realKano23 (EUNE)
: did your mommy just buy you fortnite skins my dear?
I dont play shitty games like fortnite or league 😂
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: > [{quoted}](name=VIT Laati,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OELgEE1B,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-01T17:29:57.260+0000) > > Flex has separate MMR to Yolo-Q. > > If those Plat players have low MMR or low amount of Flex-Q matches played, they will play against you. > > Working as intended. I wouldn't call getting matched against players who are 10 times better than you "working as intended" regardless of it theoretically being true, because in practice it obviously isn't.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: it IS the urf mode, riot had it in one of the "ask riot" topics and they had the numbers to show the effects too, as soon as they bring urf/arurf back a bigger percentage of the playerbase leaves the game without coming back there is the constant stream of leavers, that is to be expected, but during arurf/urf its just way bigger than usual, this is why you dont see that gamemode often
> [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=iEnGX9rx,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-28T00:18:51.485+0000) > > it IS the urf mode, riot had it in one of the "ask riot" topics and they had the numbers to show the effects too, as soon as they bring urf/arurf back a bigger percentage of the playerbase leaves the game without coming back > > there is the constant stream of leavers, that is to be expected, but during arurf/urf its just way bigger than usual, this is why you dont see that gamemode often I honestly think it’s because how weird rankeds works now... i myself have stopped to play due to this...
smooker36 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Zanador,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zJByv1wK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-26T21:33:18.478+0000) > > Well, feel free to wait for another reply, but giving you the right answer on this one does not require a high rank. > > Long story short: you climbed higher on the ranking ladder than your current MMR, so the system will make climbing higher or staying in this position difficult for you until your raise your MMR enough. Yeah i know about mmr and ranking, but i just wanna to ask is this normal to get lower lps per game in diamond than in lower tiers? I have 55% win rate i dont think that my mmr is so bad :P
Pretty normal. This is why most masters and challengers have really high winrate and therefore they climb with a little amount of Lp gained when winning... But as someone said, depends on mmr... average mmr per division in dia is so damn high because of so many smurfs from chall/masters trying to reach dia with80% winrate then stop...
Kurotsu (EUW)
: xDD Thanks, your advice to climb out of Iron is 'dont play in Iron' Meme: Can't be iron if you dont play iron {{sticker:vayne-pose}} If you get it
I guess so haha but if you even manage to become an Iron player, well, then I can only advise you to play more normals... Only 4% of all players are in Iron
Kurotsu (EUW)
: You forgot Iron :(
Iron... not even worth to mention haha... Whatever, will edit my post then
: I1 to S3 is 8 ranks(?) so you ranked up once an hour? even without loosing, 2 games to reach promos (so 50+ Lp each time?) and then 2 games to win promos that mean you win 4 games an hour Queue and champ select is about 5 mins total (with no dodges) so you would have to win each game in under 10 minutes? (I think I got the number right, feel free to correct me if im wrong)
Yeah, first of all, I1 to S3 is 6 ranks away, not 8... Remember bronze V and Silver V are gone now. And as it is early season, winning alot of games means that you will gain LOTS of LP per win and therefore, you could even skip ranks, in which I did, skipped bronze 3 or something... easy peasy lmao
Haze97 (EUW)
: It is next to impossible to carry most low elo teams.
Explain how I managed to reach silver 3 from Iron 1 in less than 8 hours? Lol{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: [Patch 9.4] Extreme gamebreaking bug happening every single game. please fix asap.
Lol... so that's why I am performing really bad right now...
Pixelbits (EUW)
: It's funny how you're pathetic to not respond to my post. Big mouth blah blah blah, but zero dignity to back it up.
