Infernape (EUW)
: They do. They don't reveal invisible champions like Shaco or Akali.
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: About Re-adding Global Champion Quotes In Draft Pick
Great suggestion. When the new draft pick first came out, the global champion quotes were the best part about it, at least for me. Pls rito listen to this wise man
Tarolock (EUW)
: i guess they have a similar plan as yours, and as they said in the post about the badges its just a start for now, they are w8ing on feedback and we'll see what will they do with it
Oh I didn't know they said that. I kinda stopped reading their posts a while ago.
: they will, they got plans for it
: I only wish those emblems where more visible in-game (like loading screen) so i know who got boosted.
Maybe it would encourage pre-game flame and trash talk. I would rather be able to chat with my team in the loading screen.
Tarolock (EUW)
: so how do you match 3-4 man premades in a 5man team? i seriously losing my mind why are ppl so stubborn about dynamic q, in the last 200 games i never experienced the bad side of it, enemy bot and jungle premade? i go passive with the adc defending tower while top and mid goes ahead and wins the game, no matter how skilled the enemy premade they tunnelvision bot so we can win on other 2 lane same goes if they are in my team, maybe we will lose the first few teamfights, but then i now where they are heading and i can follow them even without communication, i look at map, ward bushes around us etc and it works as for the trolls it doesnt matter if they are premade or solo, trolls are trolls handle them accordingly, mute and report after the game, you cant win every match so make your and everyone elses life better by muting/reporting them, but do it without telling them that you will report them or flaming etc, dont go afk, just play like you are playing with good players and if i offended anyone im sorry, didnt mean to
Well, of course this system wouldn't be perfect. However, ideally, the system should prioritize matching the 4-man team with a player who has a dynamic preference badge over a solo preference player. Thats where the badges come in. If a player plays most of his ranked games in premades, then he should get priority to be matched with other premades even if he queued alone. On the other hand, players who play most of their ranked games solo should get priority to play in a game with pure solo players. And no one should be offended by a discussion regarding a video game. Thanks for the reply.
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: I miss that upgrade. It was amazing and perfect for mid/late game against champions like {{champion:28}} {{champion:107}}{{champion:35}} {{champion:29}}
Any game that had one of those champs you'd see 5 pink trinkets on your team all dropped at the beginning of the fight. Gosh things were simpler back then :p
: It would be fine if Oraceles actually revealed stealthed champions, making them targetable.
Yeah that could work as well. I myself just loved dropping pinks in the middle of drake or baron pits to be able to clear any annoying wards the enemy support spams
Azure9861 (EUW)
: So Vlad has 4000 health and did 1600 damage in 0.3 seconds
I think they should remove the healing from his ult. He already has enough sustain from his q and he has an invulnerability. And he can also damage you WHILE HEALING WHILE BEING INVULNERABLE. Way too much. Tanks shouldn't do the most damage in the game.
Silisa (EUNE)
: > why take them off To dumb down the game and remove the advantage those of us who used the yellow trinket upgrades had over everyone else. The next step will probably be the final removal of fog of war which will make vision items unnecessary.
Then they will also remove skillshots
: hope they wont. its already bad enough
how is it bad enough? they keep annoying us about vision control and what not then take out the biggest factor of it. Thats just dumb on their part
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: Searching for team members to an 5vs5(ranked) all girls team!
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rip 13900 IP,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ve8YumHE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-06-29T14:47:57.416+0000) > > My point was that skins with particle changes used to be 975. Only skins that were very different deserved to be 1350 like soul reaver Draven which had a different voice. Skins now are generally more expensive, and I believe they will continue to rise in prices because apparently I'm the only one complaining about it. The only skins that are relatively cheap are those stupid 750 skins released in sets. I have a lot of 520 skins that are much better and more unique than those 750 skins, and now I doubt Riot will ever release a 520 skin ever again thanks to chroma packs. Yeah, I know. It's actually correct. Good thing we have these guys. Their reviews are on point. F.e. Freljord's basically just a recoloring with some different sounds and particles. Could have easily been a 975 RP skin. Nvm that a little while ago, Riot made RP more expensive in Europe.
