MiszczuPL (EUNE)
: Illaoi
I would Insta buy that. Every Illaoi Skin is a good skin!
: nice try but u forgot something , Ahri's Charm is bugged when enemies get into her ... hitbox issues i play only Ahri and Zed on mid and for sure ik that she has got close range Charm bugged hitbox
I main Ahri for a while now and never had trouble charming anyone close to me. Playing against akali is like my favourite match up in midlane :) Not sure what you mean?
: Akali needs Nerf - Here is why
You know how to deal with akali? 1. Pick Ahri 2. Wait for her to dash to you 3. Charm 4. Use your other spells 5. Profit.
: It depends. Was this ranked? Then yes, what you are doing is trolling that happened to work out. Some people care about ranked and want to play the game properly. I don't know how Ashe played that game but it is not impossible that her lack of farm and kills (since you probably got all of them) lead to her being very behind and being an immobile champ, she was a very easy kill for the enemy team, which lead to frustration and probably griefing. So, is the report reasonable? Yes. Should you be banned? Yes. Will you be banned? No. As long as you are not toxic or literally running it down mid(even then, it's very rare), you don't get banned. Riot does not have the manpower and they are not willing to dedicate resources to analyze all these games and figure out if this is bannable or not so you don't have to worry about that. Also, getting reported without actually doing anything reportable doesn't do anything, so you don't have to be scared of reports. That being said, next time you get the urge to play a certain champion, do it in normals or, if you do it in ranked, keep in mind that you might not be able to play it that specific game.
How are you on ashe's side when she got support, picked Ashe, farmed and tried to get the kills? By your logic, she should be punished even more than OP.
Lurka Werg (EUNE)
: Is the reason behind a report like that reasonable?
I hate it when supports do that - as a support player. If i would see a garen in my lane, my first thought would be "what support works best?". It was them doing the wrong thing while you seemingly did well - I just believe your words on that. And as long as you didn't flame, you should be golden. Just imagine if they picked a Morgana. No cc to stop Garen from spinning and winning. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
SayDaddy (EUW)
: anyone want mods back ? urf-free for all-....
I would already be happy if people had more freedom when making custom games. Enable changes to balance. Let people play hide and seek, one kill one ultimate, things like that. Like in Overwatch.
: Recommended cheap assassins?
Not an actual assassin, but I would try {{champion:103}} She is easy to pick up and you can burst down enemies with a full combo just as well as an assassin could - plus you have engage or escape with your ultimate. If you want an actual assassin, I would try {{champion:105}} .
: Can people be banned for stealing lanes mid game because they just feel like it?
Sometimes, people get countered by champions that don't even counter their champ. Some people have issues against certain characters, even though it doesn't make sense :) I'd rather have someone swap with me than them feeding their lane. So if someone just walks mid when it's my lane, I go to theirs if possible. Only time I don't do that is if the jungler does the swapping and I don't have smite. Plus, it helps not tilting so much better. Just go with the flow.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Illaoi is a noob stomper... Weak hero that rely on ultimate. If you pick any champ that can escape her circle in this game full of mobility champions then she is utterly useless. If she 1v2 your team pre 6 then you cant play this game properly. Iron? Bronze? Silver? Not above~
Don't forget that she becomes practically useless if her tentacles keep getting destroyed.
: Just witnessed something disturbing (Ranked games)
If he doesn't deserve to be there, he will drop out of plat again in a few days. Maybe he just had a bad game and got lucky. I am certain you weren't in all of his games? I mean, he made it to gold 1 and through the other promotional games. So maybe... he deserves it?
: just to confirm it, yeah it's an auto attack :) from the wiki https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Hecarim "While Hecarim is charging, his next basic attack gains 50 − 250 (based on distance traveled) range and causes him to dash to his target, knocking them back 250 − 450 (based on distance traveled) units and dealing modified physical damage, up to double the amount based on distance traveled, ending its effects in the process."
