: > But what Riot games have done now is take away the whole point of Twitch. They've made it 'camouflage' so that within a certain range, the enemy can see you anyway. This also works for minions and wards (I think - don't quote me on that). This essentially takes away the whole point of Twitch. He should be able to go past people without having to worry about them 'seeing' him. Minions and normal wards do not detect you, only control wards can, so no problem there. And the range isn't even too big, you can almost guaranteed walk into attack range before the enemy reacts. So the whole point of twitch is still there only you have to maneuver around people instead of just walking through them.
The point of Twitch is to not be seen at all. That's what he makes up for his lack of early game damage.
Infernape (EUW)
: Twitch's stealth isn't short term stealth, therefore, it's camouflage. If you wanted him to have invisibility, you'd have to reduce the duration massively. Also Twitch is very strong at the moment. Going by his win rate he would be considered arguably broken.
Then how come Shaco's Q is invisibility? His isn't exactly short term either. Also, they did lower the duration massively. It was 6 seconds and was the only thing that made Twitch effective. Especially early game, he has very little damage and his Q is the one thing that saves him completely from enemy ganks. Now if I get ganked by and melee jungler such as Lee Sin or Nocturne, there is no way for me to escape.
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KeaZi (EUW)
: Searching for Support and Mid
I am going to add you ingame, I am in the UK and I can play support, ADC, mid and top very well. I am not so good at jungle, but I can always practice!
Faetaly (EUW)
: Stuck in solo Q? Willing to help and to get helped?
I would like to join, but I am only 14:( Can you maybe be a little lenient? I am a good player and am always supportive of my teammates:)
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