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: Soraka
I like using my Q on Soraka with the whole intention of their ADC trying to poke me due to my play style being super aggressive. This is because if your ADC is good whilst they're focussing me my ADC gets free harass on them and I get the rejuvenation bonus + Regen runes meaning I get out back to full HP whilst they're chunked to about half. It's extremely easy to win trades IMO if your ADC gets some damage in whilst they're on you because you can rejuvenate so easy the harass on you is nothing but it's huge to them. Yea sure the damage isn't great later on but the whole point of me playing like this is to give the lane a lead to make life easier later so if a fight does happen it's unlikely we'll lose anyway as they'll likely be behind in CS/Kills. Of course this varies if they have an all in support i.e. Leona or Thresh in which you should obviously play safer but doing nothing is a mistake. It's still fairly easy to harass when they're going in for a minion and you should do this still. I also feel like her E is pretty good at countering aggressive supports too. Leona used E on your ADC? Silence her so she can't stun. Blitz hooked your ADC? Silence so he can't knock up etc. Her E is easily my favourite ability she has. I don't really have any issues with it may it be from experience or whatever but I feel like I've nailed the timing and can position it well most of the time, it just takes practice. It's also soo good for zoning. Keep in mind you don't HAVE to stun or land it perfectly, as long as you can zone well with it it's still extremely useful. I can actually recall from yesterday their Graves was about to E over dragon pit and escape but a well-timed E stopped him from doing this and he was stood there clueless as to why it didn't work, we got the kill of course. I guess I just love it because it's so versatile and the utility is priceless. Another thing to note is to save it if your ADC has a stun such as Jhin which you can follow up on. If they do get stunned DON'T make the mistake of placing your E directly on top of them as with the timing there's the chance they'll get out. Place it slightly behind them instead so you can guarantee some chain CC. Just keep practicing though, you'll get the hang of it.
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: Obviously it depends on the matchup but generally a Soraka lane should be played aggressively.
Ya either way can work I think. When I first started playing her I never poked and always stood behind my ADC using heal when needed and that's pretty much what I did for all of laning. It wasn't too bad but we didn't exactly snowball. I started watching replays of the highest Soraka EUW etc. and noticed they played aggressively so I did this too and it's been paying off so far. I always perma-ban blitz anyway and I don't mind Thresh because I think he's just too obvious and predictable so playing aggressive usually isn't an issue in any case.
: Last two season Janna was my most played champion, and I climbed with her. I also played other supports, mainly played the support role. Now... I treat the game a bit different. I don't see things like "my ADC", "his support", my team, things like that. My main concern is to keep the carry alive or to help him get kills. And when I'm saying "the carry", I don't mean "ADC". It can be anyone. Whoever have the best stats in game, that's my priority. In laning phase, you need to be able to adapt. Some players will want to trade and get kills, while others will want to sit back and farm. There's nothing wrong with any of the approaches. But I would never expect a passive player to follow my shenanigans. While I might be focused on hitting level/item spikes, seeing that we're lvl 6 while the enemies are 5, and knowing that I should go all in, the ADC might focus on totally different things. You can't expect them to think exactly as you do. In mid game, I often start roaming if the ADC does not worth my time anymore. If our Caitlyn is 0/3, with 40 farm in min. 15, it's unrealistic to think that she will carry the game, but that 3/0 Zed with 100 farm will. So, at that point, I'm not focusing on winning bot lane anymore. I'm focusing on getting Zed more fed and help him get objectives. Don't think that your should is to keep Caitlyn alive. It isn't. You should care more about winning the game instead of the "correct" thing to do. SoloQ is not a team game. It's Solo. You and a bunch of random players against another bunch of random players. If you have better players in your bunch, you win. As support, you can tilt the balance by making a good player a great one. But when players are bad, you shouldn't focus in making them better, as you will fail most of the times.
Yea you're right. I'm always so focused on 1 play style with Soraka (aggressive as possible) that I don't even consider how my ADC wants to play it or what they're comfortable with so I guess I should just try and adapt a little more. Thanks for the advice about my ADC. It didn't matter if my ADC was 0/3 0/10 or what I always focused on keeping them alive because it was the "standard" of what to do. "Make a good player a great one" I love that quote and will definitely focus more on doing this. Thanks again.
: {{champion:16}} is really a nightmare support in low gold. Adc's just have no idea they can trade freely because of the sustain advantage.
