: > (and even tho i was in a really bad mood, which i know doesn't excuse me from my fault and i had a really BAD headache cause ive been **diagnosed for a brain cancer of second stage** a few days ago i got really tilted, like something clicked in my mind) > "**diagnosed for a brain cancer of second stage**" Seems to me you have way, way bigger problems to deal with than a 14 day ban in a god damn video game. > something about it got me really tilted and i started to troll, i went on botlane and flashed in the presence of the enemy Jhin and Morgana and gave them their first kill. At this point i'm just laughing out loud... You're not helping your case here. I hope you realise how stupid this is. Let me put this into perspective: _- (Kayn) : Hey can you help me at red?_ _- (Botlane) : Start chickens._ _- (Kayn) : No, help me red._ _- (Botlane) : LUL, you're bad._ _**Kayn goes botlane and flashes in from of them, inting first blood**_ Anyway, lets keep going.. > (...)was so so angry that i got rejected for no reason (...) **that i continued to feed an enemy toplane and once a midlane.** yikes. > Then i thought i should cool down and start playing well cause i didnt want to get reported Yeah bud... Doing what you did kinda gets you reported... You don't want to do what you did.... All the inting you did was simply because they didn't leash for you... correct? Yikes.
Yeah, you're right. I acted like a stupid kid but at least it was a reason on which i started it all and not just for fun tho. Anyway so there's no way after some time or months that ban stage goes lower rit?
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