Montazuma (EUW)
: What is the %%%%in logic behind this farse?
Typical "high-elo" trolls haha. My 2 cents: Just play and enjoy the game, don't worry so much about climbing. The fights atm ends in 0.2-2s. I started this game one time because it wasn't such "elite" as other games. But infernal drake and this incredible snowball makes the game really fast-paced. Have a mentality as just win your lane every game and then you will slowly rise, this worked for me anyway when I dropped a few times through divisions/tiers. Just my 2 cents as a mainly botlaner atm. Also gold forever and yes. I'm happy there and dont feel the need to climb more :D
eXtreemo (EUW)
: Next Cute champion wHEN?
I find the skins make the champions cute. Final Boss Veigar <3
ThePikol (EUNE)
: "You don't have to carry everygame, just play better than average player". WRONG!!
As a jungler, the most important thing in my opinion is not to gank. But to know where enemy jungler is and can warn lanes whenever he's near. I can only remember one game when this happened this season. Just something to think about
kruschen (EUW)
: How to Counter Nasus as Supp?
Any support that have stun/slow is good. The more important thing is to get 45% cdr before team fight in my opinion. Cheers
vuky1995 (EUW)
: Cant log in on EUW after transfering one acc from EUNE
Submit a request or something if it hasnt solved itself Been too long ago I switched so have forgotten what happens when you do lol Welcome to EUW and may many wins come your way Edit 1: Check here how to write that ticket btw:
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: They made the games faster over the last couple seasons, so LC$ apparently would be more interesting to watch. That's the only reason.
> [{quoted}](name=PaladinNO,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=KhOrJpH3,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2017-03-16T16:16:06.099+0000) > > They made the games faster over the last couple seasons, so LC$ apparently would be more interesting to watch. That&#x27;s the only reason. Oh makes sense. I'm just sad, no more of those "epic" games. Ah well
Nherax (EUW)
: Season 7 has been the worst season, ever.
Oh another thing. Where has the +70m epic games went? The games feels so short now for some reason
Nherax (EUW)
: Season 7 has been the worst season, ever.
Season 7 is the worst for me. Maybe it is cause I have played this game too long, who knows. But here goes my list why it is, no order: 1: Drake, this thing seriously piss me off so much. How can you come back in a game when enemy team have 2-3 infernals? or 2-3 mountains? Good luck trying to turtle and aim for late with these 2 drakes. 2: Caster supports now carry bot lane. They all deal more dmg than the "real" adc:s in lane now and often have around the same gold as adc. FOR A SUPPORT? 3: The people. I dont know about you guys. But I get flamed quite a lot. Last one I esp. liked. "I will report you, have fun with your ban f*cking troll picker* when he himself went 2-12! in jungle. 4: The team play have gone out the window cause the adc and other "low hp" char. can easily get instant popped. Team fights just arent that fun anymore, everyone deal so much dmg. What is your list? And ff you like this season. Why do you like it? Just asking :=) Cheers
Not xPeke (EUW)
: /mute all is not a positive solution and it shouldn't be encouraged.
I just had a game where I wished I had /mute all right when game started. And its better to do that than getting pissed at him/her that flame you. So rarely I see encouragement instead, just a simple "no worry, we will turn it around" or "dont worry, we got this" when you see someone having a tough time instead of starting to flame. Actually, I cant remember last time it happened other than me saying in team chat. So until I see a change I cant really complain on the ones who mutes all at the start haha
DaddyOwnz (EUNE)
: 14 day ban over this? XD
Yes I would say it is completely worthy of a 14-day ban... If you cant see what is wrong with your "chat history?" Atleast you have these 14 days to think about it. Cheers. And I have to say that I'm glad to see the "ban" work
: Help teach a noob on how to play
Fastest you will learn the game is to play all the champions a little bit so you know what their abilities are is my suggestion :)
: How is buffing yi helping low elo games be morr balanced? Exactly. They make changes to suit the 5 to 10 percent because they make money off of them more than on low elo players. That's the biggest problem.
