)
You should state the rank and goals of the team. Do you just want to flex? Do you want to play in tournaments? Or maybe just clash? If so, do people need to be in required rank brackets?
: Playing games for living is bad,online friendships don't last long and feel good anyways. Trust me you aren't missing out on anything,stick to playing alone.
Wow, what a shit attitude lol. I don't think everyone should want to play games for a living, but playing games with friends is a great experience, way better than playing alone. It's sharing these fun moments like pentas, amazing outplays and nice conversations that make it so much more enjoyable. And playing for fun as 5's can be amazing with the right people. That doesnt mean everyone should put aside work/school/hobbies/friends to try and join LCS, but there is a way to balance it and play 5s for fun, while still holding a competitive side. It isn't as if every football team is either professional or non-existent, so why should it be in league?
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: IGN ASheepOnFire, plat 2 support looking to find a good adc to climb with and synergise well with :)
I'll send you an invite once i'm out of game!
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: [EUW] Building Team/Community to improve together!
: -Main role, current 3 main champions in this role: Top lane: Fiora, Irelia, Ekko -Current Rank Plat 3 -Age: 25 -Why you're looking to join a team: Dynamic queue is fucked up, might as wel make the best of it and play with a premade and maybe meet some new people while we're at it :) -What your ingame weakness is: I'm very set in the way I like to play my lanes and press my advantages -Something you'd like to add to this club (Rule/mentality/something to aspire to) No, looks good -Any Questions/Remarks I can multi-role and sub as well if you'd like
Heya! Sorry to inform you we already got someone for the spot. Goodluck on your search and thanks for applying!
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: Good evening, I am heavily interest in playing with you guys: - I am main ADC and I am currently playing {{champion:429}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:15}} as my main ADCs -I am actually Gold 2 - I am 18 years old - I hate playing alone, due to the fact that I am becoming pretty salty when playing alone. Furthermore I played a lot of teamranked last season, because it was way more fun then playing soloQ/DuoQ - If I feel very strong, I might overstep because I think I could kill the enemy pretty easily - Some funny but still serious atmosphere, tbh I couldnt think of anything serious and helpful here. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Hey! Sorry for the late response! I sent you an invite on league! Hope you got time for a game.
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GLB Alan (EUW)
: ADC Main Plat 5 LF Duoq or 5 man premade
Heya! We're still looking for a ADC! Here is an original post for team B, but currently we're looking for a new adc in team A : http://goo.gl/dZKuNZ If you're interested and meet the requirements, feel free to add me on league. Tryouts will be in this evening. Feel free to ask any questions. I might accept/respond a little late as I will be having dinner shortly.
Kilroy666 (EUW)
: LF team gold-plat
Heya! We're still looking for a jungler. Here is an original post for our team: http://goo.gl/dZKuNZ If you're interested and meet the requirements, feel free to add me on league. I might accept a little late as I will be having dinner shortly.
Andrisoff (EUW)
: hi, I main jungle, mid and support. in jungle i like to play rengar, gragas, vi. in mid i like TF, Kassadin, lulu. just transfered from EUNE to EUW in EUNE this season was gold 4, last season was palt 5. im soon to be 23. I want to play in a team because those games are only ones with communication, and thats what get wins. A mentality of a team should be to ward as a team, there should be 5 pinks mid game.
Hi! I am currently checking your profile, and it says you're Silver 4. Now this might be because your rank will be lowered when transferring servers. But unfortunately this isn't really do-able for us as we will struggle with the dynamic queue restrictions. Hence I'll have to say no for this one. My apologies, but there's not really a way to work around this.
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: I used to play it a lot at the begining of the season.I do indeed enjoy it
Currently ingame, but i'll add you after!
: Wouldnt mind to play Toplane either,but i guess you rather want a main toplaner.
Well, if you're decent at it and willing to learn it.. But make sure you find it fun enough to main then.
: Gold skillfull player LF duo or pro team
Hey man, we're still looking for a toplaner! http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en/7suTcPpc-constructing-a-team-gold-plat-serious Let me know if you're interested! Just reply here or in that thread.
: Hi, -main role: ADC,mostly playing Cait,lucian and ez -league:Plat V -age:18 -why playing in a team:I enjoy playing in a team way more than just playing hours of dynamic Q,because of the better communication and teamwork -weakness:I tend to be too passive in lane,even though i could get a lead or push it further -Something i want to add:Be nice and try to help each other instead of flaming
Sorry! This role is already filled. We're just looking for a toplaner now.
