: Where do think you are than you can flame and don't get punished?
Yeah sur punish me if I afk, or troll by all means but when i give my best and try as hard as possible, its rather unfair that i dont flame
: > we all flame him ofcourse, ooo **of course** ? so you really need to flame him all of you ? did his game improve after you flamed him ? or did he die 4 times **not intentional** and after everybody start flaming him and blaming he start to troll and die intentional ? I tell players like you in game when they flame me and ask for reports: see you on boards where you will whine with thread names like this "banned because of a troll" {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
i got 3 afk teammates in 4 games, so yeah I am upset and he has to know how i feel about this situation, I am not gonna be like oh well another afk antoher lose antoher demote lol is is soo much fun {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} nahh he has over 10 000 points on yas he can think for himself
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