Actually, I'm going to refute your claim. Most players are Bronze - Silver - Gold. And these guys are getting MANY more skins and things than the Plat+ players. Too tired for a long post. But you get my drift? :)
: Lethality items have been 'tweaked' today for patch 7.4. Riot are taking note, more nerfs will happen if it's still OP. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Its still op. As a tank, you cant do anything at all. Stack armor doesnt work... I have no idea what to do. Forget playing tank as a supp haha
: Why I no longer cover for invades
What a weird post. But in a warped way I see your point haha
I was 16 (EUW)
: start ranked
Yeah. Wont give much if you win the majority of them. So just play them and enjoy it :D. Also, %%%% meta. Just play what you like to play best
: I'm already gold, damn xD
Same here, and would have been fun. Ah well
Febos (EUW)
: {{item:3158}} {{item:3096}} {{item:3114}} before {{item:2049}} ... Oh the humanity. Why do you need that much CDR for early game? You are not Riven and you aren't the one dealing damage either. If anything, you'll die instantly with that build order. But hey, I respect your decision. ######kinda hard to be useful with that build *** You literally build the same stuff every single game, regardless of enemy team comp: {{item:3069}} {{item:2045}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3158}} Against {{champion:133}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:89}} Why the hell do you need so much MR? They are literally all AD, except for the support which is a Tank. Locket? Where's their AoE? Cmon mate, you can't improve if you don't adapt.
Who cares about improving? I'm in gold myself and I'l be a happy golder for the rest of season :D :D
Mada (EUW)
: I think I want to stay in silver. It has the enjoys!
"Ahh, I also help push the first 2 waves for that nice level 2 engage with E and Q. Yes, I know. Some of those special snow flakes will start talking if the support hits a minion but that's what mute is for." Haha golden. As a fellow supporter have to agree. Enjoyable post :=) Hope to see you on Rift
Adama (EUW)
: I had that happen to me once :PPP
Yeah happens quite a lot tbh. Maybe I'm just unlucky :D. First time I was thinking *oh, he wants to appologize?* Learned my lesson. Immediate block now Edit: I find it quite funny they flame you in-game, then try to flame you after it as well haha. You can only laugh about it :=)
: Season 7 is a PATHETIC excuse for a season.
For me what destroys it is this. I just had a game, and yes I'm not "that " high. But I'm at G4 atm and happy in gold. Anyway I had this Riven in my game with this mentality: "I dont care if we win or loose. I only play this acc. with my low elo friends." He even admitted it in chat, jesus christ. Real fun to play ranked with someone thinking like this. He just went around and trolled. Negativity in chat as well... I know many people are smurfing and I have no problem with that. But this mentality??? Can only laugh about it. And actually, he have played +500 games in ranked this season with that acc. aswell. And I thought I played like a mad man. So if your smurfing, atleast take ranked seriously... Would appreciate it *sad*
Neonchan (EUW)
: Because the system is geared towards coordination and teamplay...the highest amount of teamplay I'd expect from soloQ would be no flaming until first blood. Would be a complete waste for soloQ
Haha: "the highest amount of teamplay I'd expect from soloQ would be no flaming until first blood" I laughed so hard. Spot on
: Leauge system
Its real tough when it happens. Happened to me a couple seasons ago and thought I was cursed haha. I think what happens is your mmr take a nose dive and you just have to grind it up I'm afraid. Even if it doesnt show so much in LP points gained, your mmr will slowly go up and if you manage to win 2/3rd of your games you will soon get it up :) Or if you want help with it, try and duo with someone who is higher rank than you. This way you will get more mmr for each win. This is just my own ramblings while waiting for my tea, and they might have changed the system. But that's how I found it a couple seasons ago
: I'm a noob, need some pro advice
Actually, I would say don't focus too much on everything at once. Just focus on 2 things is my suggestion and that's not to flame and learn how to work the minion wave properly. Work the minion wave properly is really, really good and often underestimated. I have been in gold all my league life and I can honestly say I can't do it well haha. So yeah... From an casual player here, don't focus too much on everything at once :) Cheers and welcome to league of flame (bad experience from last game, sorry xD)
: Massiv lagg Problems since 7.2
Played as adc. I just had extremely lag (started a bit into laning phase). I did my best to creep under turret and just be safe. Now when enemy team seemed like it had a huge advantage Yay! Lag stops and I could start to play for real. Turned a few teamfights and started going well. Oh oh, lag started to come back and worse than ever. This time spikes 800-200 RIGHT before a big teamfight. Couldnt do a thing and they won the game... Just checking if others have had this same problem?? Have no idea what happened...
IAmDoosh (EUW)
: This has already been said before, but I must vent.
Just mute immediately. Only thing that works I'm afraid. Another point, if they tf while you were in fountain. They are **atleast** equally to blame haha.
: The key to being unaffected by toxicity
Got here from another thread. Doing this my next game haha <3
: New Player Experience....
Hang in there and learn from each game :) Edit1: Actually, if you vs against smurfs while lvling up and you start out. Whenever you get to 30 and start ranked, they will most likely be much worse than the ones you vs against now haha. So just hang in there and learn
: match making is a joke
Took a quick look, and looks alright to me o.O.