Lol. Bro... Sometimes, I don't have time to read on the boards. HOWEVER BRO, I will tell you how to deal with that. As an adc-player, you will need to do this: 1. During early games, try to reach 100 cs at 10 minutes, and everytime you're not about to last hit, try to harass your opponents with either spells or base attacks. Very good way to trade your opponents is to base attack them when they are going to last hit on a minion. Really important! 2. Try to know your champion. When is your champion really dangerious? At lvl 6? At lvl 2 or 3? When you get your core items? When you get your first two items? When you get the needed attack speed? When you know your champion so much, you will start taking advantages of that and your enemies will go "OMG SO OP... OMG SO LUCKY" or something like that. Your TEAMMATES will notice this and eventually play really good (I know it's weird but this is true and happens alot in silver-gold games). Real players won't get tilted (in which you do alot). 3. League of legends is kind of a mind game. Tryy to make your teammates in a good mood all the time, make good plays so they can stay positive and make good plays themselves. Sometimes, I say "it's okay, dw" or like "don't die, we can still win" or like "stay positive, we can still win this". All mind-game bro. This is how you 1v9. 4. Mark your enemies' mistakes and PUNISH THEM IMMEDIATELY. As a 3 times diamond player, I can read every goddamn silver-gold player and I see mistakes every goddamn time. But this is because I've played this game for a very long time and I know what a mistake is and what is not a mistake. Most of the times, silvers won't even know that the opponents just made terrible mistakes that could lead your team into a victory. Just play a lot and gain them knowledges. With that being said... don't do mistakes. If your teamfight went wrong, don't blame on your team but blame on yourself: 'if I did THIS, eventually I could carry and win that teamfight'. It's soooooo easy to win teamfights as an ADC player, 5. Positioning in a correct way is really important as an adc player. Where to stand, when to go in, how to kite, towards what way to kite while attacking, when not to attack but just run, when you should go 1v5, when you should go 1v1, on what enemy you should focus on (if it is possible though) etc etc etc etc etc)... There's soooooooooooooooo much you can do bro, you just need to wake up and become better. Your team won't mean shit if you know all these things, because by then you will go 1v9 easily. Takes time to know this. Just play a lot and start asking yourself REAL questions. For example, hmm maybe if I focused on vayne instead of sona... maybe we would have won that teamfight... or if you happened to get chased and killed, instead of saying "OMG NO HELP", you could ask yourself "hmm, maybe I shouldn't go too close to them before something good happens... (if they wasted a good ability, ult or made a mistake or something... anything bro). 6. Sure, this is a team-based game (too bad...), even though you can still do a lot all by alone. But how can you help your team to win a game? I already gave you lots of examples above but you could ping a lot, give your team really good info, or make really useful calls. I use to say "guys, they are 3 bot, lets try baron gogogogogo", but only if you're 4-5 players grouped already. Make calls that MAKES SENCE. Not risky ones that doesnt even makes sences... You could for example take dragon, kill turrets when there are no risks, splitpush when you notice your team is actually playing safe and backing off, not trying to start a fight (but if they get chased and killed, it's your fault). Try to read everyone as much as possible and give your team as much info as possible (not useless info lol) 7. I posted a thread where I am giving tips what you should work on (depends on your rank, bronze -> master). Check this thread:
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: Make a colour blind mode that works?
> [{quoted}](name=sharp silver,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=E3wrckIn,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-23T19:54:50.353+0000) > > This has been bugging me for years and I have tried countless times to bring it up with riot but they seem to care very little. > > The "colour blind mode" barely works, it does not seem to apply to champion abilities and if skins are worn by the enemy it can become nearly impossible to see and thus dodge abilities with most of my dodging based on the champions movements and guessing. I post this shortly after laning against a battlecast xerath, I have no idea what colour his skin was but needless to say he won the lane without me being able to fight back. > > Riot really needs to address this unfair problem, every time a high noon skin is released I die a little inside. If I turn colour blind mode on, it means Im colour blind and need assistance Im not asking for something to shout at me everytime I dodge I just need to be able to see what I am dodging. > > Unfortunately unless this gets support of the community (well even if it does) riot will not address this issue. > > What are your thoughts? What kind of color-blindness do you have? Red-green?
Composure (EUNE)
: U can't climb with everything u want. Back then it was possible. The reasons are the game itself was different and itemization was different and made possible to achieve those unique play styles. Right now items are made to buy in synchronization if that makes sense :D. It's hard to explain. But for example if u play adc u go ie then statikk stiv and rapid fire canon/pd. Those items are made for adc. There are exceptions like ezreal. but he's like the only exception besides kai'sa. and mainly because of his kit. I play this game since 2012 so I know what I'm talking about.
