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: Why exactly is this worth a chat restriction?
This is ret*rded, all of you idi*ts should be ashamed for actually defending the people that got this guy chat restricted, like WTF ?? He didn't say anything bad, ALTHOUGH his game was ruined, he had to put up with trolls / feeders / afkers and his time was wasted ! So what if it's a normal game ?? So what if he called for reports IF they're justified ?? Are you people seriously so stupid or what ?! There are actual people like that who ruined this guy's game as many more games, which I'm sure of and this guy (if the chat log that he posted is actually legit) just got his nerves trampled, so what, you punish him instead of the people who ruined the game ? This system is crazy, every re*ard here preaching for everyone to be nice and barf rainbows is a pure mo*on ! If someone ruins my game and wastes 40 min of my life for nothing, ofc I'd wanna say way, way, way woooooorse stuff about him, cuz he deserves it ! I'm just supressing my urges to call out the idi*ts cuz there are always stu*id kids like u people who would rush to defend them in hopes of "showing how nice you can be" Everyone who actually believes this guy here should be punished is an utter re*ard and I sincerely hopes something bad happens to all those people irl who ruin games on purpose then play the victims and report the actual guys who stood up to them !!!
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