DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Ohh nice you got it before they introduce BE?
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: How long did it take you to buy all champions
Started at season 3 in the summer, got all the champs like end of 2017 i think! So like 4,5 years! :----)
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: Just so u know, to prevent that bug, if you use the snowball you need to hit it and dash to it again (you can use your r before dashing if you don't want to go in) It's still an annoying bug tho
Yup. sometimes I am able to, sometimes it shows me the 80 seconds but I can still press it and it fixes it. But yeah, it happened like 3 times in a game for me.
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Zineus (EUNE)
: when will RIOT add more PROJECT quests?
In every event the time has been stated and every time it is the same. It has always been 23.00 for Eastern Europe. Literally every event has been that time lmao.
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: Perma ban for being mad about trolls/toxic/inting player
Where do you take that when u are reported by only 1 player u will not get punished? What? The perma ban is so justified, throughout 3 games you showed enormous amount of toxicity. Before the second game chat you even wrote urself that your mid laner was busy chatting and typing, and therefore ruining his own score. Dont you see how chatting like this affects the game?
: 1) It is not equal you can see streamers and youtubers getting unbanned. For example you go to an interview and you get you want to apply for some specialty that you have worked hours on and spent a lot of money on to make it better, but then you just got all taken from you and now you have nothing. How would you feel? 2) People are biased when judging themselves, but not when judging others. Also a lot of people as a whole would judge always the best and that is proven. Even if there has been some bias it is lost because of the big group. We all know humans are better than robots. Why let a robot than judge others? 3) They can ban it even if you have gone only once. They can "skip the suspension ladder". This makes it unfair and can be applied not so strictly. Most games allow you to question your ban and be able to remove it while Riot just try to remove this option.
1) When you go to an interview, you expect to get a job, right? You use your skills to benefit a company, they give you a salary for the work you have done. In LoL, Riot gives you a game for free. You do not have to do anything to them. IF you give them money, you get skins, emotes, other in game stuff. You are comparing employee to a customer right now. In your example you are employee, but in LoL you are an end-product customer. Those are two different things. 2) As stated in other comments, tribunal was used. This system with that many players is difficult to work around. You can not rely on people in Tribunal, since they do not get paid as employees, therefore they do it when they want. As said in previous comments, it takes a lot of time and is a chaos. 3) They skip the suspension ladder if you use slurs. And even then, they most likely give you 14 day ban at most, since they want to give you another chance. If you are overall negative but dont use slurs, they give you chat restrictions which give you even more opportunities and time to reform.
Snikos1234 (EUNE)
: ***
Well, at least I can express myself and my opinions like a normal human being.
: The Community should be able to decide some part of the rules in the ToS
1) Hell no, that would add an extreme inequality to the game by the players. Riot is not a company which has stocks and you spend your money to get stocks and gain a part of the company, being more impactful than others. The game is free to play and equal to everyone. 2) Most of players are not competent of judging their own behavior (not taking the blame of any incident in game, blaming it on others etc). Why would you let them judge others? 3) They can ban your account if you have repeatedly gone against the ToS. They are similar to every game. Every game nowadays has zero tolerance towards racism etc, thats nothing new. They give you enough warnings to reform already. This is not a crime. Player punishments are strictly applied following the ToS.
: PermaBan
No one cares if you were not the one who played in a toxic game. It is your account, linked to your email and only you are responsible for your account.
AhernnY (EUW)
: sooo rank has nothing to do with skill?
Yea, some of the diamond players also go 5/26 and 2/20 in 3v3. Most of them do. Smh.
: Yea I agree with you but my last ban was before two or three months ago and half of my words in this chat are on my own language ..
If u get banned twice in one season, in 2-3 months, then ur toxic as hell. The reforming period is at least a full season. EDIT: Talking in your own language may be punishable too, it trashes other players´ chat. You have League Voice for talking to your friends.
: How much do ropes cost?
: DN? Do you mean DD as in Deaths Dance?
No, i mean DN as in DEEZ NUTS
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Tsunobue (EUW)
: ***New Heroes!***
Yeah, I mean you could submit them, but Riot is not obligated to even respond to you, they can take your ideas and they have the right to give 0 credit and attention to you. You would be like an employee who doesnt get paid.
SlowRunner (EUNE)
: Please stop recycling the same grindy quests
I mean you get a full orb and 60 tokens for that quest, the prize is pretty good as well, don´t you think?
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Buff No-Scope Ultimates
Those are ADCs, whose purpose is not to one shot someone with their ults. Ashe has his arrow for engages and cc, jinx has already the thing you want, dravens ult is just a tiny part of his dmg output and ezreal is also not about his ultimate. Also, from ARAM point of view, those changes would be hurtful to the gamemode.
: %%%%ing cancer game...
Leaverbuster is a good system for leavers right now, no need for changes. First of all, you need to be in queue for 20 minutes, so when you have internet issues, your queue will cancel before starting the game. It makes sure that your internet is at least 20 minutes stable and lowers the chance of you going afk because of internet problems.
: Someone please tell me how are these 2 still playing the game?
How is that Yasuo and Kalista intentionally feeding every game? Have you actually checked their match history? I dont know about Orianna, but Yasuo and Kalista are not inting according to their match history. Please avoid falsefully reporting players, since it lowers the significance of your future reports.
Warmeus (EUW)
: Where is Project Skins please?
They should be here at 11 AM PST (7 PM UK time), at least that´s when most of the updates etc take place. Wait two more hours, Summoner!
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