Thanks a lot for the nice and helpful comment! It's greatly appreciated {{sticker:katarina-love}} I might just have to learn to charm in time or walk away before he comes to my lane ;p
AiFted (EUW)
: you can cc him before he gets melee to you, morgana shield stops the dash
Thanks a lot :) It doesn't seem to work properly sometimes though. He seems to always finish the animation if he's already in It, even if I charm him. Might be a latency issue.
: you mean his E? because that modifies his next auto attack so he is basically locked onto you when he does that
That's what I am thinking about, I think. Thanks a lot :)
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I keep collecting funny chat messages, just thought I'd share some of them
_You was die dude_ I'm choking from laughing. Holy damn.
Rioter Comments
: They will never help you. They are more interested in making new, pointless skins.
Two different development teams. To op: ranked is disabled anyway due to all the bugs. Believe me, you don't wanna play ranked today. It will be fixed with the other bugs.
AkikoAkai (EUNE)
: League of Legends trolls.
You played off meta by picking yasuo bot. They picked off meta miss fortune support that farms. You can't complain if you do it yourself, man. Second, the people who make skins don't work in the same department that cares for bug fixing or balancing. So of course they keep making skins. It's their only job. Be glad they don't try fixing bugs because... most of them won't know how to program. Third, flaming is never okay. What do you think is gonna happen if you flame Someone? Even if it would be justified, it wouldn't change anything. People won't magically play better just because some random on the internet told them they're shit. And trolls usually get fueled by flame. They do it to get a reaction. Flaming them just makes it more fun for them.
Wr4ptor (EUW)
: So if there was a free version of Overwatch and one you had to pay for, where do you think all these people who keeps getting accounts banned will play?
I am sure they would still do it in the paid game. Their point is to make people angry. It's their hobby. They wanna ruin someone's day. And it's easier if that person paid for their fun. I mean, I am more frustrated about trolls in Overwatch than in league.
Wr4ptor (EUW)
: Pay for ranked?
There are people smurfing and throwing in Overwatch, which is a full price game. I don't think putting a price tag on ranked will change anything, sadly.
KuroCorbeau (EUNE)
: How is {{champion:105}} the King of Solo Q? Whenever i go against him, i just pick {{champion:127}} and he cannot even hurt me because of my W and R. There are counters for every Champion in the game and Fizz is no exception to that Rule. Also, you can just pick up a{{item:3157}} and his R becomes useless.
I am sure OP knows but don't we all have those champs that tilt us in loading screen already? For me it's lux. I can counter her. I can win lane against her. But seeing her and knowing I have to deal with her for the next 30 minutes tilts me off the planet. Yasuo is a case like that as well. Especially if he picks after me and I cannot counter pick him. Fizz isn't my issue, but I get where OP is coming from.
: Is there a way to put your teammates on a leash?
{{champion:223}} Stop them from running in by force whenever your devour is off cooldown. At least one of them. Until he jumps out. Apart from that? Sadly no.
Salron88 (EUW)
: and i get yours but lets be real if you are a new player even if they are avaible you wont really test them right away until you learn what you are doing. its like runes. even people in silver or gold dont know how to use em properly sometimes but still they got to be there so when you loose its on you not on game dis-advantages. becouse teams with no smite and flash get to play with teams with smite and flash and there is where its all messy.
I completely agree with you on your last point. This is a fault in matchmaking though. Players without smite should only be matches with players without smite. Just force level into matchmaking that early. Same with runes.
Salron88 (EUW)
: summoner spells on new accounts.
I think it's so actual new players don't get overwhelmed. I know it's often a disadvantage, but let's be honest... most players under level 10 who are actually playing for the first time don't know what's happening anyway. They left the easy spells and then once you learn a bit, you get more and can try out other things. Smite is a weird thing... I don't think new players are supposed to play jungle? They played against bots their first games where the bot-team has two top - maybe they're supposed to do the same? Idk. I get your point though.
