TaigaT (EUW)
: Girl gamer looking for
Lmao, many dreams were crushed with this post xD
Çhaòs (EUW)
: LF Girl EUW Normals Fun Yay
Is it me you're looking for? {{champion:44}}
: This is awkward
I feel for you bro, only you to blame tho feelsbad {{champion:32}} {{item:3070}}
: Looking for 2 guys to grind chat restriction with in twisted treeline
Can help you with my smurf : xpék, but damn that name bro xD
Satanahel (EUW)
: Vayne smite OP, won 4v5
I agree, wouldn't pick it to win lane but to have fun with, it's not very competative or consistent since ur earlygame can be crushed.
Hat (EUW)
: Yeah, but I prefer a solid early game as well
> [{quoted}](name=Hat,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5Relde7q,comment-id=0002000100000000,timestamp=2015-08-15T22:04:25.506+0000) > > Yeah, but I prefer a solid early game as well I agree, would not pick it to win lane. Fun thing to do, not very competative since u can get crushed early.
Bombardox (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hat,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ohq4nUhE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-15T19:34:10.586+0000) > > Don;t let it get to lategame, prey on his team. CC him, Buy Thornmail, I dunno man... Don;t let it get to the point were Yi can do so much dmg and most of all DON'T DUEL HIM FFS U GOT A TEAM why not just rework him
> [{quoted}](name=Bombardox,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ohq4nUhE,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2015-08-15T22:27:51.655+0000) > > why not just rework him Play Vayne, hit ur E, feed on him with ur W, use bork. Or just get a freaking lw. Let the adc take care of him.
Satanahel (EUW)
: Vayne smite OP, won 4v5
Forgot to add in teleport on the vote choices :/ ohwell
Hat (EUW)
: If your team is only half decent you will always have time to get there. And then you can carry it
> [{quoted}](name=Hat,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=5Relde7q,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2015-08-15T21:37:34.657+0000) > > If your team is only half decent you will always have time to get there. And then you can carry it This is the kind of mentality we need! I don't think i'd play Vayne jungle, maybe twitch perhaps. But damn it's fun and you have a secured lategame. +1
: I read that as Challenger Soup
> [{quoted}](name=Rumble Bot,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=NPJEmd0T,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-15T21:09:16.512+0000) > > I read that as Challenger Soup Plat soup here, in that case {{item:3028}}
: New champion idea: Vision Ward, The Source of Vision.
I hate how people pick on wards, they keep hitting on them! Give the wards thornmail. Time for the wards to fight back!{{summoner:11}} {{item:2045}}
Big Tick (EUW)
: Please buff attack speed on wards
poor wards, people keep hitting on them, I vote for a thornmail effect. #StandUpForTheWards
: We need a Dutch player that Can play Jgl ( And we need an reserve) For an tournament tommorow
: Master Yi needs a fucking god dam nerf!
http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/5Relde7q-vayne-smite-op-won-4v5 Sated nerf, not yi. he'll always be the bronze 5 master of destruction together with Amumu and FREE ELO Malphite.
: I guess were fighting for the role of ward Good luck you'll need it
> [{quoted}](name=A Innocent Woman,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=hJBgM2rk,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-08-15T19:29:40.389+0000) > > I guess were fighting for the role of ward Good luck you'll need it I got my eye's on you {{item:2050}} {{item:3348}}
Benefit (EUW)
: Recruitment for team Periodic Gaming
I'm interested in joining in on a thing like this, been searching around for a while, so senpai, take my body! IGN: Sushi on you Main Role: jungle ( Vayne main/ don't lose lane with Zed/Ahri) thresh main) Champion Pool: (jungle ) Elise(1) (glass cannon/ tanky) , Rek'sai(1)(tanky/ad), Rengar(1) (tank/ad), Nidalee(1), Vi(1), Maokai(1), Lee(2), Shyvana(1), Yi(1). ekko(2), fizz(2), kha'zix(1), J4(1), amumu(2), Kayle(2), Noc(1), wu(1), cho(2), graggy(3) . pretty much mained all of them at some point, ican play but less experience : Xin, WW, Zac, Udyr, Trundle, Skarner, Shaco, malph, jax, Diana, aatrox, alistar, (1) = main, (2) = played lots of it (3) = understand the champ's concept, will do what i'm supposed to do. Division: Plat 5 Age: 17, 18 in one month. Country: Sweden Strengths: Objective focused, leadertype?, self critizism, teamwork player, reliable, plays for fun, to win, to improve. Decisions, pick the right champs / comps. Weaknesses: expects too much of a player, ends up telling him how he shoudl've played, they take it as flame, when it's intended as helpful critizism. How many evenings available in a week? : Every day if required. TS, Skype, Curse Voice? : All of them Email: fr3dde@hotmail.com Any further notes: Can also play supp/mid, ADC if u give me Vayne/Luc/corki/kal,cait,ez. Just need a willing support. I speak english fluently. Damn, even spanish if you need me to.
: Another QQ thread, wards have Amazing base stats and that Ult is too op, why buff?
Fun idea, add a ward with sunfirecape. (or add teemo ward skin with sunfire passive) Mind blown.
333 (EUNE)
: Custom skins?
