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: To be honest, expecting phone number verification for a game that states it's for people aged 13 and up, just wouldn't work, as not every 13yo that should be able to play ranked with everybody as it is an official account has a phone number usable for that. Heck, I wouldn't give my phone number to riot. And without it, a two step verification against smurfing would be avoidable for smurfs. So this queue type wouldnt work. Good idea though
True, giving your phone number isnt the best solution, maybe something like a queue for ppl with atleast xxx championpoints or who atleast played 1000 normal games, since smurf only play 100+ and then only play rankeds. it would atleast reduce smurfs, not keeping them all out.
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi schoembeS, Unfortunately I don't believe this is possible - PBE is for testing content that is not, or may never be, released to the live game environments. As such they're entirely different, which is why the PBE has it's own installer etc :-(
damning, ok ty very much, well back to the mighty internet asking for higher download rate it is then.
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: Vital Points not showing up when you are hidden make sense and is probably intentional. Since opponent can see the vital points on him, so that he can position properly, he will know that Fiora is nearby if he sees the vitals pop up. This would make Fiora unable to utilize bushes to certain extent, since enemy would always have a warning. The charge one seems like a strange, but not bugged interaction. By the way you describe it, the reason for missing the vital is you charge past the enemy and hit them from the opposite side.
I thought it was on the right side of the enemy but maybe its hard for the internal calculations or maybe its a intentional one to stop laginfused activated one, like if u have high ping and stand in the enemy u could activate any vital point there is without standing right. With the visibilty of the Vital points, true the enemy can see them but maybe it should be done so the enemy only can see the vital point if he can see Fiora while fiora sees the vital point as soon as in range, even without enemies seeing her. Thats why im not sure if its a bug/bugs or intentional
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: Katarina bug in ranked 5v5
happened today again, used Q right on getting a reset, after this couldnt use it anymore, neither R nor B too. Even pressing with mouse didnt work. When u press Q on a target she ran towards it, stop her movement to start the animation of q but then she walks again without throwing it. pls fix it


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