: "You're the only random dude here"
Mute and just play is the only way sadly :(
Ceolo (EUW)
: Looking for people to play with in Ranked.
I added you. Just think its nice to play with other people and not caring if I get demoted or not. I'm gold 5 here. Cheers, hopefully we can play some games in the future
eCJared (EUW)
: S Ranks on Supports
Take ignite. Steal kills. Also ward and kill wards... Let your adc die if its a bit dicey and only think about yourself. Easy S (might want to do this in normal haha)
Retromind (EUW)
: The toxicity is astonishing
TraceOn (EUW)
: Think i can make it to Gold before the end of the season?
Def :). If your struggling to get to gold. Find someone who is low bronze to duo with and all of a sudden. Wow how easy it is haha. Seen people do this to get to platinum and should work the same. If you want to do it the "right" way, just encourage teammates and never flame is my tip Cheers and you can do it. See you in gold {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Rioter Comments
: S Support is Impossible?
S support is one of the easiest to get. Super easy tbh lol. Just don't die and kill steal :) Edit1: Oh and ward like mad, kill wards aswell. Cheers
CyberRage (EUW)
: Reverting Kog'Maw won't get rid of scripters
CAn't be too hard to find scripters if you jsut want to...
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: If you had 1 game to teach a new player something, what would it be?
: I know the feel. As a silver 3 noob who doesn't play that much and often have long breaks, getting into ranked yesterday was horrible :c I just ranted to a friend afterwards but kept being friendly while in game atleast....
Put everyone on mute and just play your game once someone start to flame. Only thing that works for me sadly.
: Dynamic Queue Issues are ruining my game experience
HAHA. Exactly what happened to me aswell. Used to play adc/supp. But I got so fed up getting supp EVERY game. Now I just put adc/mid or adc/top just so I get the adc role more.
: Finally after hard work.
Congratulations. Gold was my aim for this season aswell :). Happy you made it
: How to know what is your best lane?
What role do you enjoy playing most? There you have it. Currently playing adc with cait myself and enjoying it immensely. Actually got demoted to S2 from Gold. But I enjoy it, so who cares :D
: Lich bane is a good item to Veigar?
I have only played veigar a little bit. But last time I played, I split pushed mid-game with around 460ap. I wrecked that tower in no time at all (inhib tower). Even I was surprised. So just skip it and get something with hp or more ap item is my suggestion :) Cheers
Four Star (EUW)
: Can someone give me a good top lane trundle build
I'm building a bit however I feel like. If enemy team are (mostly) armor I go for : ninja tabi, iceborn gauntlet (only these 2 items and you can 1v1 any ad top after lvl 6) is my most used build atm. However, I go with 21-9-0 in masteries and raw/lvl armor in runes. Love that build haha :) . Recurve bow to botk. But depends on what the game feels like whenever I buy the rest of botk. Funny thing is with trundle, he is so damn strong you can build a bit however you feel like. I dont go with titanic/ravenous cause I'm so bad using them haha :) *random gold player, also if you 1v1 vladimir, just rush spirit visage and he wont have a chance AT ALL* Edit1: Personally I dont like triforce on trundle, but that's up to you
Sarvuotis (EUW)
Looking alright from my point of view... *Random g5 player*
Doomley (EUW)
: i find team chat to be more toxic than all chat.
HAHAHA. So true I always mute one or 2 persons it feels like
Fawkz (EUW)
: The S-grade Dilemma (Rant-ish)
A tip if you want chests. Go and play supp a bit :)
: how is it season 6 and people still dont understand this basic concept.
: how to change region
Used to be in the shop. Can't find it atm... hmm..
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Ignite vs Exhaust (on support)
I always take exhuast. Cause most times I can kill their adc solo, even toplane is no prob 1v1 when your Trundle and have exhaust hehehe. But even when I play something like annie, exhuast helps you to wait your cd:s down for soloing their adc... And yes, I never rely on my adc :)
: Bring SoloQ back
I'm a happy gold player here. Not really striving for more and I know I'm on the lower end of the spectrum. But never been this easy for me to get to gold and I'm mostly soloing (supp). Sure I see plenty of premades but just win your lane and you will win the majority of your games. Just ping/annoy your team to take dragon until someone helps you to take it and its usually fine. I'm more annoyed the death timers are so short now compared to how it was, took some getting used to. Sure the other team can gather 3/4 people top and gank, but just ping a hundred times dragon when it happens haha *sadly not joking, but maybe only takes 60 pings now in gold* Also love that you can have the option to play with friends in ranked when you are 3-4 premade. So for last word: I'm very happy after the changes. Just sad I dont get to play adc as much now as I used to :)


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