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: Yet, Got 5 games off SKT , 3-D Team liquid and made an international Record , Along with TWO EU Records this year o.o.......If that's gold 2 then damn cant wait to get to that Elo XD
you know this is a copypasta right?
: Team Pass & Fan Pass Hit the Rift on May 31st
what skin will the LCS./LEC chroma be for?
xMalfoyx (EUW)
: waste your money and when u get banned. Bye money :D
submit a ticket to riot support, they refunded my friend for purchasing rp like a day before he got banned
: Community: Vayne and client are broken! Riot: Here's that Lux skin nobody asked for.
you mean the schoolgirl lux? pornhub traffic has decreased since the splash for that came out
: Everything is fine here. You stun an enemy, if you stop any immobilizing effect. That does not mean that you stun an enemy, if he uses CC an you.
flowchart can you move? yes then you aren't immobilized no then fiora w stuns make sense? silence is also cc but you can still move during it. this only applies to stuns roots knock ups etc
: You want to be referred to as “them”? :p
No I think 'it' would be more appropriate


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