: Only because of Neeko, right..? God damn... Pride took another victim..
It's a known bug with neeko in combination with other champions. Someone above said it as well. Just Google it
GT omg (EUNE)
: Are you a good jungler?
Nope, not at all. I am only bronze 4 and play like that too. It's just general advice from what I have heard and seen from others.
GT omg (EUNE)
: Looking for a good adc
I am definitely not what you're looking for but if you wanna climb fast as midlaner, you should try to duo with a jungler instead of an adc. A jungler can help you snowball much faster, which means you can help carry botlane anyway. Good luck. :)
ggguy5000 (EUNE)
: ctrl 4 spamming laugh is toxic
She is standing still to start the emote. Means she's not jumping all over the place. Just punish her. I know it can be quite triggering. But the amount of kills I got because people are too focused on BMing... I can't even complain.
: another discussion about "ez"
I gotta throw in a funny story. Two days ago the enemy team had an Akali that got beaten hard in lane. She kept saying Ez whenever something happened. She died? Ez She got a kill? Ez We got Baron? Ez We won the game? Ez That was the one case where I found it legit funny. I would have loved to honor her but sadly enemy honoring isn't a thing.
: Right when I thought I was finally free of people inting and afk...
You cannot escape. There is no way out. On a serious note, I think the afk units are getting fixed with the next patch :)
: Except if he's a 93% win-rate D1 smurf in your Gold 3 match.
But even then he will go 0/12 and flame the enemy for tryharding while telling the team he's smurfing (in 99% of the cases). {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Pre lobby trols. No punishment options.
Gladly this happened in a normal, but a few days ago my adc complained to be autofilled. He asked to go mid, and I said no because I play literally everything but adc. He then banned my pick and picked Singed with Ghost and Smite. I was like "oh hell no" And dodged. I'm glad there's only a small time penalty for dodging normals. Funnily enough, right in the next lobby, someone did the same to our toplaner and forced them to dodge. What's wrong with people. Especially in Normals. They aren't even hurting anyone with forcing a dodge.
: [TFT] Champions freeze during fight, sold a champ and didn't get the item
The characters go afk sometimes so it feels a bit more like normal games {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Murdarici (EUNE)
: is hard since he deny you farm by executing his own creeps :( nvm this was 9 years ago, well I forgot, is GP even played now ? i didn't see him i my last 100 games for sure
I feel like he is only played by mains and that's why he's kinda strong if you ever see him. Never seen an GP under 100k points.
: what is a good tanky support?
Braum and Nautilus! Both are so much fun :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Scoliidae,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=tQQderia,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-01T03:25:35.802+0000) > > It's clearly a sign. Play Kled! He's so much fun and his voicelines are hilarious! Is he okay to play jungle? I don't really play top lane due to being awful at Cs. I've seen him played jungle before, but according to analytics sites he doesn't have a very high pick or win rate there.
I only ever play him in jungle. Not sure if it works in all Elos and stuff, since I only did it in Normals and am a sad little bronze - but for me it works well.
Hirusa (EUNE)
: Getting suspended a tier 2 honor account for being toxic in one game
Post the chatlog from your reform card. Otherwise no one can judge your situation.
: Qiyana Winrate bugged?
Maybe it's just the Qiyanas you meet. I've seen a lot of them, both on my and the enemy team, and so far I've only seen 1 doing good. All the others were feeding pretty badly and losing midlane for their team.
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: Are they actually serious about giving kled 60% healin reduction debuff on q?
It doesn't really. How often do you see Kled? I see him once every few weeks, and that's when I play him. He needs some help. Making him a counter to massive healing champs like Darius might give him some playtime.
: Bug with champ capsules?
It's clearly a sign. Play Kled! He's so much fun and his voicelines are hilarious!
