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: Good idea, the only downside i could see here is if you were typing to a friend and agreed to decline so you both could play instead, while typing you pushed space and got thrown into game.
Who has friends anyway {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
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: Teleport summoner spell in the collection
Not to mention that in the video you see Sion teleporting to a randomized spot instead of teleporting to the place closest to his Nexus.
: I think its intended. Everything up Top is Primary, anything that can be exited out off is Secondary and a boundry is created between the secondary page and the top. If you click "Learn More" on the Alpha page, you will create a new secondary page (with an X appearing in the top right) When it comes to the Shop, i imagine that clicking on a new champion will also create a Secondary page. So maybe to the developers, is there a better way to make the distinction between primary and secondary pages clearer? (but i think its fine)
Still, in my opinion they can change it so that when you view your profile that it doesn't take up the whole screen regarding the splash art.
: Update/infinite loading
Try to uninstall the alpha client and reinstall it again. I think that should do the trick.
: my alpha client does not update
Have you tried to uninstall the alpha client and download it again? I think that should do the trick, if not try to contact Riot support regarding the LCU.
Rioter Comments
Pelicanos (EUNE)
: Clearer status appearance
I really like this idea, because for me the symbols that are now live on the alpha client are rather small for me. When I look at my friendslist in a blink of an eye I don't see all the info I want regarding their status. I'd rather have something like this so you can see it more clearly.
: can i use the alpha client for my main account and my smurf account?
The alpha client is linked to the account you signed up with, you're not able to use your smurf with the alpha client.
: what? how do i change the order of my rune pages?

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