Ya I didn't wanna mention the RP price increase because it seemed like a different issue, but it still hurts us no doubt. Also this skin review website seems very useful so thanks for the link. I'll be sure to read reviews on every skin I intend to purchase from now on and and try to generally buy less skins in the future because god knows I spent a lot of money on this free game as it is.
AznaktaX (EUNE)
:'s true that a lot of these 750 RP skins don't make much sense. Like, why did Volibear get another generic 750 RP skin? He is the highest win rate jungler in the game right now and yet his most expensive skin is at 975, and even that doesn't bring much new to the table aside from a few particles and lighting effects I guess. No, instead let's release another 1350 RP skin for Varus, it's not like he had many of those these last two yearsOh wait!!
My point was that skins with particle changes used to be 975. Only skins that were very different deserved to be 1350 like soul reaver Draven which had a different voice. Skins now are generally more expensive, and I believe they will continue to rise in prices because apparently I'm the only one complaining about it. The only skins that are relatively cheap are those stupid 750 skins released in sets. I have a lot of 520 skins that are much better and more unique than those 750 skins, and now I doubt Riot will ever release a 520 skin ever again thanks to chroma packs.
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Anraton (EUW)
: sounds like animation cancelling ...
i dont think his q's animation is meant to be cancelled since theres a channel ..
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Riluulia (EUW)
: I think the skin prices is just fine i like how they set the prices. Besides many of the 1350 has been on sale with 28% less cost making it cost 975 rp which sounds just dandy to me.
So its basically a skin thats worth 975 but costs 975 for a limited time only. I wanted slayer jinx and thought it would be for 975 because I played it on the pbe and it had the same level of effects as mafia jinx. Couldn't get it on release because I was abroad and now its 1350. Really bums me out.
: Meanwhile at Rito HQ.
Awesome post lol and the music hit me in the feels
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: One of the main reasons they don't implement this is because in high elo (Dia1+) there is very few people you play with - Specially in Master and Challenger. Everyone knows each other. At that point being able to just dodge a game because you think X player sucks will make Queue times that in such an high ELO already are a pain in the ass (15+ minutes sometimes) even longer - besides offering the possibility of completely exluding a player from a region if there is enough hate against him (take into consideration that the game gets aborted by 1 of 5 players leaving - 1 player in champselect doesnt like X and leaves = no game). If you take the above into consideration, it's somewhat understandable. I lost a promo because of a midlaner Teemo with Clarity and Clairvoyance who was deliberately feeding. I knew from champselect that he would - but I didn't dodge. IF I would not have been in promo I would've definitely dodged that game. Why? Because it doesn't affect my MMR - only my LP and time. My MMR stays untouched, that is what matters for me. I have 2 alt accounts on which I can play, and whenever I either don't feel like playing Rankeds/I feel forced to dodge a match (leaves a bitter taste always) I can just go play a normal or TB on my Alt Account. When they reach lv30 I'll be using them as Ranked Smurfs probably. And once I have them all at the same ELO as my main I can really just dodge and switch account when I feel like it - because I won't even be losing time, only LP (which doesnt matter at all for climbing unless promotion).
I understand your point on how it's affecting high ELO, and I keep repeating my own point that they should definitely punish people who repeatedly queue dodge. By making the wait timers only happen to people who dodge say 2-3 times in a row, they would still effectively punish people who queue dodge for petty reasons (Does't like x-player or didn't get his role), while being less punishing towards people who left the champ select for legitimate reasons like disconnecting or reasons similar to mine. As for high ELO, I doubt a 5 minute wait will stop a person from queue dodging when he recognizes someone that he thinks is bad. People with that mentality rarely care about losing LP and the waiting + from what you're saying it sounds like people are dodging in high ELO either way. Now I don't know how the queues work, but wouldn't less wait timers generally mean less queue time? Yes, people would dodge more, but they would be able to get right back on queue which should shorten the queue time. On a final note, I just want to let you know that I'm not trying to speak on behalf of queue dodgers. I rarely dodge myself. My one and only problem with this system is the fact that if normal players DO find themselves in a situation where they are forced to dodge because they care about their MMR too much, they get punished with wait timers regardless of how rarely they dodge and when the last time they dodged was.