THIS is true. Nowadays, you really need to play with your facking shit ass team to win... that's soooo boring =/ back then, you could 1v5 easily with sick mechanicsm but now... nooo you have to group up... sooo soo so boring... every goddamn champion has cc now... Sylai is the worst champion ever made... is just for people who do not have the right skills to become a diamond, but still can reach it... because cc... healing... stealing ult with low cd... wtf bro makes all the fun old champions less possible to carry with... more useless... all the champions that made league of legends a fun game are now gone... they got reworked into shitty designed boring ass champions... where's swain??? old fiora??? old katarina? old anivia... galio... ryze man the list could just go on... can you believe it... all my irl friends ahve quit the game because of this... i cant enjoy the game without irl friends that loved to play these deleted champions
Pixelbits (EUW)
: That is BS, because this game I was 20/5 and won my lane hard and still lost. You're just an ignorant fool who doesn't know anything about this game. All easy talk about how easy it is to carry, when you have 4/5 of your teammates who don't listen, go into fights alone and don't fking push any lanes. As an ADC you're not a fking tank! That means you can buy your QSS and Banshee Veil for stopping the CC and they still come at ya. How the f can you 1 vs 5 as a Cait who doesn't have sh*t. You can tell me any reason you think you can carry a game, the bottom line is that you always need tanks and peels and if they aren't there, then you're screwed. By telling me it's "EZ" as your typical arrogant "LoL" player would say. You can't freaking tell me that it's that easy. Maybe you had friends who helped you climb your rank? ADC is the most reliant role in all of league of legends. You're not an assasin Zed who just can one shot people or a Nasus who can 1 vs 5. You're reliant! And if you can't get that through your thick skull, I don't even know if it's worth talking to you anymore.
I main ADC and I've been diamond 3-4 years in a row, so plz don't try to act like u know better than me just stfu tired of bronzies like u
Pixelbits (EUW)
: No, I am not blaming it on my team. It is my team's fault. When some top/mid/jungle/support nooby feeds 0/10 in 10 minutes and I am just down 70 CS, my support isn't doing sh*t, you will be behind. They will have alot more gold and more items . Therefor, with my puny bf sword and boots, won't be enough to carry from that point. Even when I'm 14/2 in the early game, without a team to back you up, you will lose! So all I do is farm farm farm and farm and hoping for the best. The only way you could win, is to win the sh*t out of your lane early to gain a huge gold advantage, then win your lane hard and help the other lanes. Bottom line is, even if you manage to win your early game, when 3/5 of your teammates feed, you'll be crying too. Not all games are winnable. No matter how good you are. I won my lane many times and then just lost, because of feeding teammates. I know what you mean though, I was a Brand support and I was with an ADC Gold Smurf (on his main he was Diamond rank). Even without my help, he won the sh*t out of his lane solo with Kalista. So what you're saying is possible, but does not count for all games.
Stagfurullah, you know what, %%%% it. You belong in bronze elo forever, STAY THERE FOREVER, because right now, you REALLY talk like one bronze player :-)
Pixelbits (EUW)
: You know that my bronze ranking was from Season 6, right? I stopped playing ranked a long time ago and I have improved alot since then. I don't think 1 vs 9 works as an ADC. Last game I played Lucian with an Ali Star as my support versus a Twitch ADC and Brand support. Before I can even hit my minion, I get poked down like crazy. Same for Ali Star. So yes, you have to play passive again and farm up. But when there are no ganks from the jungle, no pressure from the support, brand throws his ult when I am beneath the turret at low HP and the Shaco jungle dives my turret, I die and that is what happend. Well, trying to farm again, oh wait... getting poked down lane again. Everyone is losing and I can't do anything as ADC. I've played ADC since S4/S5 and all I know, is that this role is highly reliant on the team. You have to be a computer to dodge every skill shot thrown at you. Sure, I could do that, but I can't farm then. Going to tell me to farm under my turret? Guess what happend, well... have you guessed it? Brand even pokes me down underneath my turret. I can go on and on and on and there are countless games where I encountered hardships, the bottom line is that in low elo, it's almost impossible to carry as ADC, because first of all, your teammates feed, second, you have to try to farm which can't without a support with no pressure and third, you're the ADC, squishiest role of the team. That means you have to position well behind your teammates... oh wait, they're dying... again.... so you have no peel and no vision on the map, what are you going to do? Oh, I know! Farm in base until your teammates keep feeding the enemy laners until you're standing in base trying to fight the fed players, while they troll attack your Nexus. Face it, ADC's are heavliy reliant on the team and you know that. Supports like Leona could roam easily and help other lanes and still trying to win that losing lane. ADC's can't because they're reliant on others to peel for them (unless you're fed and can 1 vs 1).
