: Go to this folder: League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\\deploy\assets\sounds\ambient and replace the files with whatever you like, but the name needs to be the same of course Should be no problem to do this, you don't change the game and it does not give you any advantage
omg it worked <3 :D thank ye friend!!!!!!!!!!!
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: One last game with my dear GP
: Support Gangplank
RIP {{champion:41}} i dont like new one......skin,spells,specially Canon barrage and voice......>.< -,- :;@
Garurumon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SatansBlueFlames,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=641gbpwW,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-09T19:16:56.917+0000) > > HERE ARE MINE :D HAHAHAH > > > Your results: 72-year lifespan ayy lmao gamers live a better yet shorter life ;) (no regrets, still worth).
aye that be true :D
: Need LoL Movie
where be {{champion:41}} ??
Garurumon (EUW)
: When will I die?
HERE ARE MINE :D HAHAHAH Your results: 72-year lifespan You have 49 years left to live. You will die in 2064 at age 72. You are behind the average lifespan for someone your age by 4 years. To put it another way, you have the health of a 27 year old man. You have lived 32% of your life already. Share these results on Facebook 72 Lifespan Share your result on... Share on Facebook Share on TumblrForum/Blog code
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: [Halloween idea] Rise of the UNDEAD
MAKE RIOT NOTICE THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!{{champion:41}}
: New season rewards annouced !
infinite RP al ward skins icons champions :D everything for free ..........be happy that u dont pay like i was in world of warcraft.......
: I want answer from wrenchman or rioters its nothat hard.....
then make traditional skin old voice and skin-...
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: My account got hacker i bought it and still someone is on m account i lost more then 100 euros!!!
u bought it =? HAHAHA say goodbye to acc :'D its against rules to buy or sell accounts :P
: It's really hard to hear that your parents died, i'm really sorry for you. But do you really think flaming the people who say stuff like that is going to help? I'm pretty sure it's the other way around, your parents wouldn't be proud of you if they knew you flame people because they don't know your back story and say stuff like that, i'm pretty sure they would be proud of you if they knew that you were playing the smarter one. Not reacting to those who flame, mute them, report them after a game would do the same thing.
ok man so u advice me ? mute thats fine okay then day 1 starting tommorow WITHOUT counter flame
: Just don't come here and complain when you get banned, 0k ?
im not ? and never will be ;) nobody will "fuck" my dead parents i will hit back as counter flame ......all of you here have dad or mom to hug you or kiss you or to give you 100-200 $--€ and say " g o out with friends" and i dont have anyone im all alone with sister....im working paying bills and that little fucking time i come to play i get flamed if i die only once.....where is that riot punishments????? HMMM where? .....
: The anti-flame guide
nothing cant hold you away from flaming..........there is no song at least for me i did ignored and stuff,,,,but from week or two ago some little kid or boy i dunno who was that sweared about my dead mother..and from then and forever i will fight back with flaming....:@
: So i'm banned for not willing to be flamed by others.... riot really?
Da Guvnor (EUW)
: looking for duo for ranked silver
i can today when i come home from job :P
8GameDos8 (EUW)
: how was your luck with the mystery champ ^^ ?
: Ill answer in our language so its easier .Uzmi 2 solje za kafu kravljeg mleka,moze cak i ono iz prodavnice i solju hladne vode.Pomesaj to sve i daj mu u plitku posudu da popije.Ako je skroz malecko,posto ne vidim sliku,mozes da koristis spric ili pipetu.Skloni ga negde u hlad,i javi ujutru sta se desava ako veceras bude ok.Ako ne bude ok do veceras,onda moras do veterinara.I ovde u Srbiji je pakao,uzas ziva.Prijatan dan :)
hajde na fejs malena je ima tek 19 dana :'( necu da mi ugine ukucaj Azer Bahtanovic profilna sa macom u ruci :P siva duksa
: Some advice to all the pet owners considering recent heat wave...
i got baby cat u can see under my posts omg what do i do she meowing a lot !!!!! and is so hot here in bosnia..
Bobinsky (EUW)
: Getting RP with a prepaid us visa master card?
best way to buy RP is to work and link your credit card with paypal :P
TreesRoot (EUW)
: Why is changing meta even in ranked a reportable cause?
it is not nobody cant tell me what and where i play ......meta fak meta i play what i desire....
: Which champion to guy?
Een (EUW)
: Champion mastery reward - champion icon unlock?
TriPhoenix (EUNE)
: Mystery Champion
i got zyra ^^ :D
sonicpratt (EUNE)
: poro on mid lane SR
i confirm i seen little poro on river at top near baron 9 times already !!
Vadestio (EUNE)
: Riot, please. PoolParty Bard.
why ? why not pool party gangplank ?.......
Nubkachu (EUW)
do gangplank or miss fortune please :d
: I ment on your bed btw or whatever that is >.<
hahaha yeah that too :D
candoodle (EUW)
: i meant the little kitteh :(
she's my everything !!! :P i take care of her so good :D eating whiskas all best food se wanna play with me always but sometimes im busy :'( :/
: do you wanna play some league?
: Nice clothes http://res.cloudinary.com/urbandictionary/image/upload/a_exif,c_fit,h_200,w_200/v1395991705/gjn81wvxqsq6yzcwubok.png
merediath (EUW)
: aw cute
yes all ppl say that :D
candoodle (EUW)
: bronze {{champion:107}}
: do you wanna play some league?
candoodle (EUW)
: IT'S A TRAP ! he just wants to penetrate your fluffy!
> [{quoted}](name=candoodle,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=mpV9ZcBT,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-06-27T20:01:09.817+0000) > > IT'S A TRAP ! > he just wants to penetrate your fluffy! ............
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: Can you get ban for using custom skin now?
buy skins or dont whine for them there is no custom skins...u got cash or no this is how it works in lol...
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iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: PBE 5.13 Sated Devourer
gj riot thank you :D <3
: I say we do both, make him feel the tie while falling to the sharks
: aye, i say we make him wear the good old chicago necktie or walk the plank!
walk the plank best solution but i would let him to drop down in shark mouths :@ !"!!!!!!!!! i hate flamers
: 14 day ban only for this I demenad the ban to be reverted
U DESERVE BAN I HOPE U GET MORE THAN 14 DAYS FLAMER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! {{champion:41}}
: My name is Ekko and I've never seen the 'Defeat' screen
Profi005 (EUW)
: Pool Party Weekend
im in but when this sunday i didnt read??
: Little Friend!
1. {{champion:41}}
Bezo (EUW)
: Country Flag Summoner Icons
pirates !!! arrghhh we want tortuga !!
: > [{quoted}](name=shileka,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=TikROtVq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-25T17:46:10.437+0000) > > let's start with a simple greeting, repeat this > > "ik ben een randdebiel" this means "i'm a retard"
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