Yeah it's sorta just 50/50 on if they will understand the lane or not. Though saying that, either match making is really messed up when pre-season started or I'm a god but I've been getting like 3-5 diamonds in every one of my games and the rest plat. Legit the last game I played I had a Diamond III twitch ADC and two other diamond on my team, the rest plat. This twitch understood our lane soo well he knew we had sustain and could afford to harass and hey guess what? We won lane. For real though, what is this match making recently :S
: If you are gold 3 and thinking its your team mates fault you are stuck there you probably have a lot to work on. Its impossible for anyone to judge by not seeing the gameplay. My most played ranked champ this season is soraka, why she works well playing aggro is baiting the enemy ad into an trade by getting chunked and forcing them to all in to a trade you can turn around. Or just turning it into a sustain war which you win. Since if you just poke, you are probably playing with an ad who has no setup, you can force the enemies out of lane for an unfavourable back and get a cs lead. Adcs at gold aren't going to know when you want to all in or play aggro, so you can just say in chat lets all in @ lvl 2, or ping aggressively when you want to fight, when I play on my adc smurf I just play aggro and hope the support follows, or just play passive most of lane and wait for a mistake because its really unpredictable what people will do at low elo and lane is pretty much never decided in the first 10 minutes as games usually go on 40+ Most of the time I probably spend elsewhere than bot to help other lanes and ward aggresively too so thats something If you really want to climb and think you are better then play blitz. I have an 80% win rate with blitz this season and i'm pretty average with him but all you need is to land 1 hook and its done, he is probably the best climbing support until high plat/low dia
Yeah it's true I still have a lot to improve when playing support since I didn't start playing it too long ago. I don't think it's entirely my teammates fault btw this was just a little aspect of laning phase that annoyed me. I just don't understand why when I play aggro and their Lucian has blew everything on me my ADC doesn't even put 1 auto in or anything. As for communication you're right though, most of the time I never speak in chat and only ping for baron + dragon so guess I should use this a lot more. Also you must be the bravest player I've come across. Leaving bot to help other lanes?! When I leave to put a ward in river bush I'm constantly panicking and rushing back to lane in case my ADC does something stupid. And when they do the endless ping spam I receive when they die because I just wanted to ward... Not worth it xD.
Bubbarain (EUW)
: Since u said a and b C) if u like support play carry champs support - zyra, allietar not bad, brand, there are plenty of em so you do most of the work and you have much less percentage of having a bad adc since all he has to do is follow your "lead" damage to the opponent Add karma pretty much the best
You're right this would give me a much easier time playing support. The thing is, every other support I try I always play them for one game and then go back to Soraka because I just get a lot more enjoyment from it. Maybe this is the problem because I'm trying to adapt her to a play style she isn't meant to play. I should experiment more with different supports though because I'm kinda limited right now. But if I play other supports my name wouldn't make sense QQ :'(
: Doesn't matter. As long as your teamfighting mechanics are superior to your enemy, you should have no trouble getting out of gold.
Pfft at this rate I wish I could decline in the ladder. For some reason due to season ending all I'm getting is diamonds. Played against 2 diamond 1 ADC's today though, surprisingly I won both them games stomping lane but still... #matchmaking. You're right though, definitely a lot I still need to work on. Like I definitely didn't get condemned and die for a ward today. Twice. Worth.
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: .#neverlucky. One day you will find good adcs. You need to understand ADC is a very hard role in game. Not all adcs in your game are adc mains. Understanding about the game comes with experience. The best tip is to communicate with your AD. Just ask him to trade, if not tell him to freeze the lane and go gank mid or Top. {{champion:40}} {{item:3117}}
Ohh I know how hard it is. How my support has the patience for me when I play Vayne I'll never know. But you're right, yeah sure I do get a lot of good ADC's who play it really well so it's not all bad. Guess people just have different play styles and feel safer playing passively.
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: Depends on how you played Soraka, if you played the passive style with hp regens, you won't notice it much. Might be a bit more vulnerable to all ins first 6 levels though. This nerf basically nerfs the aggresive poking style because if you max Q now you will be unable to win any 2vs2 fights that might happen. Which is the more healthy playstyle... but riot wants us to play her passive and just spam W from tower.
Ah okay sounds good to me then. I never really played aggressive on Soraka and always maxed W first anyway so hopefully I won't notice it too much.
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: Runes or Champions?
Thanks for the advice! This is what I have come up with so far: 7x Greater Mark of MPen, 6x Greater Seal of Armour, 6x Greater Glyph of MR + 2x Greater Quint. of AP. Of course I will be able to fill my page when I have the level for it, but are these okay for now?
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