Bro... I main ADC and I can go 1v9 in all elo, apart from plat and diamond because I'm not enough good for doing so... yet :D but ive seen lots of players being able to go 1v9 Just like a looooooooooooooot of other players, you blame on your teams and you are overreacting etc Just shut the %%%% up and play and carry your team to them victories. If you can't, well, then you obviously aren't good enough You can't expect your teammates to play like diamonds... Only 1% of all players are diamonds, and you are in hope to be playing with them every goddamn game? Hell %%%%ing no bro All players below diamond WILL play like shit. They DO play like shit. Don't expect ANYTHING from them. NOTHING. Go 1v9.
Marcua (EUW)
: Why you SHOULD play League of Legends.
> [{quoted}](name=Marcua,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=Mo37NmJh,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-16T23:17:03.996+0000) > > So a post has recently been made telling people the reason NOT to play LoL. So it seems completely fair, that the player base gets the reason why you SHOULD play this wonderful game. > > 1. It is popular. > No matter what people tell you about League of Legends dying, you can't get around that LoL is huge. The player base is solid, and with a solid player base comes solid updates. People may not always like the updates, but in the end, it always brings something new and exciting to the game. > > 2. Competitive scene > LoL is second only to CS:GO on the competitive scene. With big prize-money, passionate casters and godlike level pro players, watching League of Legends is an entertaining experience. There are tons of leagues, from the LCS and LCK to national and even local leagues. If you are really passionate about a LoLteam, you can even watch them play live! A full stadium of thousands of players will cheer with you while you watch TSM or Fnatic roll over the opposition! > > 3. It is FUN. > YES. I SAID IT! League is fun, and whoever tells you otherwise... are right to have their own opinion and should not be judged. HOWEVER, that does not mean you won't enjoy it. I KNOW there are people who flame. I KNOW there are people who tilt and feed. But I also KNOW that there are people who love this game, have fun playing it, and are friendly. And to be honest, those are the majority. > > I expect the comments to disagree with me because most people here on the boards only post complaints. But let this post be a little "light of security" reminding you that LoL is the game we make it. We just have to have the right mindset. > > Have a great day :) wow i need friends like you... add me
: Tell me how this makes any f*cking sense. (matchmaking)
> [{quoted}](name=SchaferBot,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QBR3sIJ9,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-13T15:55:20.075+0000) > > Since the start of the season there has been unbelievable amount of disparity in divisions in my games (maybe in yours aswell?). > > Here is a quick example taken from my last game. > My team: > Top - plat IV > Jg(me)-Plat III > Mid-Gold II > ADC-Gold IV > Supp-Gold I > > Enemy > Top-Plat IV(so far so good) > Jg-Plat III(great) > Mid-Plat III(?) > ADC-Plat I(?) > Supp-Plat III(?) > > How the f*ck there is 10 divisions difference on botlane alone ??? > > The game before that there was 4 division difference between ADCs again. > Very rarely I would get in a full Plat game anymore. And often times when I do the plat players were silver through multiple seasons peaking gold and now all of them got inflated to plat ? (not that plat is any accomplishment but still there is difference between every division tier). It makes sence because rank doesnt mean anything... They should revert to how it was season 1, back when there were no ranks but MMR. Everything is still based on MMR, you play vs players with similar MMR as yours, so rank doesnt mean anyhing. You can have gold 4 as rank, and your friend can have diamond 4 as rank, but you both have exact same MMR (lets say plat 3 MMR). your friend will gain low amount of LP per win, but you will gain a massive amount of LP per win.
bofinkN (EUW)
: Well will you look at that. I kinda recalled that i had been on euw before, so i tried a few old usernames and one of them worked, so all good now. Problem solved.
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: Log in stays the same. If he used a different name it would be a different account. Summoner name is the only thing that might need to change.
