SeekerK (EUNE)
: You didn't have to uinstall your antivirus, you can disable them. I'm also using Norton, but the payed version. But when using windows defender, go to your Windows Defender Security Center and disable Core Isolation: Make sure your windows is fully updated, even if it says that it is, try to search for more. --- If that doesn't help, i'd like you to get [Hextech Repair tool]( and gather some logs with it, upload the zip file in here: and share the result url in here.
hello there, so i checked it and core Isolation is disabled, my Windows is up to date and as im still not able to solve the Problem, here are my hextech logs: if you Need anything else please let me know and thanks for the help so far..
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello letzzplayff I noticed from your process list that you're running the Twitch desktop app while playing games, i suggest you to uninstall it and all other 3rd party programs you may have. Then try to play the game. You currently have only windows defender running or any other antiviruses too?
hello, it Looks like this twitch app installed itself while reinstalling Windows. actually i didnt have this installed before and back then i also had this issue, but to be sure i uninstalled it and again the crash occured.. yes only Windows Defender is running, before i had the payed Version of Norton and this made never Problems. im not sure if i can disable Windows Defender to retry?
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