EmEx (EUW)
: you waste time of 9 or 10 (if you include yourself) people
I don't know about you, but I'd rather waste 3 minutes of my life than waste 20 minutes playing a loosing game with a troll pick.
: It still wastes time, and if it didn't get punished people would abuse it... you have to play with the hand you are given so queue dodging should be punished.
I understand that and that is why I said that they should put wait timers on people who queue dodge multiple times in a row. But people get punished for reasons out of their control like DCing and what not.
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Ichinose (EUW)
: M.I.B Lucian pleeeaaaasee RIOT !!!!111!
Pulp fiction Lucian can also work
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brijmohan (EUW)
: That could work and is a nice visual addition. Your toggle example is what made most of us, or at least 2 of us, think you meant when smite was up ^^
Lol it was the only example I could think of that has an effect like that
: This would be nothing good for junglers, since you can see as an enemy, if smite is up or not.
I didn't mean that it would go away when smite is on cooldown. Just have the arm glowing all the time. Then the enemy wouldn't be able to tell
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poustray (EUW)
: Here's the proof : * patch 5.12, runeglaive is live (June 24th)</div></div></div>Runeglaive * patch 5.13, sated devourer is live (July 13th) and runeglaive buffed.</div></div></div>Devourer * patch 5.14, (July 22nd) 9 days later (so just over a week), runeglaive gets tweaked making it unviable on midlane to avoid getting those {{champion:81}} {{item:3716}}</div></div></div>Runeglaive
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: Before Sated Devourer this game was in the most balanced state I've ever seen it...
I agree, I honestly don't know who to ban anymore cause the enemy will just pick the other broken champion that wasn't banned. And what sucks most is that I main ADC, and am the main victim of these broken champs and items.
poustray (EUW)
: Lol no it was here before.
Lol no it was not. Before sated devourer's patch, the blue enchantment was called magus and it didn't have a sheen proc.
: Yes, but stuff like that is not toxic. One is allowed to use emotes (as long as he is not doing it for minutes on end, then its just spam), one is allowed to walk his champion to any point of the map where he wants (except to feed intentionally). Flaming is toxic. You reported that player for a valid reason, which is that he flamed you and others in chat. But disrespecting through ingame actions not involving the chat, is not a toxic action.
You have a good point there, sir
Dzsime (EUNE)
: [VOTE] Pick order vs Call order vs Something Else
Call order in blind, Pick order in draft.
: That's not "BM" aka. "bad manners", what that malphite did, was "verbal abuse" or "negative attitude". "BM" is when a fed Nasus dances in front of your jungler or allows him a few hit, knowing he can't be killed. Its also called "disrespecting". While not exactly a friendly act, its also not toxic as in "they will get into trouble for this", because 1) it cannot be proven (nothing in the chatlogs) 2) the cause could also simply be that this player is inexperienced, lags or simply doesn't care and 3) there is no rule saying: "I have to run away from two people" or "I cannot run in circles around the sport where I just scored a double".
Yeah he would do what you said. An example is when he killed our midlaner at our inhibitor turret, then spammed laugh in place while tanking the laser for about 3 seconds. Stuff like that can really get to you.
: Yes it's indeed Negative Behaviour. Good job thou trying to win just keep that spirit up and try to never surrender a ranked match you never know what could happen in the next 1~5minutes!! But i would say next time mute him at the first moment he say EZ or anything else whats getting your focus from the game itself.
Yeah that game was pretty fun, and no one in my team came close to flaming. Everyone was so damn positive about everything. I guess having a common enemy made friendly towards each other.
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