Nope. Mine's different from EUNE :D My login-name was already taken in EUNE, so when I transferred to EUNE for the first time, I had to make a new login-name. But the one in EUW stays the same
: > [{quoted}](name=Sexy And Dirty ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AXONvdcR,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-02-14T19:15:08.640+0000) > > buy qss kid that how you %%%%er eve and don't go solo ... and tell me how can you conter rangar ... if you don't have zonia ... you can't a fed rangar is worst than a fed eve ... there is somthing called learn the game before talking .. eve is easy to play aginst but you need to have brain for it ... that all what i wanna say > i played +600 game in s8 and i never saw tank karma .. never .. > adc is infantry at the army ... tanks are tanks in the army ... can ak 47 kill a tank .. tell me this is the logic if you don't have rpg you can't You want me to buy a qss as lux, annie, nami, sona, wtf? I'm not going to get in to a debate seeing you didn't Really think this one through "fed rengar is worse than eve" rengar only has an all in mate, no escape and you can see him coming and know where he is coming if there is a teammate near you because his R icon pops up on the nearest target MEANWHILE eve can come from any angle with you having 0 reaction to it and her escaping after is just unfair, rengo has to risk something meanwhile eve doesn't. Clearly you got banned for toxicity and didn't learn, judging by this comment alone (you say "kid" who still says that if they don't flame?) and you think that I'm dumb as a rock trying to teach me new stuff you learned off youtube recently (don't ask how I know) God I hate this community, they never learn to appreciate people as human beings instead they treat us like s#@! all the time.
Bro.... You're playing this game to win, to have fun... Not to look for others' mistakes... Cuz when I play games, I do not give a single %%%% to anything that has to other players to do... I really don't bro. I just want to win, with 1v9-thinking strategy. So when my teammates plays like shit, I could not give a less fuuuck, cuz I always have this "I will still carry this team"-mindset. I ALWAYS have that mindset, since season 3 (when I first began to play this game). Every goddamn game since season 3. I just want to prove everyone that I will be the best players of the game, no matter what. If I didn't make it to happen, then I will accept myself as a bad player, that I am a noob. Everytime I lose a game (even though there are lots of players that have bad days in my team), I tell myself "%%%% man... faker would have carried... faker would have won this game... I need to become a better player" You lose games, you win games. And that's how it should be. When I play in low elo (for example in gold), I do not expect anything from anyone there. For me, gold players are meant to be bad. Dude, they are so toxic and goes blablabla. But I don't give a %%%%, even if they run down mid. Because for me, they (my teammates and the enemies) should not know alot of things, comparing to diamond players. I should be able to carry anyways. Even platinum players are meant to be bad. EVEN DIAMONDS. A challenger player said "Even I can miss skill shots, I'm just a human".
bofinkN (EUW)
: Im with the friend right now on his computer so nothing shared, or well the computer is shared for a few minutes but nothing more. Maybe the text is misleading.
Your account has previously been on EUW, right? I am suspecting that your login-name on EUW is different from the one on EUNE
XtrZPIayer (EUNE)
: Can we talk about URF?
Riot doesnt want to lose players... therefore, the second idea will never happen
Rioter Comments
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Can it please stop?
> [{quoted}](name=Pixelbits,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Eb87lzdA,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-15T21:56:09.095+0000) > > Hi guys, > > WTF is up?! In all the games I play ADC, I'm playing with a noob support player. > For me 8/10 games are with nooby supports. > > What do I mean by a noob support player? The following things: > > - No warding > - No map pressure (trying to zone the enemy player/denying CS) > - No wave management > - No harassing the enemy players > - No pinging > - Throwing a Thresh hook on a Leona > - Straight up feeding the enemy laners > - Recalling when wave the is pushed towards our lane > - Roaming at the wrong times > - Making absolutely no engages or trying to peel for me as ADC > - Staying behind the ADC > - Taking CS > - Taking kills (depends on the supp champion ofcourse, giving Brand kills can be beneficial) > > Most of the games, it's me versus a decent ADC and support. All I'm doing is trying to out CS my enemy ADC player and playing really safely. Until my support starts feeding insanely. > > How am I able to win a solo lane? It feels impossible and most of the game I just go AFK, because I'm not going to spend 1 hour on a losing game. > > Sure.... Maybe my other teammates might carr.... Wait, they're also feeding like crazy. > > No hope for being an ADC. First of all, you're playing normal games. Majority of players playing normals are pretty bad at the game. I also noticed that your previous rank was bronze, so I therefore estimate that you are playing vs bronze players, because you know, match making rating makes sure that you play vs players that are on your level... Second of all... What do you even expect from bronze or silver players bro.... I even do not expect anything from platinum players... 1v9 bro! It works.
