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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Alot of new and difficult champions had horrible winrates, even the recent Ivern just crawled out of that ~30% winratio.
ivern wasn't just difficult, but he was really bad, they released a hotfix litterally 3-4days after his release to fix his base stats, you probably didn't even realize it. 30-ish winrate is always considered bad, no matter how hard the champion is.
: They removed two safe ways she dealt dmg : the q mark and the instant w. An assassin that can't burst... she is not viable anymore, an instant loss. Even with 3 kills early game you cant kill your laner cuz he wont step close to your daggers. cuz people dont like being stabbed xD
yeah not to mention the ward shunpo removal, that seriously hit me like a truck! I die WAY more than I used to with that gone.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: That's probably because she was changed the most. Other assassin kept relativly the same kits so it's easier to adjust to them.
yeah maybe, but then again, other champs like aurelion were much stronger on release even though they were brand new, and people weren't adjusted to their playstyle.
: Hey there, i dont think she is underpowered at all, she is just hard to play and doesnt feel like an assassin at all, here check my opinion:
I see your point, but still 36% winrate is pretty low even for a champion that's hard to play. 36%=you doom your whole team just by picking her LOL
: Tbh, she is so easy to counter and telegraphs her moves so clearly that i think she will be garbage. Her damage on q and e are so poor, and the W is difficult to pull off. Due to this her resets are basically pointless and don't make sense in her kit anymore. Could be wrong, but i honestly don't see how she will ever be on par with the other assassins. As time goes on, her gimmicks will get even easier to read so i can't see that win rate going up.
agreed, I think she'll probably see a buff soon enough.
: azir is the same as ryze/vlad/kalista, if they buff him, he'll go back to being the most picked or banned mid in the pro scene. he's been tweaked many times to be made easier to play (easier insec ect...) but ultimately, he was deemed hard to balance. same as kalista, we all saw what those 2 champs did at worlds last year along with faker's old ryze.
also the VERY first change they did on yasuo was actually a buff+a bunch of bug fixes immediately after release.
: I remember when release Yasuo had 40% winrate, and pre-reworked and nerfed (before the silence removal) LeBlanc had 42-43% winrate as well, so does Azir, who never reached 45% winrate ever since his release. The assassin update just kicked in, and Katarina became hard to play. People need to understand how she works, what and when she should do what she does the best, etc.. We're like.. 2 or 3 days in preseason, and you expect freshly reworked assassins to perform extremely well, while their skillcap just skyrocketed? Wait a week, a month, and if people still can't do well with her, Riot might have to look at her.
azir is the same as ryze/vlad/kalista, if they buff him, he'll go back to being the most picked or banned mid in the pro scene. he's been tweaked many times to be made easier to play (easier insec ect...) but ultimately, he was deemed hard to balance. same as kalista, we all saw what those 2 champs did at worlds last year along with faker's old ryze.
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ViciouSnake (EUNE)
: Do realize how butthurt I was? when i started playing ranked the most you could get after first placements was like S5 and next season they changed it to S1, so all the scrubs that would normally fall into bronze,that played like shit, had much better rank then I did especially in that new season when after my second placements I fell even lower.
yeah but your MMR will be much higher than your division, and it's the mmr that counts while playin ranked, not the LP, 'cause if your mmr is higher your LP gain will be HUGE compared to how much you lose (+35LP on victory and -13 on defeat) you can also jump divisions, or even get promoted without playing promo games. it works quite well while ranking up, but not as well when ranking down, you can never get demoted by 2 divisions.
Pixelbits (EUW)
: I personally think that the best solution to this problem is to let the gameplay stats decide which MMR you should be in and matching up the players with approximately the same amount of MMR. Also a mimimum requirement as "Needler4" was saying wouldn't hurt and it gives the players also a bit of a challenge to proof they're really ranked worthy.
That would also mean some players would focus on getting good KDA's and get as many kills as they can, and lose focus on the objectives. this is the problem with this issue, any solution you could come up with would create more problems.
Icy Spectre (EUNE)
: ***
that would be fine, if they ACTUALLY get bronze V right off their placements, but the reality, is that if they win 2games out of 10 on the placement matches, they get silver, and then have to make a HUGE losing streak to drop to bronze V, it's frustrating for THEM, a big fat losing streak will make you hate ranked, and it's also frustrating for their teamates.
