: Win Legacy Skins courtesy of Pringles
Tbh, blizzard a much better campaign with pop tarts, where every pack you buy, you get a free loot box, it would have been so much better if by every pringles can you buy, you get a free loot box and key.
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: I know players who have 2k plus wins and they are still bad, it means nothing, do not be distracted by rank or otherwise. Just do your best and appreciate that if you lose, it was because they were the better team that game. Allow yourself to learn from your opponent as much as possible, sometimes you pick up certain things you can use on another opponent in the future.
Thank you for the feedback i'll try to learn more, i actually think that it's good to play against players that are better than me so i can become better and i now understand it after the time i posted this and now :)
: you can have champion shards and convert them to blue essence from buying them at the shop...with just Ip!
Yhe they iplemented that feature after i posted this...and god bless them, already got my ahri at masterie lvl 7 {{champion:103}}
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: Same for everyone mate it's getting to a point where I think Riot just did this at first to be like, "look guys we're giving you free shit" and they just thought it wasn't profitable enough so they decided to lower the drop change to 0,01%
Wow fells bad i really wanted to get some blue ensence so i could lvl up ahri to lvl 6 and can't afford to spend money on hextech chests and keys. But ty for your reaply :)
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Adama (EUW)
: What did you get in your free hextech chest?
I got Blood Moon Akali and Urf ward. :D{{champion:84}} And on smurf got Pool Party Mundo and Poro ward.{{champion:36}}

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