: -Main role, current 3 main champions in this role: Support, Lulu,Thresh, Nami -Current Rank: Gold 2 -Age: 24 -Why you're looking to join a team: Never actually had a proper team and i want the experience -What your ingame weakness is: If the team is tilted am tilted, basically I get affected easily. (depends on how tired I am) -Something you'd like to add to this club (Rule/mentality/something to aspire to): hmm my rule...If you flame you already lost the game, thinking you are the best doesnt mean you are...you need to be able to take suggestions :P
: **- Class:** jungle willing 2 expand champpool. Champpool you can find at the end of my comment **- RANK:** gold 5 (last season gold 2) **- Age: ** 24 years old **- Looking 4?** i think playing in a team with voice communication is just so much more fun **- Weakness? ** full vision control **- What i want to add?** i wanna add chocolate, i'm from belgium. Belgian chocolate op **- Questions?** when do WE START?{{summoner:4}} Champs atm: {{champion:79}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:24}}
MarkBago (EUW)
: -Mid Lissandra Azir Viktor -Current Rank Plat 2 -Age 19 -Why you're looking to join a team to play with other people and improve -What your ingame weakness is not perfect english, but can understand pretty well You can apply as a duo! But make sure you will become a part of a team, not continue being a duo. If your position is still open, I will add you.
Sent an invite! We will see how we can work on the level of english, basic communication should be easy (warded/missing/rotations).
Reioli (EUW)
: -Main role, current 3 main champions in this role: Support, Thresh, Lulu, Janna (can play more) -Current Rank: Gold 4 -Age: 19 -Why you're looking to join a team: I want to get to know some other ppl that also play league -What your ingame weakness is: I can tilt pretty fast sometimes but I can control it to not flame or anything -Something you'd like to add to this club (Rule/mentality/something to aspire to): I am generally positive, never flame and I can keep everyones mood up! I come form Switzerland but I am capable of talking fluent English
Hey man! I sent you an invite on League. I'll talk more to you there!
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: gold/silver team looking for a midlaner
Age:19 Country: The Netherlands Main Role: ~~ADC~~ Marksman, but looking into mid aswell Top 3 Champions: For mid Orianna/Zed/Le blanc Rank: Gold 1 How many champions you have: 102 Anything else you like to say: I am currently an ADC main, but I would like to play a bit more mid and get into shotcalling. I would really like to have a team with real teamwork, with hopefully no unnecessary rage/flame/complaining. I also hope we can play often and with a bit of fun as well. I've a few questions left for you but will add you in the client :)
: No Key shards for the past couple of days!
The more key shards you already collected, the harder it becomes to earn new keyshards. Just keep on playing for fun and you'll run into them automatically.
: I main jungle
Sorry, we're currently full! Thanks for your response anyway.
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KeenOo (EUW)
: Hey currently getting back into league as well. Was gold last season currently sitting at silv 4. 24 and from UK also ive got a TS server. Would love to find someone to just chill out with and climb the ladders again. IGN : KeenOo Add us if you think i fit the bill ;) haha
Read what I replied to Luryur, maybe you guys can team up as well ;)
Luryur (EUW)
: Hey there, im currently climbing solo at the moment through gold and im the same postion man ^^ need a bro to climb with for the compant ^^ im a support main who can play anything else to a high gold standard at least. Have my own mumble and im willing to download anything else if that suits for chat. ign: Luryur. I look forward to it .
Heya, sorry for the late response, currently I already have a lot of invites! So can't really accept more :p You can try and contact KeenOo at the bottom here, as he's still looking for someone as well!
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: Hello, Seems i'm first to apply, lucky me :) Tag: zirou master Roles: Main mid, secondary Jungler, thirdly adc. Although i can substitute any lane ofcourse Mains: Yasuo, Jayce, Malzahar for mid, though i can play a wide variety of mid lane champs. Elise, Xin Zhao, Shaco for jungle. Jinx, vayne, twitch for adc. Excels at: Snipes, Assasination, Knowing when danger is around the corner. Estimated skill level: high gold/low plat Available time: 20+ hours a week I'm a dutchie too ^^ if there are any questions i'd like to answer them.
Heya! I've sent you a friend request on league. We'll have a little chitchat and we shall see!
: Shame you're not looking for an ADC, good luck with your search.
Indeed a pity! Thanks for your response tho.
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