KeokiX3 (EUW)
: Looking for ppl for turret siege quest premade
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: Is anyone else experiencing weird lag
Same Here I am getting the same lag even though I am using Ethernet Cable instead of WiFi , It's so irritating
hazza10 (EUW)
: Giveaway of Championship Ashe!
Saqib Ali Positive Thinking :-) I hope that you'll achieve everything you wanted in your life :-)
: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
: The question isnt what kind of cookies will you send, but how many?
dubba (EUW)
: Bitdefender blocks LoL Patcher
Don't let him do this uninstall the shit out of bitdefender !
Light Show (EUNE)
: If I ever get out of silver and make it to plat...
Easy way to reach plat 1) Play akali support 2) Wait lvl 6 and get 3 charges 3) 1 shot enemy adc 4) ????? 5)Proft!
Roundar (EUW)
: The reason to pick Morgana.
Solash (EUW)
: Psssst, don't tell anyone....but Dead Man's plate got released early.
i saw this item while i was INGAME and i was like wtf? where does it came from xD
: Well as a jungler I can't complain. I buy Sated Devourer + Botrk on Shyvana and I insta win :)
Did you really had to say that?
axblaze (EUNE)
: devourer kassadin
Nami,Vayne,Shen etc
Eazy AO (EUW)
: How is Akali right now?
IDK about other lanes but shes solid at bot lane wait till lvl 6 while you farm when you get lvl 6 then you need to get get 3 ulti charges and then let your adc take cs but you farm enemy adc :D Not joking really tried it yesterday in two games got triple kill and both games and won with a positive KDA ratio :)
: Which Is Better Ad Tf Or Ap Tf? Need Opinions Please ^_^
: i think i found my new main jungle
lol i played with you didn't i?
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings. If you feel you have been wrongfully banned (regardless of reason) you can [Submit a Request]( and have the case investigated again. If there was indeed an error made, they revert them asap. This is also where you can get more Information, talking to a Specialist there. Just be patient in the conversation with the Support Staff, they usually start with a template answer, to reduce response times etc. But upon further conversations they do transfer you to a Specialist for such Cases and those guys/girls take the time to discuss this with you a bit more in depth and they make sure it was not an error too! Good Luck Summoner.
LoL read the post at least nonsense -.-
Misticzor (EUW)
: WINDOWS 10 ??
It works for my friend tho :)
: will i lose lp in gold due to inactivity
no you don't get decay in Gold,Silver and Bronze
: Is it possible to drop to Bronze?
: How to get rid of chat permanently [WORKS]
or you can let people say what they want since it shouldn't matter to you, you should only answer the question you think are good and ignore flammers and such is it that hard? Seriously you block your chat you get reported for not communicating and then you get banned again
heNightmare (EUNE)
: Which 4800 IP champ to buy?
Xerath is better if you are able to watch your positioning otherwise Orianna is a better choice :)
Saqib Ali (EUW)
: [Resolved] RADS Error: Unspecified error occurred. Please check the log for more info
Dang it i was able to fix this error by deleting the " temp " file in the directory \League of Legends\RADS hope this helps someone :)
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: 7Lolwiz keys left
: 7Lolwiz keys left
Hi thanks for giveaway
aburoomi (EUNE)
: should i get fiora which is now 4800 or save up for gnar (6300)
Get Riven instead of Fiora you can rekt both Fiora and Gnar with her if you play well :)
Xiyador (EUW)
: bump, please help
If he can DDoS you why can't you do this to him? get a skype IP resolver (most are free) get a stresser (1 or 2 are free for 200 seconds i can't link you to the site and i won't )) and hit him hard as you can :)
Mecar (EUW)
: Many champions (Poppy, olf olaf, old eve) were gutted because they have lack counterplay
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=6eA5cceJ,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2015-07-10T17:46:26.511+0000) > > I only noticed that pattern for skins belonging to the 1350 and upper tier (getting discounted for 975 and such, that's how I bought Blood Moon Thresh...), but I could be wrong. You are indeed correct, and my apologies for the misinformation Saqib. It looks like 750RP skins on launch do not come discounted.
Eambo (EUW)
: From what I've seen in the past, skins are normally launched at a special discount price for the first few days - then go up to their normal price. I haven't paid enough attention to say if that's 100% always the case, but it seems to be from experience. Red Card is awesome too though, and I believe that one is legacy.
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: HELP my account is hacked
Submit a report to riot support we can't do anything in here buddy > [{quoted}](name=anusbleker10,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=aE6AHWWZ,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-09T11:35:11.928+0000) > > when i was playing some league i got a pm from a friend of mine with this in: > Good news ! After Riot Girl Tristana, Unchained Alistar, and Dreadknight Garen. Riot is now offering High Noon Yasuo go claim your reward here : **removed** > > niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice :D > > so i thought this was legit but it didn't and suddenly league said tht my account was logged in from another location? > then i tried to relog and client said wrong username so i went to the webpage and reuested a pasword reset and my login id and it had changed?! > so can someone plz help me recover my main account i have spent alot of money on this account so plz someone that has had this before or an admin plz help me! i have proof that the account i'm talking about : Pro nightwolve is really mine so i'm not trying to scam or anything, proof is in attach. > > thanks in advance Submit a report to riot support we can't do anything in here buddy
Agidyne (EUW)
: so, my dad just bought Battlefield 4...
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: The state of Yi with Sated Devourer.
lol what about ap jax then 0.o
: Do you Ekko anymore ?
Meh in low elo he is a perma ban :)
ItzOver (EUNE)
: after champion select nothing happened stuck with recconect button
Rioter Comments
: "You're disconnected, please check your Internet Connection"
: Smite Ez counter?
Pick Akali wait till 6 and it's gg
: [Suggestion] Make Smurfing a bannable offense.
Why? Because you just got owned by a smurf, and your now here crying at fourms learn to play.
: Where can i download software to mod champion models or skins
you can try asking at l or at Good Luck
No he's still OP I want him nerfed even more.
: How Do I Tell My GF
By your mouth or you can send her a message or you can get someone to say that not a big deal tho :0
: WTF is Jax?
Hes Evolved Master Yi Kappa
galH11 (EUNE)
: tahm can take 6 stacks cho across the map but graves can't have a cigar
Ekko can go back in time but Graves can't have a god damn cigar!
GeeEddy (EUW)
: Annoying change on active item cooldowns
I hate it too Riot should add an option to change it or revert it completely its really annoying!
True Sight (EUNE)
: URGENT! Gamebreaking bug after 5.11 and 5.12 patch
Packet Loss, happened to me today i was a nasus couldn't farm or do anything it sucks you can just watch others do things :/
: What is the most annoying abillity ingame?
KAilista I just can't get my hands on her!!!
T4underbolt (EUNE)
: The Zed chroma pack sneak peak of actuall appearance :D
Copy from leaguememe at least give credits
: Graphics card
Hmmm I thought it wouldn't because the actual game itself runs in a different process but I get 20-35 FPS without any graphics card I run the game on Intel R 82945G using Chell 1.7b Oh Yea! You can try searching for modded drivers
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