Custom skins are for plebs But i'd say a low risk, but still. There's a risk... http://www.elophant.com/league-of-legends/summoner/euw/39380608/skins I'd be wasting my money if i used custom skins QQ
: If you put a champion name in your summoner name...
What's wrong with xXx ZedmasterNeverLoseLaneOrAFK xXx {{champion:238}} I don't see the problem, he wont lose lane? That's good right?{{champion:238}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:6}}
wir (EUW)
: Plat V looking for silver + players in order to lvl up smurfs together (5v5 rift) :D
Julij2 (EUW)
: It's bad honestly. If you take it in lane it means you are very vulnerable since the enemy team will have advantage with heal in lane when trading. At the same time you deny your jungler a lot of farm and even with that it will take well over 30 mins for you to complete devourer (unless you get fed). It's also really easy to counter it by just pushing vayne lane all the time so he's not able to take free trips into jungle. Jungle vayne has very slow jungle clear until some items are picked up, really bad ganks and bad dueling potential until bork. Basically you're dead weight for your team until you get sated. I do however sated vayne is broken. If you ever get there...
It was a mistake, played jungle the game earlier, but i agree. I got the sated early game and had a pretty good support who kept me safe. Tons of dmg if you manage to pull it off. Her lategame is already pretty mental. > I just felt like sharing my game, my opinion on smite Vayne is that it's really strong but i really missed heal and i don't recommend it if you're not very comfortable with Vayne / playing without heal.
Big Tick (EUW)
: Please buff attack speed on wards
I agree, ward mains. Step up! {{item:2050}} {{item:2050}} {{item:3361}} {{item:2045}}
leoll2 (EUW)
: A player (don't remember whom, maybe was nukeduck?) picked cleanse in LCS last week against Varus, so definitely not trolling. EDIT: FNC Febiven picked it right now to counter Elise's cocoon.
: Is taking the spell "cleanse" trolling?
If you know what you're doing, then go ahead. Play that Cleanse Vayne, or Viktor/Varus mid It's very relative, and usually ignite/heal/barrier/exhaust helps more. Ment more as a counterpick to, lets say you're playing a immobile syndra mid and enemy has a rammus. Cleanse and he can never taunt you. ( Reason you pick it on Varus is that you don't really need the ignite to kill people, you don't need the ignite to do what you're supposed to do ) Ignite is way more dominant, so i don't recommend it, as i said unless you know what ur doing.
: The synergy with silver bolts is obvious, but so is the disadvantage in an even match. If you can just go around and stack the devourer as you please you probably already won. ^^
Fed Vayne = a monster, fed Vayne with Sated... {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:30}}
Domite (EUW)
: Is jungle tax a thing?
Don't tax, unless you need a level or so. If you get off an successful gank, shove the lane with ur mid laner so enemy laner loses xp/ minions, also it will reset the wave for ur mid laner when he comes back. Depends on top lane, since they might have tp. So be careful that you don't f**k him up by pushing hard then enemy top laner farms under turret for rest of the game. Junglers can always go in and get all the xp. Also, don't stay if ur low. People might roam and kill u. Always stay with high health in jungle Bot lane, same as mid, but their support might freeze the lane and tank the minions so be careful, and think. If people get mad when u do it, let them be mad, you're playing to win the game, not to be their b*tch.
Julij2 (EUW)
: Zed ult
Just play around it, have ur W ready, you can still dodge ults like fizz R and ori R. with it, W away, then go back to R. I main Zed and sure it's annoying but you'll learn how to play with it. Play 30 games with it and try it out before you start raging ._. Well deserved nerf, he's still very viable if you play him right. ( Works fine for me at least ).
iSuez (EUW)
: EUW/NA Warrior Nation is recruiting you!
coörporative ^ Sounds interesting, how can i join?
: Imo you didn't win that match because you took devourer but simply because your team played better. Usually that devourer would mean a disadvantage for you and your jungler.
The thing is, i'm pretty sure i wouldn't have dealt the same dmg, or gotten the early drakes and 20 min baron without devourer. It helped a ton. Point of this post is that i'm surprised that it deals so much dmg, first time i'm playing with it. {{item:3931}}
Ziaja (EUW)
: [Team Vapour] Recruting for an upcoming event. (Jungle and Support)
I'm somewhat tempted to fill the jungle position. I speak english fluently and i'm currently ranked plat 5. I main jungle/mid/ADC I'll play any jungler pretty well, but i have my mains, check my profile. If you put me supp i'm pretty good with Thresh. I play everyday and i'm avaible whenever.
: Jungle, usually I don't go that build but my team wanted to see how funny it was, and I started doing things like outtrading a Yasuo 1v1. Hey double on hit overheat nashor's rumblebops hurt you know. Reason why you DON'T do it usually is because it leaves you really squishy, takes out the extra damage you can get from just ulting and engaging safely. On the other hand if the enemy team is nothing but bulky dps have a blast outtrading everyone by hitting them with your drill of fury. That and you have to be really good at controlling Rumble's overheat.
Sounds interesting, might want to try it out. Sadly i can't even play Rumble top xD
: Yeah tell me about it
Was it in lane or jungle Rumble o.o?
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