: Tell us your Ranked 2018 stories!
My ranked-story this year is like one of the saddest I've ever seen. As someone who plays League of Legends for 6 years now, I've never had a strict focus on ranked matches. But this season, I thought, could be the greatest season I've ever had! I was always a solid silver-player, had a gold peak once (in the season when Sivir got the skin, unfortunately 1 day after the season ended). However, this season I got ranked S2 when I finished my placements. I was so excited, because it was the highest rank I've ever started (last season I had a 1-9 "winning"-streak in my placements which stil got me B1). After playing rankeds for a while and having a losing streak there, due to the messed-up meta, I decided not to play ranked until the "meta" was fixed. In July I started playing rankeds again and for the first time I grabbed a duo-q partner for that. But our victory went further away. We both played quite good, but we still kept on losing. We weren't losing hope, we kept playing, and every loss just gave us more hope, "next game will be better". End of the result? I got a ranked-winrate of 38%, by having neutral or positive stats, I dropped to S4 (from S2 starting this season) and I kinda lost my will to keep on playing ranked. I don't want attention. I don't want people to feel pity for me. I. Just. Want. My. Rank. Back.
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: is euw down?
yop, couldn't open a friend's profile, tried to relogg and I can't come in again. gg wp rito {{item:3151}}
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