: When you play with a premade you get a better enemy team. Already tested with my roommate for about one year. We both had a low winrate when play together so we star to queque in te same time to meet in a team as random players. What happened to you is having a bad teammate who fight vs a even bad enemy. He hard win, you think he know how to play, invite him and after putting him vs a laner who by the queque type (premade vs randoms) is already better.
I am sure they're talking about people doing it on purpose. I had that before. I don't judge people playing worse in a game, but there's legit some that run it down from minute one just to troll you.
: Right now the only problems are the RNG on items and the Afk character bug.
The afk bug cost me a game when my level 3 shyvana decided to just... not attack.
Mizognida (EUNE)
: Master Yi 3 cost. ability his Q. Ionian( adding magic damage to autos), blademaster and maybe brawler Lux 3 cost. ability her R Sorcerer, noble Kai'sa 3 cost. ability her invisible E, Void ranger but most of all little legend-scuttle crab EDIT: also Jhin as ranger/gunslinger and assasin would be cool lore wise
Scuttle crab as little legend has to happen!! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Blakex13x (EUW)
: what an odd attitude please go and post somewhere else like a colouring book maybe, i was actually making a sensible post and as usual someone puts in negative 5 pence worth well done aint you great :D.
I'm sorry, man, but you're the 100th person to post exactly the same thing on the boards. Everyone is complaining. Everyone is stating "They can't be bothered using all the money they get to fix the game" while there's SO many people working their bums off at Riot to make the game work. They design new champions and skins to keep it exciting, but also now a completely FREE new gamemode that is even tagged as "beta". I am just tired of kids complaining about not getting their free content on time. Just play something else for a day or two. I am very very sure everyone working for Riot (and even the free volunteers here on the boards) try their hardest to make TFT work for us on EUW.
Xemnes (EUW)
: you know its just euw right? all other servers are still able to play tft fine
Nono you don't understand. If OP can't play, the game mode is shit and Riot just wants money and everything about them sucks. It doesn't matter what others can or can't do. As long as OP can't play, Riot messed up. How can you not see that? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
MissJJess (EUW)
: Thanks for the reply, yeah was that game I copied the link but forgot to paste it:( I just want to know what I get wrong so I can improve.. he didn't tell me so I was wondering what I did It was an odd game with mord and garen bot lane lol
I don't see anything on your op.gg and I don't play Akali, so i can't really give you much advice. Just keep learning her - she gets very strong once you master her. Seeing one of your other games, where you got a lot of kills as her, you might have already noticed that ;) I was also a bit surprised by the teamcomp you had there - but we all have games like this haha Hope your next games give you non toxic guys and you can learn her in peace with your own team!
: how da%%% we know?! no1 cares
No need to be rude. Why do you even click on this if you don't wanna help? That person is clearly unsure if they did something wrong. They seem to play quite well in almost all games, so maybe they never got threatened a report before. Show a little bit of sympathy - or say nothing at all.
MissJJess (EUW)
: Being reported
Hey there. I just went to check your op.gg real quick and I assume that you're talking about your last game where you went 5/5/3. Those stats look okay, especially for learning a new character. If you didn't flame him or said anything negative, I can assure you, you should be fine. Most people cannot handle the fact that they're losing and then just pick a random ally to blame it on. Just as a little example. Earlier I played Ahri in mid and I was 3/1 at the point our support was 1/7. For some reason, he decided to suddenly ask people to report me because I am trolling. I was just as confused, but then I realized that he was premade with basically all the others in the game just needed someone to blame. Don't worry about it too much. Keep doing what you're doing. Akali is difficult and having a positive kda in your first games is really good. You also had the most farm of your team, same for damage. So no worries, I would say :)
: Nunu Visual bug ARAM
Happened to me and a few friends before. All of our team could see it and kept pinging it. It's a bug, not something on your side, i think.
: Play TFT, and help beta development but ... 0 rewards ?
Look at all those alpha and beta games on Steam. You have to PAY to play them. Do you feel like that about them too? Or even worse?
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