Shamose (EUW)
: They've already said that this is a band-aid fix and they are looking into a way to fix it without harming supports
I guess they're gonna nerf the item when wearing the item in the top lane
: How to honor up fast?
Tell your teammates WP! everytime they kill someone. If they misplay, say "It's okay! Shit happens, lets try to win this shit!" If you happen to lose the game, say "Well played everyone, we did our best <3" Easy honors
: I rerolled 5 times, got 5 Olaf friend was even "asking" if Riot really wanted me to play Olaf or what haha {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} I feel you{{sticker:sg-janna}}
I feel like everyone got that Brolaf skin now... I don't get why they call it as "legendary skin" lol
Rioter Comments
: The figure is usually around 10% for plat 1 and above, with 3-4% being in d5 (old system).
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: That's not a meme, just a comic. I guess you're definitely NOT a nerd then.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: What's so wrong about that specific number? I think this is relevant here:
Ahh I see you use a meme... Typical move from a nerd YOU ARE SO A M A Z I N G BROTHER
Voidner (EUNE)
: Plat is low elo now after all
it's always been low elo but now even low gold elo players can reach platinum with this weird MMR system
Rioter Comments
: I'm going to report you for this comment.
Lari (EUNE)
: I m honor 0 so yeah...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
People with honor lvl 0 won't receive the rewards :P
: Through some unknown reason of matter this answer is not surprising at all ^^
Lmao I've never seen anything like this. You should gain at least 28-30 LP per win. Idk what's happening bro... Riot's system is totally shit
Indigo47 (EUW)
: Funny way to start season 9 ranked.
: So where u start in Season9
: AND THATS SADDDDD COME ON {{sticker:sg-soraka}} He was fighting so brave T_T
Rioter Comments
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: Don't want the guy slapped because of a stupid mistake. What's wrong about that?
> [{quoted}](name=ImainLilSatan,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=pQ1rBacK,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-24T04:05:55.822+0000) > > Don&#x27;t want the guy slapped because of a stupid mistake. > What&#x27;s wrong about that? Nothing... just dont ban me ok
: both of us did, didn't work. We didn't play after that game.
> [{quoted}](name=MezmerizeR93,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=8rPF195V,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-24T04:05:10.180+0000) > > both of us did, didn&#x27;t work. We didn&#x27;t play after that game. There was this old hungry woman in the gross store who wanted to buy potatoes, but unfortunately it appeared that she had too low amount of money and nobody wanted to help this sad old woman, so I said to everyone ”look at yourselves, in the old good days everyone helped eachother with anything although we were not familiar to eachother!”. I then helped this old woman to return the potatoes to their places. We need to start showing love to eachother out there boys n girls <3
: We played last ranked game about 6hrs ago. EDIT: we tried with another account that was in silver last season and we could enter que.
Ask him/her to relog If that did not solve the issue, then your mmr has finally gone too far away from his mmr from your last ranked game together But that doesnt matter anyways... in 4 hours you will be able to play together again XD
: Can't duo even tho we're both unranked
Your mmr is far away from his mmr bro Your skills are definitely different from his Or her
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: Delete his right now. Naming&Shaming is forbidden. I checked your history and found the match. I checked him out. Nothing out of the ordinary. He plays xerath a lot and is probably just good with him. You don't need any software to record. You can go to your match history in the client. Download the match replay. Go inside and there are options to record. P.S. Make sure to turn off summoner names. You don't want to shame the guy. Against the rules. If he really was scripting send the vids to support.
Mashallah you go full mod-mode without powers 😂 DELETE RRRRIGHT NOW!!!! Or I will.... REPORT !!!!! XDXDXD
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Bad ultimates for new champ?
Ok hm................. Ryze
Imbaworld (EUNE)
: Champions mastery level reset?
Just like last year wat... never happened in the first place, u trippin Is not ok to do drugs... is very haram alhamdullilah
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: So sad half of them gonna lose XD
> [{quoted}](name=Kabakadamn,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=slxPywWH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-24T02:19:11.821+0000) > > So sad half of them gonna lose XD Lmao
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