Larry (EUNE)
: There is nothing wrong with how the system works at least for placement matches.Normals are for trying out things. KDA has nothing to do with performance.And placements are placements, it's roughly an early estimate on placing you for the first time. If these people keep on playing they will drop/rise to the mmr that fits them. What if they got lucky? It's 10 damn matches. Nothing to worry about. What about the people that got unlucky and got placed lower? They will reach what they deserve.Same with people who got lucky. End of story
but the problem lies in the journey they'll have to take to go down to what they deserve, you need like at least 50defeats to drop from silver IV to a deserved bronze IV or V.
Fäith (EUW)
: Yes,I started this account last season, got level 30 around this year february or so then I got bronze 3 without duoing with anyone.I won 8 games, I got 1 loss and 1 loss prevented.So I played 9 games altogether.
that is very weird, I won 9/10 on last march and got gold III, and 6/10 on another just a two weeks ago and got silver II.
Fäith (EUW)
: As I said it was a FRESH account.
I find that highly unlikely 8/10 on a fresh account? and you got bronze? maybe you duo'd with a bronze premade?
: Personally I am completely against telling new players not to play ranked. I mean...what is ranked? Ranked is nothing but a game mode with an competitive focus and a visible ranking. In my opinion it makes no sense to set a minimum skill requirement for that. Just compare it to "real" sport. Do we forbid children to compete in sports tournaments because they are way worse than adults? No, we don't, because it's totally okay if they compete with each other, even if it's on such a low level. Being competitive has nothing to do with being on a certain skill level, which is why it doesn't make any sense to exclude anyone from competitive sport just because he is not as good as very experienced athletes/players. There is only a problem when experienced and new players are playing against each other. Of course one solution for this is to completely shut down competitive matches for the new players, but imo that's a shitty solution. It's way better to simply do it like all other sports do it and just do the obvious thing: Don't let new players and experienced players compete with each other. In the case of LoL this would mean to adapt the starting MMR to something that is closer to the actual players skill. To be honest, I don't know why Riot has set this value as starting MMR and I am not even sure they do. The "1200" is number that is several years old and since pretty much everything changed since then we can't be sure at all that the starting value is still 1200. And even if it is, maybe there are reasons for it. Maybe 1200 is actually the average skill of a new player (sucks for those who are worse, but you have to pick SOME number). Maybe it's supposed to make sure that smurfs don't stay in low elo very long and ruin games there. Maybe the starting value already considers your normal MMR in some way. Be that as it may, my point is that if the starting MMR is the actual problem then that's the place where we should look for a solution and not just exclude unskilled athletes from competitive sport. No other sport does that, it makes no sense.
the first placement matches you play will always include mid silver players (around silver III) so I'm thinking it's still 1200mmr. anyway, I'm not saying we should exclude them, they have every right to play ranked if they want, as I mentioned at the beggining of the post (just a simple reminder that it's not recommended to start ranked as soon as you hit lv 30). But like you said, maybe the mmr initial value should be lowered, but that would also affect negatively experienced players who are looking to get to a good rating right off the placement matches on a new account, and not just straight up win 9/10 or 10/10 and end up in silver and have to stomp them over and over to get to their real deserved elo. Anyway, like I said, this matter is really delicate, and no matter how you look at it, there is a negative side to it, in every angle.
Fäith (EUW)
: I'm not here to comment about the post, I am here to comment about the MMR thingy. On a fresh account after 8 victories I got bronze 3. I got plat 5 a week later but still...BRONZE 3 ?
the account must've been already ranked the previous season, the previous season mmr will be taken as a starting mmr on your placement. so if the account was bronze last season, there is a very high chance you'll get bronze again even if you win 10/10. fresh accounts, start with 1200mmr, so if you get 8/10 on a fresh account, never played ranked before, you'll probably get gold V-ish
S y (EUW)
: A Letter To Riot From The League Community
they add the primary and secondary role thingie, BEST addition ever made to the ranking system, then screw it up with dynamic. Is it not possible to have the primary and secondary role thingie on solo queue??? i don't get it!
: Stomps
it is true this season is more snowball oriented. this is why early game champion tend to have higher winrates.
IkOerman (EUW)
: Try placements after being bronze for 1 season ^^ Win 8/10, still be bronze. Resistance is futile.
Placement matches when you're not a new player don't count the same way, your previous season mmr COUNTS. So naturally you get a lower rating than the previous season, especially early in the current season. for the new players, since there is no base to determine their skill level, it starts at 1200mmr
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